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The Christmas holidays approaching, it is time to think out the balls and garlands for your WordPress site. You’ll understand our ticket today takes you straight into the wonderful world of WordPress themes and plugins created specially for Christmas Menu, a theme that Christmas means something to fall plugins on your site, plugins for sending e-cards, or a calendar. Enough to make a nice list to Santa Claus, but before you start it, let’s introduce you to our selection of themes and plugins for WordPress Christmas.

1 – Kiddo, WordPress Theme Christmas

First selection of our ranking WordPress special Christmas theme Kiddo. This WordPress theme included obviously a special template christmas, how to switch your website with one click. If this is not the class! In addition to this valuable little feature, this theme is WordPress 3 other different graphical skins, a great image gallery, shortcode editor, using the Nivo slider. Although this topic is not responsive, the format will be fine on most mobile interfaces.

2 – Christmas Card, Christmas WordPress Plugin

You want to send an electronic greeting card to your customers, but through a third party website, it does not. Create your own e-card, it takes time and therefore money. This plugin offers integration directly on your website landing page type e-card, Christmas special. The effect is excellent.

3 – Christmas Magic Christmas WordPress Plugin

If I say Christmas, you think of anything, aside from the gifts? Snow of course! This WordPress plugin offers to drop all kinds of snowflakes in the background of your WordPress site. Very simple to install and configure this plugin is done in HTML5.

4 – Christmas Fancy Text Add-on, Plugin WordPress Christmas

Fancy Text Widget is a … widget to create text elements in your sidebar. To be a little clearer, you can insert effects as an effect post-it notes or office. This add-on allows you to add a whole set of icons, backgrounds or effects related to Christmas. What cheer your WordPress.

5 – 5sec Snow Christmas WordPress Plugin

Here again is a plugin that allows you to make the snow fall on your WordPress site. But if you think about it, this type of plugin can also use to get other things such balances, gifts … Not so useless that it makes.

6 – eCards WordPress, WordPress Plugin Christmas

You want to create e-cards on your website? After presenting you a plugin that was specifically built for electronic cards for Christmas, this plugin offers you to use your photographic base as a starting point.

7 – Advent Calendar Facebook App, Christmas WordPress Plugin

In here is a great idea, create a calendar before providing content directly to your Facebook wall. Mature enough to animate your Facebook easily for 24 days!

8 – Vivity, Christmas WordPress Plugin

You have prepared a special theme for the Christmas period and wished it turns on and off at a given time? And why not use this plugin very handy in this type of circumstance?

9 – DVin WooCommerce Wishlist, Christmas WordPress Plugin

The last two plugins that Christmas special selection are a bit peculiar. Why particular? Because it does not really Christmas first. Here we present plugins wish list for WooCommerce and Jigoshop. You will understand, that says Christmas gifts said. Who says gifts, said list 🙂

10 – JigoShop Wish List, Christmas WordPress Plugin

The latest plugin from our selection for Christmas is for JigoShop WordPress Plugin wish list that we have seen.

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