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If you are a website developer or designer with WordPress site with WordPress, do you ever wish that the admin is in your colors with a custom logo and elements that can see each of your customers? White Label Branding is a plugin that will make your life easier when it comes to customizing the admin interface of WordPress and give more rights for as to who has the right to see what.

The administration interface is not the only place to customize your WordPress installation or to your corporate colors, the login screen should also be customized, white label branding will look into it for us.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]The White Label Branding plugin is licensed under the GNU / GPL, you are free to modify or redistribute. A key use will be required, limiting your ability to reuse this plugin. Use your right to change this restriction to blow.[/su_box] [box type=”note” style=”rounded”]The screenshots below were obtained from the demo version of White Label Branding.[/su_box]

White Label Branding, Easy installation

Installing WordPress plugin is rarely a problem, it must be recognized. White Label Branding is no exception to the rule.


White Label Branding, Control the look of the WordPress administration interface

It would really take too long to make an exhaustive presentation of what allows for white label branding so the possibilities are many.

Here is a selection of White Label branding capabilities.

Customize the addition of Metabox.

Customization is pushed to the limit with White Label Branding, here we see anything related to the presentation aspect of the administration interface of your site made ​​with WordPress, the logo on the management dashboard.

White label branding also lets you manage your menus more accurately your WordPress administration interface.

White Label Branding is a plugin to discover them if you want to customize the back office of your WordPress sites.

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