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Christmas 2013 is approaching fast. To celebrate this moment, what is better for your WordPress site to dress a little, see eCards offer for its visitors or customers. With our selection of WordPress plugins for Christmas, we suggest you to further customize your site a little more, christmas story does not go unnoticed. A selection of 15 Christmas WordPress plugins you expect in this article. You also know of WordPress plugins christmas? Do not hesitate to let us know by in the comments.

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01 – Christmas, Christmas 2013 WordPress Plugin


Begin our selection of WordPress plugins for christmas Christmas, which is rather timely. If we chose to start with this WordPress plugin is that it includes all that other plugins will propose separately, making it one of the most interesting in our eyes plugins. With this plugin, you will be able to make snow fall on your site, put online Christmas cards, or to have access to animations made especially for Christmas. With this WordPress plugin christmas, you will have access to no less than 80 different elements for your WordPress site. If this is not enough, know that all is configurable and customizable, what more leverage elements highlighted by this plugin.

02 – Christmas Pack Christmas 2013 WordPress Plugin


Add-on of the famous plugin Layered Popups , Christmas pack offers a set of graphic combination to dress your pop-ups for christmas colors.

For those who does not know yet Layered popups, know that this plugin offers you the opportunity to develop highly effective popups based on HTML5, while being possible to connect to AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp or iContact. With no less than 10 different items, Christmas pack customize rendering to put the christmas colors, or day of the year. Of course, all of this plugin is customizable.

03 – Christmas Snow, Christmas 2013 WordPress Plugin


A Christmas without snow, we must admit that it is not too christmas. So the easiest way to feel close to the tree, it is still dropping snow. If it is rather difficult to be able to do in reality, it is not the same on his WordPress site. Indeed, this WordPress plugin christmas is disconcerting ease. Install this WordPress plugin, activate it, and the snow will fall like magic on your WordPress site. You will be able to choose from 25 different snowflakes, so that your visitors have an eyeful.

04 – Christmas Animation, Christmas 2013 WordPress Plugin


To celebrate Christmas on your WordPress site, you are more animations snowfall? Luckily, the designer of the previous plugin has understood, and offers us a plugin that includes animations specially made to liven up your WordPress site during this holiday season. With over 30 different activities available, not to mention the ability to customize, there is what to do to celebrate Christmas with dignity on your WordPress site.

05 – Snowpress Plugin WordPress Christmas 2013


We told you, dropping snow on her WordPress site remains the most effective way to give a taste of Christmas on your WordPress site. Snowpress fits into this idea and offers a simple and quick WordPress plugin to take over . Little more significant, your visitors will stop this effect at any time.

06 – Christmas Greeting Cards, Christmas 2013 WordPress Plugin


Celebrate Christmas, it also involves wish his wishes, whether your visitors, your customers, see your family. Gone are the days where you had to write postcards to hand. Gone are the days where you had to go through a third party service to send eCards. Now it is possible to create eCards directly on the WordPress site. This WordPress plugin will provide you with more than 20 different eCards, just to satisfy everyone.

07 – Christmas eCard WP Plugin WordPress Christmas 2013

07 - Christmas eCard WP-plugin-wordpress-noel

Continue presenting WordPress plugin for sending eCards with WP Christmas eCard. This plugin allow you to create your eCard for christmas, while customizing. Whether the text, the font, the background images and more. Icing on the cake, these eCards can be accompanied by sound, and also switch to full screen mode.

08 – Christmas Pop-Up Card, Christmas 2013 WordPress Plugin

08-Christmas Pop-Up Card-plugin-wordpress-noel

ECards are popular WordPress for christmas. And because it is still a very effective way of communicating with its customers. Christmas pop-up differs from other WordPress plugins eCard offering you more of eCard system, the ability to dress a little color to your site christmas, dropping snow for example. With this WordPress plugin christmas eCard, you can make it appear right on your home page, a page, a note, or a specific place in your site. Each person visiting your site can therefore enjoy a merry christmas personalized message.

09 – Christmas add-on for Fancy Text Widget Plugin WordPress Christmas 2013

09 - Christmas add-on for Fancy Text Widget-wordpress-noel

Add-on of the famous Fancy text widget , this plugin WordPress Claus is made ​​to give a festive feeling to your WordPress site.

This plugin offers leverage the possibility of using Fancy text widget by offering 11 different funds, 20 icons christmas, 6 font of writing manual perfect for christmas and a system for 3D snowflakes based on Flash.

10 – 5sec Snow Christmas 2013 WordPress Plugin


5sec Snow is certainly the best known WordPress plugin “snow”. With hundreds of sales, and more than two years of existence, here is again in an update for the end of 2013 release. The program rejoicing, a plugin that will work with all themes, all CSS frameworks, the possibility of continuing to click on your content without the fluff problem or over 8 different options in the snowflakes. Even better, this plugin comes in WordPress version stand alone. Example, if you also have non WordPress sites, you will also be able to use it.

11 – Christmas Magic Christmas 2013 WordPress Plugin

11-Christmas Magic-plugin-wordpress-noel

Like the spirit of Christmas? Then this WordPress plugin christmas is for you. After a very simple configuration of this plugin, you will be able to make snow fall on your WordPress site, all in HTML5, and is CPU-intensive resources. This is your visitors will thank you.

12 – Business Christmas Greeting Card, Christmas 2013 WordPress Plugin

12-Business Christmas Greeting Card-plugin-wordpress-noel

You have not found your happiness among the plugins eCard for christmas we introduced you? Then discover this WordPress plugin eCards, specifically tailored for professionals. We also appreciate particularly the stand alone mode that will allow everyone to benefit, even those with no WordPress platform.

13 – Simple Snowfall Effect Plugin WordPress Christmas 2013

13-Effect Snowfall Single-plugin-wordpress-noel

This WordPress plugin does just what it says, but does it well. Here, the snow fall on your site. Easy to install and use, the power of jQuery is expressed through this plugin. For all that is customization, this WordPress plugin christmas is not left with the possibility to choose the form of flake that we want to fall on its website.

14 – eCards WordPress Plugin WordPress Christmas 2013

14 - eCards WordPress-plugin-wordpress-noel

Last plugin eCards from our selection of christmas WordPress plugin, eCards differs from other plugins because it was not particularly worked for Christmas. Infinitely customizable, you will be easily possible to use it for your Christmas eCards. And even better, you can use all year round, without restriction.

15 – Vivity Theme Switcher Plugin WordPress Christmas 2013

15-Vivity Theme Switcher plugin-wordpress-noel

Finish our selection of christmas WordPress plugin for a plugin … not Christmas. But why present in these columns? Simply because if you want to give a Christmas theme to your side, must still be able to easily load your site. This plugin will help you in this process, and even better, it will automatically change to load the WordPress theme that your visitors will see, all planned in the back office of your WordPress site.

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