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I do not reiterate enough, make a backup of your WordPress site is essential. In fact, I would even say, make frequent backups of their WordPress site is essential. By common understand at the same rate that you publish on your WordPress site, with a maximum of one or two backups per day. Beyond that, it is really essential. I guess by the heads of those of you who do not backup their site, then from there to save the day, you think it will quickly become complicated. With our list, not great, plugins dedicated to backup your WordPress site, you will discover that nothing is more simple. Take a moment to compatibility working time that you spent on your site and convert at the height of the lowest country average hourly rates. Whatever the hourly rates, reduced to the hundreds of hours we spend on the site, this is a large sum quickly. Knowing that a simple backup can get away from the loss of all working time, it’s not once that happened it will say if I had known.

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01 – Smart Backup WordPress, WordPress Plugin Backup 2013


Begin our selection of WordPress plugin to back up your site by smartbackup. This WordPress plugin will allow you to make a full backup of your WordPress site, but also to restore these backups. Complete, this backup plugin will allow you to either save your entire site, or save only the files or database itself. Regarding the restoration of your backups, it will be a click away. The icing on the cake, this WordPress plugin will save you set automatic backups, based on a backup scheduler.

02 – WordPress Backup & Clone Master, Backup WordPress Plugin 2013


I tend to think that protection is an endless race. Sometimes we have to advance, sometimes the hackers. The best protection against an attack will always be to have a good backup of the WordPress site as well, even if one day a hacker finds a way to annoy you, a referral of your backed up files and voila. It’s that simple. But still need to have a good backup, and a tool to make your work easier. You will understand, WordPress Backup & Clone Master fall into this line right of WordPress backup plugin. Backing up your site to the application or scheduler, backup your site will appear as a zip file. You can choose between the full backup of your WordPress site or just the database or files on your Web server. To make a difference with other backup plugins WordPress, WordPress Backup also allows you to make a copy of such clone, whether on a new domain or a brand new installation.

03 – My WP Backup to Dropbox Plugin WordPress Backup 2013


Save a WordPress site, it is, have the files in a secure location, is better. This WordPress backup plugin behaves like most other plugins allowing you to make a backup of your WordPress site with one click, or based on WP Cron for it automatically starts. But the big difference is that when the backup is completed, the zip file will be sent automatically as DropBox, and an email will be sent to notify you of archiving. Saving the WordPress site on Dropbox is the assurance of having his WordPress backup always on hand.

04 – Core Scanner WordPress Plugin Backup 2013


I love the idea behind this add-on Ninja Security which is to come to a MD5 hash of sources available on files to compare your core WordPress files. If a change is made, you tighten quickly alerted, and you can restore the original file with one click. For this plugin plugin to work, you must install the Security Ninja. This idea deserves to be directly implemented in WordPress. You may be wondering why we’re talking about this plugin in a post on WordPress plugins backup. Here, the backup works the other way, because we are talking about saving the original files of WordPress. If you site is hacked and a file from the heart of WordPress is attacked, this plugin will compare with the official files, and if there is a difference, you can restore it with one click.

Bonus – Mutli Install Plugin, WordPress Plugin Backup 2013


Finish our selection of WordPress plugins backup a slightly different plugin. Here it comes to save you time work, and the entire configuration of your plugins. The goal is to help you create a backup archive that you will be able to reuse on another site to make an installation of multiple plugins in one click. Once installed, activating all your plugins will be in one click, that’s all. Backup, and the creation of this archive to your plugins, will be from the plugins installed on your WordPress platform, you choose the plugins you want to pre-packager.

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