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Selection of the best premium WordPress plugins. Advanced features in all our Premium WordPress plugins.


20 WordPress Plugins Download

Find in our selection of WordPress plugins download for both plugins offering download files to certain user groups, propose to download files after sharing your page on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and consort, or after paying to download the file. We even offer plugins that your users will have to subscribe to your newsletter in order to receive the download link in their emails. For those using file systems such as DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive, we offer plugins that let you take advantage directly in your WordPress administration interface.


40 WordPress Plugins Calendars & Reservations

Manage a calendar on his WordPress site, it may be roughly practice, we just want to share his or calendar that you want to set up a booking system. Again, WordPress differs from other CMS market by offering simple plugins implementation and use. And the best part is that there is something for everyone. Simple plugin displays the timetable, calendar system connected with WooCommerce allowing you to enjoy all its benefits.


20 WordPress Plugins MailChimp

Discover a list of 20 WordPress plugins that MailChimp allow you to boost the number of coming up for your emails database. Whether you use WordPress for eCommerce, or want to implement a system pop up, you will find a list of top pro plugins to achieve while integrating MailChimp.


20 New WordPress Plugins February 2014

The selection of new WordPress plugins of the month, it's time to discover a little of what is happening in the world of premium plugins for WordPress. It is also the best way to stay connected to innovation. This month of February 2014 is no exception to the rule by offering a selection of 20 new plugins for WordPress. So you can navigate plugins to customize the WordPress administration interface, plugins for WooCommerce, plugins to integrate an off canvas menu to your site, as well as plugins to help you increase conversion on your site WordPress, and more.


WordPress Plugins Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 is approaching fast. To celebrate this moment, what is better for your WordPress site to dress a little, see eCards offer for its visitors or customers. With our selection of WordPress plugins for Christmas, we suggest you to further customize your site a little more, christmas story does not go unnoticed. A selection of 15 Christmas WordPress plugins you expect in this article.


20 WordPress Plugins Safety

His WordPress site, we love, we take care of every day. Whether to add functionality, or create content, it must be admitted, we spend some time on our WordPress site. Although frequent updates WordPress contributed to guarantee software with the fewest flaws, so do not be fooled, a major attack is always possible against your site, from blocking the outright destruction of your data.


20 New WordPress Plugins – October 2013

Like discovering new WordPress plugins? While our selection of 20 new WordPress plugins for the month of October 2013 should make you happy. In our selection of WordPress plugins, you will find the best plugins that come out, or even more amazing. In our selection you will find WooCommerce plugins, plugins to manage your WordPress menus, plugins to manage your image galleries and plenty of other WordPress plugins.

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