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WordPress is a web platform renowned. Now WordPress have more than 10 years, it is far from the time when its use is confined to the blog. While it is true that WordPress premise was not a good idea for something other than a blog, its simple handling is quickly made in the administration interface of many sites, other than blogs. Today, you can literally use WordPress for all web projects, whether it’s site showcase, site e-commerce SOAP connected, via a website full HTML5. But if there is indeed a feature that transcends the type of website is that it is multilingual. Indeed, at the time of the web, only the language barrier still separates us. So if you want to reach the largest number of people possible, we’ll have to make your WordPress Multilingual. I do not know if you’re aware, but this site is a WordPress site multilingual. With almost 15 languages supported at the time I write these lines, I think we can say that we have some experience in the field. In this article on WordPress Multilingual, we will see the benefit of getting your site multilingual version and the plugin to use absolutely Multilanguage WordPress.

Multilingual WordPress to power

Before embarking on the adventure, it is legitimate to ask some questions. In fact, whatever your strategy, never forget that running a multilingual site, it is more work than if it was not. I know this may seem obvious, but it is best to clarify. Depending on the number of languages used, your mastery of his past as well as the density of your site will depend on the time you spend there. The first questions to ask are:

  • It’s worth it cost?
  • What is the objective?
  • How do I organize myself?

It is important to ask these questions before asking technical questions. Take time to think, and make sure that your labor is not in vain.

Multilingual WordPress Plugin

In the world of WordPress plugins multilingual, there are a lot of plugin, plugin free free plugins free but charge. We could make a list of these plugins, and present them to you briefly, without assets tested. However, having a multilingual WordPress, it’s not like adding a plugin for SEO WordPress example. This goes much further. I used to say that add features multilingual WordPress is having another WordPress that we know usually. Rather than lack of precision, I’ll tell you about one plugin, WPML . Why just one? Because it is the one we use everyday on this site, and we manage almost 15 languages, almost 1000 articles today. I do not know what you think, but I think the site is awfully quick to load. Using WPML is to simplify the task, but also ensure excellent compatibility with WordPress. So if you too are convinced that WPML is your perfect companion for your WordPress Multilingual follow the guide.

Words of your theme, a Multilanguage WordPress

First step before installing anything and your site becomes a site WordPress WordPress Multilingual,locate the strings of your theme. To get there, not rocket science. Open the PHP code to your WordPress theme and do the following. Say in your chart, you have this code:

    Welcome to my blog <h1> WordPress </ h1>
</ Div> <! - # Content ->

The only thing you have to do is use _e () and _ () like this

    <h1> _e ("Welcome to my WordPress Blog!") </ h1>
</ Div> <! - # Content ->

Now that this is done, your string will be recognized by WPML string as translatable, and so your site will begin to take color Multilanguage WordPress site. But, if you do not want to tire you to update all your PHP code to WPML provided an interface that is easy as pie to translate all the strings of your theme. To be honest, we go through this functionality on this site.

Multilingual WordPress Plugin: Installation & Configuration

Your theme is to be located near, we must now install Multilingual WordPress plugin we plébiscitons: WPML . Multilingual WordPress plugin that will make our WordPress site available in all languages of the world, or only one, you see. Now download and install the plugin Multilanguage WordPress . Once installed, simply activate it to see a new entry appear in your WordPress admin interface.

Character string Multilingual: Theme and WordPress plugins

Now that’s done, we would translate in English. To do so, click “Theme and plugins localization” tab located WPML. On the “Theme and plugins localization” choose Translate the theme by WPML , and you can translate directly into your wordpress interface. If you prefer to use a. Mo, no problem, you can WPML. Translate the theme by WPML is the automatic search string of text to translate. [3355] “> [3355] “>

Translation of the theme

To translate your WordPress theme, this plugin Multilingual WordPress offers a dedicated interface translation. The first step is to choose your theme for translation. [3355] “> To see the strings to translate in your chart, click View That strings need translation. You will get this screen. This screen will of course depend on the number of languages and you ask WPML to manage. [3355] “> Insert the correct translation for each language selected on your WordPress site. To complete this step, click Save and Translation is complete.

[3355] “>

Translation Plugins

Plugins must also be available in several languages. WPML also offers a dedicated interface for the translation of WordPress plugins .. To translate your WordPress plugins with WPML, click Themes and plugins localization. [3355] “> To translate your WordPress plugins, you can follow the same procedure as for the translation of the theme.

The contents of the Site in a multilingual version

Once you locate the sentences in your WordPress theme, you’ll have to look at the largest part, the translation of your content. To do this, WPML offers an interface that I particularly like because each language is clearly separated from each other, which is not the case for all plugins, far from it. Appear to see the multilingual capabilities of your WordPress site, create or edit a page or a ticket. You will see the presence, right of the dialog WPML. [3355] “> Translate any site can take time, but WPML makes the process simple and intuitive.

Multilingual WordPress menus

Phrases are translated your theme, the content also remains only menus. As always with WPML, do not change your habits, and go in the menu of your admin interface. As you can see on the screenshot below to WPML added a few options to recreate a menu depending on the language. It is not too much of the ball this? [3355] “> A little advice for those to maintain their WordPress site in a language their speaking Chinese. Handling menus will be in the language … If your menu is in Chinese, so it will handle Chinese. My advice, use a system of nomenclature categories. This list should be short and easily identifiable. However, you must remember to expunge all traces of this nomenclature in the eyes of users. This is not always easy to maintain a website that living in a language you do not control.

WP-Freemium.com, your WordPress site Multilanguage reference

It would be fun to do an article on the multilingual capabilities of WordPress without giving you an example, so that you can realize the tremendous capabilities of this extraordinary Multilingual WordPress plugin. Here is a small list of languages that we use on our affiliate site WordPressMultilingual

If you want to push the experience further, please read this article on Multilingual WordPress themes .

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