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20 Pro Plugins BuddyPress

BuddyPress, the WordPress plugin perfect for those who want to transform their WordPress site social networking site niche. With BuddyPress you can allow your users to connect to your site, fill out a profile, create space and get to share them. In a word, an entire social network in a single plugin. Community sites in the scope of WordPress in one click. Our selection offers you to discover a selection of plugins designed to increase opportunities BuddyPress.


20 Travel WordPress Themes

Travel, here is a word that can take a lot of sense in terms of its framework. It can be a travel agency that seeks to make its stay, or a lover of travel who wants to share his passion, or why not a hotel that seeks to attract new customers to its lack of scenery. Depending on your needs, you will look different WordPress theme. With our selection of travel WordPress themes, you will find your happiness whatever your definition of travel associated with WordPress.


20 New WordPress plugins Pro – January 2013

Begin this year 2013 looking at what is new on the side of WordPress plugins. The least we can say is that we are not disappointed, there are WordPress plugins for every taste, and most importantly, there are WordPress plugins truly original as a plugin for creating Meme, plugins WordPress e-Commerce , WordPress plugins sharing, WordPress plugins to manage your mailing list, and much more. 2013 starts out with a bang with this selection of new plugins WordPress.


Best WordPres Plugin eBay

Looking for the perfect WordPress plugin to create eBay affiliate site easily? We found it is eBary Affiliates eStore Plugin. With this WordPress plugin, you can set up your eBay affiliate site in just a few clicks. Whether you want to showcase your own products, or you want to enjoy the countless products on eBay to become a dealer, this WordPress plugin will save you valuable hours by automating most tasks. You will get to watch the money to your account, not a bad program right?


20 WordPress Plugins Youtube

If you want to stream the video from your WordPress site, use Youtube and good WordPress plugin. This will save you money, time and most nights you wonder if your server goes well with the load. Do not expect more in our selection of WordPress plugin Youtube we find plugins that allow you to manage your YouTube channel, comments on Youtube videos or even YouTube and sliders supporting plugins to maximize your SEO Youtube.


Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin that will be used primarily to optimize your WordPress SEO. When we say optimize, we should say its SEO WordPress control. Discover a little more Google XML Sitemaps.


WordPress Plugin Multilingual

Today, you can literally use WordPress for all web projects, whether it's site showcase, site e-commerce SOAP connected, via a website full HTML5. But if there is indeed a feature that transcends the type of website is that it is multilingual. Indeed, at the time of the web, only the language barrier still separates us. So if you want to reach the largest number of people possible, we'll have to make your WordPress Multilingual.


20 WordPress Themes Hotel

Whether you want to use WordPress to make a hotel reservation site, or use WordPress to showcase your hotel, no doubt, our selection of WordPress themes hotel will help you greatly. You will find in our selection of WordPress themes themes for hotels that do more than just provide you with a graphical interface made professional, in addition to this, these themes embark dedicated functionality, presentation rooms in the booking interface and payment. Real web applications.


20 WordPress Themes for your Business

Create a business website with WordPress, it really take no more than 5 minutes, if you find the right WordPress theme. Bloated with a selection of themes for WordPress, this is certainly not the easiest task. So, for your search WordPress theme do not take 10 times longer than the implementation strictly speaking your WordPress site, we have made a selection of WordPress theme perfect for businesses. You will find minimalist themes, themes responsives, customizable themes, themes reusable …

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