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30 Portfolio WordPress Themes

Choose a portfolio WordPress theme, this happens to us all when we are looking to build the website of his agency, or that of a client wishing to showcase its achievements. With WordPress, maintain a portfolio site type is simple. The only challenge, find the WordPress theme that best matches your needs. To help you, we have selected 30 professional portfolio WordPress themes.


30 WordPress Themes HTML5

WordPress themes or responsive HTML5 is the future of WordPress theme as they respond to the thorny issue of managing the various interfaces that the user can use to make your web site, the computer fixed smartphone through the tablets. Faced with the rise of smartphones and other touch tablets, it is almost impossible today not taken into account. It is not for nothing that since version 3.5 of WordPress, the theme is a theme available responsive. I tell you, soon all the themes into sales responsives will or will not.


20 WordPress Themes Instagram

Instagram is a fast, attractive and fun to share your photos with your friends. You take a photo from your smartphone, apply filters that have sucked the application, and share it. With Instagram, connects easily with Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, all for free. But here, if you like Instagram as WordPress, you'll quickly find yourself bothered to manage both. Unless … choosing a WordPress theme designed to highlight your Instagram account.


20 WordPress Themes for Lawyers / Notaries / Clerk

WordPress is undoubtedly the engine site easier to grip that exists, whether for developers to customers. When it comes to creating a website for a law firm, notaries or bailiffs, WordPress is the natural solution that offers the best investment market. Here is a list of the best WordPress themes for sites Notaries and other Men of Justice.


20 WordPress Themes Black & White

Choose a WordPress theme black and white, is to choose a theme that makes great what matters most on your site, your content, whether text or photography. Discover what is best in pro WordPress themes black and white through the selection of 20 themes.


20 WordPress Themes to Create your Online Store

The WordPress e-commerce and is a love story that began a few years ago already. WP E-Commerce, and JigoShop WooCommerce are the worthy heirs of several years of development. So yes, until version 3 of WordPress, it must be said, the e-commerce and WordPress, it really was not that. But since the advent of Customs Posts types with version 3 of WordPress, things have changed dramatically. It is now possible to mount a boutique e-commerce to meet all the criteria of the market and even your criteria.

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