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30 WordPress Themes HTML5

WordPress themes or responsive HTML5 is the future of WordPress theme as they respond to the thorny issue of managing the various interfaces that the user can use to make your web site, the computer fixed smartphone through the tablets. Faced with the rise of smartphones and other touch tablets, it is almost impossible today not taken into account. It is not for nothing that since version 3.5 of WordPress, the theme is a theme available responsive. I tell you, soon all the themes into sales responsives will or will not. I do not know about you, but on our side, all of our clients ask us immediately that the site’s interface is responsive. This is starting to get into habits. It is time to turn the HTML5 WordPress themes to offer you a selection of 30 WordPress themes in HTML5. You see, the HTML5 WordPress theme is available for all types of projects with WordPress, WordPress theme business, the WordPress theme for photographers, through the e-Commerce WordPress themes. Responsive WordPress theme is everywhere!

1 – SmartStart HTML5 WordPress Theme

Begin our selection of WordPress themes intelligently HTML5 WordPress theme starting with SmartStart. SmartStart is a WordPress theme discreet, made to serve as a basis for customization. Customization can be done through the module’s configuration management interface, or directly in the source code. For you to see. This WordPress theme should therefore to a large number of projects WordPress site business site for creative showcase portfolio. Updated frequently, this theme is what is called a theme white label, it means it is never mentioned that this theme is a premium WordPress theme. What integrate its customer projects without raising unnecessary questions.

2 – Visual HTML5 HTML5 WordPress Theme

Visual HTML5 is a WordPress theme primarily designed for those wishing to showcase their work. This is seen by both a home page highlighting the contents as thumbnails that the presence of type custom portfolio pages. Note that this does not limit its use to other projects such as a blog, simply. In addition to relying on a modern design without being flashy, this WordPress theme will offer no less than 16 different layouts for one of the most important pages of your WordPress sites, your home page . Visual HTML5 is also custom layouts for your portfolios, your blog or archives or the contact page. To the delight of many, this theme comes with custom widgets and shortcodes, all close to be translated into as many languages as you want. A theme accompanied by WPML to go further in the translation of your WordPress site.

3 – Fusion, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Fusion is a responsive WordPress theme with bright colors, all served by a very modern graphics. Fusion is a WordPress theme which seeks to impress as soon as you see it. This WordPress theme is also thought to be translated into multiple languages, which will facilitate the preparatory work. In addition, Fusion has a perpetual update code to make sure to be a very long-term companion.

4 – Spritz HTML5 HTML5 WordPress Theme

You will find that most WordPress themes responsive rowing a little, because of their heaviness? Did you test the theme Spritz? Spritz is a WordPress theme designed around the overall performance, so that your visitors are stranded in coming to visit your site with your theme responsive that crashes browsers. And yes, it exists. To achieve a good result, the development team is based on HTML5 Boilerplates the WordPress theme Blank and the Twitter Bootstrap framework. The heavy amounts!

5 – Nimble HTML5 WordPress Theme

Nimble is a WordPress theme that attempts to strike a balance between functionality and design to provide the ultimate WordPress site perfect for both a showcase site a content site. Nimble style is not to pass unnoticed, with massive blocks of data as well as bright colors the most beautiful effect. Shortcodes, page templates and page editors are of course on the menu this WordPress theme premium quality.

6 – Pure Line HTML5 WordPress Theme

Pure line is a WordPress theme with classic lines and simple, built for easy customization through the admin interface designed for easy handling and intuitive. This WordPress theme will suit most projects they are WordPress business website, site content type or site portfolio. The strengths of this WordPress theme is the interface for creating page clicked / submitted, the ability to customize the header of the site, using a HD logo, use the color you like, or use one of the very many fonts available to you with this theme.

7 – Agility, HTML5 WordPress Theme

I love the commercial catches this topic, magnificent mobile office because it reflects what this WordPress theme, a theme graphically well thought out, whatever your screen resolution. Agility is based on 960 Grid for those interested. In addition, Agility is 4 different templates for your home page, three options for your money, 5 preset colors, but two models for your blog, 6 tickets formats (video, image, gallery, quote statue or classic) or a ton of useful shortcodes well as those for Twitter, Google Maps, part testimony …

8 – Mentor, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Looking for a WordPress theme to guide you? Mentor is the WordPress theme for you. Mentor is like all the themes of this selection, a responsive WordPress theme. However, Mentor goes a step further by also being a suitable interface for touch, whether from a tablet or smartphone. Foremost theme oriented website creation business, Mentor raises the bar with an impressive number of features. I leave you alone judge

  • Optimization of loading times,
  • Video Support
  • Programming guides
  • 3 different themes
  • Management of portfolios filterable
  • Inclusion of Google Maps
  • Management of protected pages
  • Using Google Web Fonts
  • Interface fully localizable

9 – Cosmopolitan, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Cosmopolitan is a cocktail well known, but here it will be a responsive WordPress theme. In addition to wearing a surname known, this WordPress theme comes in two versions, one light, one dark. What have the impression of being on two different sites. A perfect view HTML5, this theme comes with 3 different sliders, 4 variations to the home page, 9 colors plus two variations, over 200 fonts, all easily translated due to the presence files that are going well.

