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20 Multilingual WordPress Themes

Have a multilingual site with WordPress, you’re forced to find WordPress plugins and themes compatible. This note aims to present a selection of the best WordPress themes multilingual, designed to make your life easier. All themes we offer you to discover are compatible with WPML, and some will even offer themes already translated into several languages, luxury! Most are slow and not find this selection of topics Multilingual WordPress.

1 – Strinking, Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Striking Begin this selection Multilingual WordPress themes WordPress Theme by type and portfolio showcase site, Striking. So let’s say it right now, Striking is perfectly highlighting Multilanguage support for WPML. Better than that, Striking a theme which préocupe everything is well implemented, and it shows the reading of the changelog, where many changes are made to WPML. If I present this first Multilingual WordPress theme is that it does not stop at that. Specializes in theme WordPress SEO , 600 fonts at your disposal, sliders using both images, the sound or video, not to mention the customization part pushed to the extreme. Here is a theme that you should dress for the winter.

2 – Breeze WordPress Theme Multilanguage

Download Breeze Multilingual WordPress theme is good, a WordPress theme supports WPML translated into 6 languages and from the outset, it is even better. Breeze is a WordPress theme WPML but its greatest strength is to be offered natively in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Type Portofolio this WordPress theme will be your ally to save time in setting up your WordPress site multilingual.

3 – Studio8, Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Studio8 In search of a minimalist WordPress theme multilingual? Studio8 is a WordPress theme which should please you. Translatable to the admin site itself, this WordPress theme is clearly not designed to be a minimalist design.

4 – Goodnews, Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Goodnews A responsive WordPress theme is compatible with WPML, delivered translated into 6 languages, with more than 20 custom widgets and interface customization very well done, does it exist? Yes, this is WordPress theme, and it is called Goodnews … for good news is good news.

5 – The Jewelery Shop Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download The Jewelery Shop This WordPress theme will delight those wishing to set up a e-commerce site multilingual or simply a multilingual product catalog. This WordPress theme uses its own e-commerce and is therefore independent of any third party plugin.

6 – Breath Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Breath Breath is a theme that I particularly like because of its versatility, both at the functional level graphics. Available in a number of colorways unlimited, with dozens of shortcodes, WPML support, over 200 fonts … It will do more than to say that you can test this theme before you buy to convince you to go see it at least 😉

7 – Insignia Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Insignia Simple theme designed to suit both the owner of online magazine for community sites, and more Insiginia is a WordPress theme multilingual easy to update.

8 – Adventure Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Adventure Adventure is a WordPress theme very cool. This must be the choice of font as well as the general appearance of the site. Type WordPress theme full screen, you will Adventure eyeful, and in all languages.

9 – Freestyle Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Freestyle Freestyle theme is a versatile, able to present any type of content, website showcase site content, and all this in multilingual mode. Desing attractive slider performance, all in a responsive WordPress theme, what to spend on all browsers and in all languages.

10 – Choices, multilingual WordPress Theme

Download Choices still makes us the pleasure of delivering a quality theme, this time supporting the WPML plugin, and more comes in 5 languages. As usual, this WordPress theme is highly configurable, which will facilitate the work of the integrator. In addition, we have here a theme responsive, to amaze your customers.

11 – ReFresh, Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download ReFresh ReFresh Multilingual WordPress theme is surprising because, delivered in black and white, it can also offer all colors paletter. But what is really interesting about this theme is that it will automatically offer you a suitable color for the font. Friendly, especially when we know as it can be difficult to find the right color of font once you’ve changed the background color.

12 – Alive Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Alive Alive is a WordPress theme focusing on the minimalist side and shifted it offers, right from the home page. WPML support perfectly, this theme offers in addition to being your ally for SEO because the designer of this theme are paid particular attention. For lovers of WooCommerce, know that this topic is also 100% compatible with this plugin, what products sell in all world languages.

13 – Cluster Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Cluster WordPress theme for minimalist and compatible WPML, Cluster is designed for all web designers looking for a job as a support base for their creations. Icing on the cake for you web designer, the administration interface is a white label. What not to leave anything through.

14 – Artica Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Artica Artica is a WordPress theme which tries to stand out by offering us lot of impressive features, all delivered in a highly professional graphics. In addition to coming bundled with a single icon menu, Artica is a multilingual WordPress theme, complete with many shortcodes, portfolios, custom widgets …

15 – Prospector Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Prospector Here is a responsive portfolio WordPress theme that eyeful. With prospector, we love the first glance this homepage bold. Base available in English, German and French, you will already have a large enough target market. That’s not enough? No problem, this theme is 100% compatible with WPML.

16 – Symplex, Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Symplex Compatible with WPML course, this theme is all about its design and flexibility in the configuration of this theme. Be careful not to get lost 😉

17 – Allure Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Allure I will say that it has del’allure WordPress theme? no, certainly not 🙂 Anyway, this theme is responsive, allows you to customize the floor to ceiling, and its designers have taken care that all menus are easily accessible from a touch interface. Of course, everything has been designed for WPML.

18 – Active Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Active Rather than a long speech, I suggest you watch the video presentation of this theme Multilingual WordPress. If it keeps like this, I would soon work 😉

19 – Printing, Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Print The menu of the home page of this WordPress theme is simply very original, offering to continue your images in slider. Saying that this theme is multilingual, I almost feel like repeating myself. But if I say that it is already available in English, French and German? Well, it’s true, I’ve said before, but all multilingual topics do not offer much 😉

20 – Coherence, Multilanguage WordPress Theme

Download Coherence To remain consistent with all our selection of multilingual theme, the theme here … Coherence. Yes I know, it’s easy. But anyway, this is not for the truth. Coherence is a WordPress theme optimized for the reference, which in addition to a whole lot of customization elements offers support for all languages through the use WPML. In the wise.

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