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20 New WordPress Plugins February 2014

The selection of new WordPress plugins of the month, it's time to discover a little of what is happening in the world of premium plugins for WordPress. It is also the best way to stay connected to innovation. This month of February 2014 is no exception to the rule by offering a selection of 20 new plugins for WordPress. So you can navigate plugins to customize the WordPress administration interface, plugins for WooCommerce, plugins to integrate an off canvas menu to your site, as well as plugins to help you increase conversion on your site WordPress, and more.


20 Best WordPress Plugins Pro – January 2013

We invite you to discover our selection of the twenty best WordPress plugins for the month of January 2013. In this selection of plugins, you can find plugins for Google Maps, plugins to transform your content, manage your plugins for image galleries or plugins to manage your sliders! Our selection also includes plugin WordPress plugins allow you to create complex interfaces using your mouse. A selection of the best plugins for the best WordPress.


20 Pro Plugins BuddyPress

BuddyPress, the WordPress plugin perfect for those who want to transform their WordPress site social networking site niche. With BuddyPress you can allow your users to connect to your site, fill out a profile, create space and get to share them. In a word, an entire social network in a single plugin. Community sites in the scope of WordPress in one click. Our selection offers you to discover a selection of plugins designed to increase opportunities BuddyPress.


20 New WordPress plugins Pro – January 2013

Begin this year 2013 looking at what is new on the side of WordPress plugins. The least we can say is that we are not disappointed, there are WordPress plugins for every taste, and most importantly, there are WordPress plugins truly original as a plugin for creating Meme, plugins WordPress e-Commerce , WordPress plugins sharing, WordPress plugins to manage your mailing list, and much more. 2013 starts out with a bang with this selection of new plugins WordPress.


WordPress Plugin Multilingual

Today, you can literally use WordPress for all web projects, whether it's site showcase, site e-commerce SOAP connected, via a website full HTML5. But if there is indeed a feature that transcends the type of website is that it is multilingual. Indeed, at the time of the web, only the language barrier still separates us. So if you want to reach the largest number of people possible, we'll have to make your WordPress Multilingual.


20 Essential WordPress plugins Multisites

One of the features which further demonstrates that WordPress is not just a simple blog management system is the ability to be multisite WordPress. But once your WordPress Multisite transformed into a platform, it will have to be careful that you install plugins, all may not be suitable for your WordPress. And yes, WordPress Multisite is another world that awaits you.


The 20 Best WordPress Plugins for June 2012

To keep abreast of the latest plugins out who are very successful, what better than to make a ranking of the most premium WordPress plugins downloaded ThemeForest this month of June 2012.

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