10 – ImpressivCard WP, HTML5 WordPress Theme

ImpressivCard is a WordPress theme that I like, and this for two reasons. The first WordPress template is very simple and uncluttered, while appearing modern. Exercise is not easy. The second reason is that we are dealing here with a WordPress theme type card. And then? So I tend to appreciate the intelligence graphic implementation in this type of site that wants enough light in nature. ImpressivCard is also a lot of features like 500 handwriting fonts at your service, more than 50 transition effects, more than 20 different icons for social networks or a theme built for maximizing your WordPress SEO .

11 – Beautiful, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Like themes designed to offer you the best SEO in WordPress? So do not stop there, and discover a little more ready Lovely, a responsive WordPress theme made to suit the greatest number. With this WordPress theme, you can set up any type of site, the type site portfolio, showcase site, through a blog or website content. And if you’re a little more handy, you can easily integrate the largest components WordPress e-Commerce site or collaborative. Belle is a responsive design based on the principle of the grid 12 columns, but it is also a homepage with a beautiful slider or more than seven custom widgets.

12 – Lucid, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Lucid is a WordPress theme oriented site design magazine or type of content. A modern and sober at the time, helped by thoughtful touches of color, make this theme a solid foundation for further customization of the theme, either through the interface that is available in the back office, or whatever directly in the source code. Everything depends on your skill level. Important if there is responsives themes, this theme has been tested on most web browsers, Firefox Internet Explorer, via Opera, Safari or Chrome. What make a good record, regardless of the interface, regardless of the platform. Lucid is also everything you need to be free to think your site as you want with many page templates, shortcode or image galleries.

13 – AxialMobile, HTML5 WordPress Theme

I told you in the introduction to the themes responsives allowed to bridge the gap between mobile theme and desktop theme. It had to be a theme for me to contradict. AxialMobile theme is responsive, but before any thought for smartphones and tablets. After all, even in this world, screen resolutions vary from each other.

14 – Athena, HTML5 WordPress Theme

The web is war? Then put all the chances on your side you handing over to Athena, she knows what it is 😉 Joking aside, Athena is a responsive theme provided by the collective WooThemes, in other words a very good theme. Athena is therefore an excellent framework, ensuring a theme time tracking and insurance to have a theme again and again used as a support on many web projects. And since this topic was conceived by the same team behind WooCommerce, it was to be expected, is a theme Ahtena responsive WooCommerce compatible.

15 – Origin HTML5 WordPress Theme

Origin is a responsive WordPress theme rather unusual because it places the menu on the left and occupies the entire space with a set of labels that change text on hovering the mouse. This type of theme is especially well suited for graphic designers, photographers or for creative agencies and designers. As always, nothing prevents you to use this theme to keep a blog for example. But in this case attention, you should always show tickets with a picture that speaks. Anyway, Origin is a WordPress theme that will make your site will not go unnoticed. In addition, such use graphical interface allows a very simple and natural touch.

16 – Branded, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Branded is a theme type photo full screen, so needless to say, this theme is the perfect theme for all lovers of the images, you’re a photographer or not. This theme is tailored to highlight your images, from the home page with an image gallery that will always have the maximum of your internet screen. Easy to grasp, Branded makes the job easier through its administration interface thoughtful and rich in features. Ready to be translated into many languages, Branded comes with his file. Inch. Shortcodes, page templates, contact page with Ajax and compatibility between web browsers are increased program this premium WordPress theme.

17 – Canvas, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Canvas is undoubtedly the most successful WooThemes because it offers support to work. Canvas allows you to easily integrate the entire customizing your WordPress project, without having to reinvent the basics of developing a WordPress theme. With this success, WooTheme had no other choice but to make it responsive theme, which is now done.

18 – Chameleon WordPress Theme HTML5

Chameleon is a responsive WordPress theme that you can be the basis for the majority of your WordPress projects and for good reason, because this WordPress theme bears the name Chameleon for nothing. Combinations of colors, background and fonts writing are virtually endless with this WordPress theme. In addition, Chameleon offers a code verified to be safe, compatible with most web browsers or even very regular updates.

19 – Responsy WP, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Looking for a WordPress theme perfect rendering on screen 320 pixels to display over 1170 pixels? Is that you do not know yet Responsy WP. To make the most of the potential of existing interfaces, Responsy WP is based on sliders taking advantage of local resources of the Internet. Relieve a little of what your web servers. To rank in the major courses, Responsy WP has set the bar high in functionality with a theme optimized for SEO, different color variations, an infinite number of portfolio, taking into account various services like Google Analytics or Maps.

