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20 New WordPress Plugins – October 2013

Like discovering new WordPress plugins? While our selection of 20 new WordPress plugins for the month of October 2013 should make you happy. In our selection of WordPress plugins, you will find the best plugins that come out, or even more amazing. In our selection you will find WooCommerce plugins, plugins to manage your WordPress menus, plugins to manage your image galleries and plenty of other WordPress plugins.


20 New WordPress Themes – September 2013

The time of the season has rung must get back to work. Fortunately, we have the pleasure of working every day on a wonderful platform, I called WordPress. I think most readers will agree with this, there are many worse than it trades. When work is synonymous with passion, the return is not so much a challenge. We were lucky, and we grow everyday.


30 Portfolio WordPress Themes

Choose a portfolio WordPress theme, this happens to us all when we are looking to build the website of his agency, or that of a client wishing to showcase its achievements. With WordPress, maintain a portfolio site type is simple. The only challenge, find the WordPress theme that best matches your needs. To help you, we have selected 30 professional portfolio WordPress themes.


10 WordPress Templates Recipes

My 12 year old daughter told me, "Dad, I also want a site. But I speak my site it cooking ". So you can imagine out of the question not to respond positively to this request. Of course, WordPress is the solution that comes immediately to mind, even for a child of 12 years. The point was to find the perfect theme to create a site of recipes in 10 minutes, and most importantly, the administration of the site is … a breeze.


20 Themes BuddyPress

BuddyPress is to use when it comes to creating a community site with WordPress. Available to the public in 2009, BuddyPress has quickly established itself as a compelling solution for the creation of social networking site or niche in creating a community site. BuddyPress is a plugin made to bring people together from your WordPress site, whether you wish to connect university students, whether you are looking for a company internal communication tool, whether you're a niche site access social network BuddyPress will be your perfect companion.


30 New WordPress plugins – March 2013

Yes, I admit, I love this time of the month I have to write the post about the new WordPress plugins month. I love it because WordPress developers are evidence of creativity to propose original plugins. Are, this selection of plugins is a treasure trove of inspiration for me, and that every month. Do not spoil our fun.

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