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20 Professional WordPress Photo Themes

The photo is your profession or your passion? WordPress is the best of companions. Through its management interface, easy to grip, you will not have to worry about not being a web developer. That would be a shame to ruin it all with a WordPress theme that would not, especially there are so many WordPress theme picture qualities.

So if you want your photos end up in a casket to their extent, follow the guide. Check out this selection of 20 WordPress Themes Photo Professional.


20 WordPress Themes to Create your Online Store

The WordPress e-commerce and is a love story that began a few years ago already. WP E-Commerce, and JigoShop WooCommerce are the worthy heirs of several years of development. So yes, until version 3 of WordPress, it must be said, the e-commerce and WordPress, it really was not that. But since the advent of Customs Posts types with version 3 of WordPress, things have changed dramatically. It is now possible to mount a boutique e-commerce to meet all the criteria of the market and even your criteria.


MayaShop – Theme WordPress e-Commerce Responsive – WooCommerce & JigoShop

Make e-commerce with WordPress, this is possible? This WordPress theme you will say yes. MayaShop is one of those themes designed for e-commerce plugin and WooCommerce JigoShop. No doubt, WordPress has built to engage in the arena of e-commerce, without having to be ashamed of his choice.


The Builder – Theme WordPress e-Commerce &Portfolio Pro – WooCommerce

The builder is not a classic WordPress theme. Indeed, this WordPress theme incorporates both codes of all e-commerce that all elements required to use this WordPress theme as a support for a site that would serve to highlight your work with portfolio and galleries. This WordPress theme, in addition to being graphically complete, focuses on ease of management and customization. The Builder is one of those WordPress themes that you in the idea that WordPress is really the ball.


Bonfire – eCommerce WordPress Theme Premium – WooCommerce

You want to make e-commerce with WordPress? This WordPress theme is for you. Bonfire is a WordPress theme designed to support WooCommerce and thus make your WordPress site a true e-commerce site.

Bonfire is a WordPress theme e-commerce quality comes with 6 different colors, a single management interface, a home-oriented e-commerce, but also over 50 shortcodes, pages of quality products … Bonfire is one of those very complete WordPress themes that will delight you.

Discover a more forward what will happen in this theme WordPress e-Commerce.


7 WordPress Themes Photographer Essentials

You are a photographer and you use WordPress? Bravo!

WordPress is the CMS’s most versatile market. With WordPress, you can manage any type of site, and of course, sites for professional or amateur photographers. The administration interface, very simple, makes it a perfect companion. But if WordPress is having great success among it’s also thanks to the WordPress themes for photographers of great quality that offer the community.


Attracto – WordPress Theme Responsive for Photographer

Attracto is a perfect theme for photographers looking for a quality WordPress theme as it is discreet and sober, leaving you ample opportunity to display your photographic work. Fully customizable, Attracto is a WordPress theme that will offer dozens of variations of color, a photo gallery quality, three types of home pages … not to mention the part blog that comes in two versions, a very blog, the other more oriented photography. You are a photographer, like the photo or want a WordPress theme that is specialized in the picture? This WordPress theme for photographer will satisfy you.

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