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20 WordPress Themes BootStrap

Bootstrap is a toolkit, toolkit, developed by @ mdo and @ fat for Twitter. That is why it is also called BootStrap Twitter. If you do not know BootStrap, do not you think it is a software layer to enhance communication between Twitter and your WordPress site. Nay. BootStrap is a set of tools based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery of that allows developers to design WordPress themes of excellent quality, without having to reinvent the wheel. A developer gains in labor time and durability using BootStrap.


20 New WordPress plugins – February 2013

In our selection of new plugins for WordPress February 2013, we tried to select both plugins with a bright future, as more plugins original to suit users of rare, but let's be sure they incredibly pleased to discover that yes, there are WordPress plugins to do everything.


20 New WordPress Themes – February 2013

Follow the news WordPress themes is to make sure to stay at the forefront of the subject because things are constantly changing. And evidence, we see in this selection of 20 new WordPress themes for the month of February 2013, themes multilingual responsives themes, themes WooCommerce, but more generally, themes for lawyers, doctors, blogs, news sites … A rich selection of themes for WordPress.


20 WordPress Themes Horizontal

With the emergence and spread of tactile interfaces, Horizontal WordPress themes have more coast to professionals. And for good reason, a horizontal WordPress theme is to offer all users touch a website interface easy to grip. It is evident that promotes your WordPress theme horizontal shelves and other users of smartphones, it should not penalize your readers that classic.


20 Best WordPress Plugins Pro – January 2013

We invite you to discover our selection of the twenty best WordPress plugins for the month of January 2013. In this selection of plugins, you can find plugins for Google Maps, plugins to transform your content, manage your plugins for image galleries or plugins to manage your sliders! Our selection also includes plugin WordPress plugins allow you to create complex interfaces using your mouse. A selection of the best plugins for the best WordPress.


30 WordPress Themes HTML5

WordPress themes or responsive HTML5 is the future of WordPress theme as they respond to the thorny issue of managing the various interfaces that the user can use to make your web site, the computer fixed smartphone through the tablets. Faced with the rise of smartphones and other touch tablets, it is almost impossible today not taken into account. It is not for nothing that since version 3.5 of WordPress, the theme is a theme available responsive. I tell you, soon all the themes into sales responsives will or will not.


20 Best WordPress Themes Pro – January 2013

When looking for a WordPress theme, one of the best ways to ensure that the pro theme that you will find either the height is to choose a WordPress theme which has proven to be downloading tens or hundreds of times. Each of WordPress themes that we will present in this selection of 20 best ThemeForest WordPress Theme for the month of January 2013 is a customizable theme. After a few minutes of setup, your WordPress theme will not look like another.


WooCommerce Plugins Delivery Essentials

WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform in which to WordPress on the rise in recent months. WooCommerce plugin is more stable, with more and more native functionality. In addition, we see more and more flourish of pro plugins for WooCommerce, in all areas of e-commerce. I propose today to discover a selection of 20 delivery for WooCommerce plugins, plugin for calculating shipping plugins withdrawal and monitoring of goods.


20 WordPress Themes German

WordPress is available in German is one thing, but the WordPress theme that you choose he already supports German? If this is not the case, translate a website just prove to be a challenge. The best thing to do when you want to have a WordPress site in German, is to choose the right theme immediately. With our selection of 20 WordPress themes in German, you can be sure to have a theme for WordPress that German is not the Chinese.


20 WordPress Themes in French

WordPress is an interface for site management breathtaking. Moreover, WordPress is experiencing a global success for years since. Regarding France, I could see as the appeal of Internet users is more focused towards WordPress for the past three years. The basic interface of WordPress is available in French. But a WordPress site multilingual limit happens to be an admin in French? And no, it will also require that the theme that you have chosen supports French, otherwise you'll have to edit a bunch of files for your theme speaks French perfectly.

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