20 – Parker, HTML5 WordPress Theme

The twentieth theme from our selection of responsive WordPress theme is a bit special because it is a one-page theme said. Or in other words, a theme that fits on one page and one page. With a little imagination, a one-page theme can fit all situations. To describe this topic a little more, it is a slider on the homepage easily customizable, different layouts for the home page but not that.

21 – Pulse HTML5 WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is he who gives you the impetus to launch you into the air responsive themes? I hope so because it has large arguments of its sides. Nothing that graphic level, Pulse is one of those topics that come to create a wall of thumbnails pictures the most beautiful effect. As always with themes based on the image, photographers, designers and other creative professionals will feel at ease. Of course, this theme will be the most beautiful effect whatever your interface, smartphone desktop. Comes with an XML file to load demo content, this WordPress theme is very easy to understand. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you should Pulse.

22 – Spark HTML5 WordPress Theme

Spark is a WordPress theme one-page, super-fast loading. This theme targe even get a score of 97 to test Google Page Speed and the letter A Slow Yahoo! tests. Not bad? And best of all is that this will be the case also for your future website. Finally, if you passed, of course 😉 If Spark managed to get a good score is that it has been taken great care in JavaScript and CSS files in terms of minification, but also using gzip on the HTML and many other things. Small detail, no need to configure your web server so that this theme has all these features.

23 – Area53, HTML5 WordPress Theme

After the zone 51, let me introduce you Area53 where HTML5 and CSS3 are the kings. Area53 is a WordPress theme which includes the Content Composer component that allows you to create custom pages in no time, while the mouse. Area53 is distinguished from other themes with, among other things, a menu of more colorful. Indeed, this WordPress theme allows you to configure, tabs tabbed background color. What create beautiful gradients or shades of colors. In addition to a great menu, we are pleased to count on a page template for your portfolios filterable, your team and your customers testimony. Easy to translate due to the presence of a translation file, this theme has the luxury of being tested on the largest current web browsers.

24 – Balance, HTML5 WordPress Theme

General themes is good, but specialized topics, it is more spicy. Balance is a specialized theme …. not in the strip, but in creating a website for sports halls. To highlight the good result that any diligent participant is entitled to expect a big welcome visitors slider on the homepage. The presence of many other sliders allow you to easily set up pages galleries or types of content pages with your room, your offer, your course and your sports equipment.

25 – Harmony, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Continue in specialized WordPress theme with responsive Harmony. Harmony is a theme designed for bands and fans. The home page of this topic you will see it as a one-page theme, with the advantages of a classic theme. Part blog, portfolio, gallery member and complement this excellent theme we propose ElegantThemes.

26 – WhiteLight, HTML5 WordPress Theme

WhiteLight is a theme that has been designed to suit foremost businesses, highlighting design very discreet, sober and yet very modern. Fully customizable, this WordPress Theme can easily be customized to become an e-commerce store. In effect, this theme also supports 100% of the WooCommerce plugin.

27 – Sketsa, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Skela is a WordPress theme to fall into the category minimalist theme, perfect for use online portfolio. Philosophy to theme is simplicity. Look no admin interface worthy of the cockpit of a space shuttle, or a list of shortcodes long as your arm, because you’d be disappointed. Skela only embeds the absolute minimum, so you can make the most of your WordPress theme. Of course, Skela is fully customizable you can for example choose the color you want, use the Widget area, or portfolios available to you, or why not create your own shortcodes. The beauty is, you create an interface to your image.

28 – Scrollider, HTML5 WordPress Theme

Scrollider is a product from WooThemes, as saying that base, you will be guaranteed a professional theme, and will be maintained over time. In addition, Scrollider is a home page that you eyeful with a great slider, accompanied option that will allow you to manage fine. Not to mention that this issue is not limited to its home page, with a business section, a portfolio section and a blog section you what to do.

29 – Akara, HTML5 WordPress Theme

I do not know about you, but personally I’m a fan of the parallax effect. Due to this fact, it is possible to literally animate a still image and the text composed. Akara is a WordPress theme that uses a slider type Parallax. If you do not already know this effect, discover without delay. This theme allows you to easily customize the slider and make it come to life. A child’s play. In addition to this beautiful slider, Akara offers an unlimited choice of colors, 3 custom widgets, part portfolio, part blog, part testimony, as well as support ticket video format. The integration of Google Analytics and Google Fonts are the perfect WordPress theme.

30 – Karma WordPress Theme HTML5

Finish our selection of responsive WordPress theme with a theme of the most famous, Karma. If you do not already know, know that we are talking about a subject that has been downloaded over 14,000 times, this is to say that it is not a small player. So if Karma has been downloaded many times, is that it does not do things by halves. 100% thought for SEO, loads quickly on smartphone has everything it takes to WooCommerce, plus it supports WPML. Discover this theme immediately.

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