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Find the selection of premium WordPress themes proposed by Your Inspiration Web.


20 WordPress WPML / Multilanguage

We know, WordPress is today in the world of website creation WordPress, and rightly so. Its greatest weapons, ease of use and versatility. If there is one function that is asked when creating a website is that it is multilingual. I would say that the more a site out without at least bilingual. After all, embarking on the web is to go to a world population, so why not? When we design a multilingual WordPress site, a plugin is imposed on us, WPML.


MayaShop – Theme WordPress e-Commerce Responsive – WooCommerce & JigoShop

Make e-commerce with WordPress, this is possible? This WordPress theme you will say yes. MayaShop is one of those themes designed for e-commerce plugin and WooCommerce JigoShop. No doubt, WordPress has built to engage in the arena of e-commerce, without having to be ashamed of his choice.


Sommerce – Premium WordPress Theme eCommerce – JingoShop / WooCommerce

Sommerce is a premium theme WordPresss specializes in ecommerce or through JingoShop WooCommerce. Sommerce differs from other premium WordPress themes ecommerce by its high flexibility. With dozens of colors, backgrounds and fonts, Sommerce is more than 65 shops in one premium WordPress theme.

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