20 Plugins for WordPress Manage your files

When it comes to managing files with WordPres we reach quickly a limitation of WordPress. Fortunately, the community is there to solve this problem. I will present a selection of WordPress plugins that will help you manage your files, manage downloads, manage the insertion of audio data, video or pdf. Managing your files with WordPress has never been easier.

1 – WordPress File Centre Plugin WordPress File Management

Begin this selection WordPress plugin to manage files in a plugin that will allow you to transform your site into an area for file exchange with your customers. You create a user with a password, assign to files that are visible to him, and it will suffice for your client to connect to your site for everything back. Is often necessary to exchange files with clients, this type of party plugin is a must to gain credibility with your clients.

2 – File List Pro, File Management Plugin WordPress

Tired of not being able to provide a correct link to your files pdf, excel, word, or zip files? This WordPress plugin offers offer a true file management and more by offering your users to be able to research and apply filters to your files.

3 – WP E-file downloader, File Management WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to create a list of downloadable file, like a e-commerce site, accessible to all but the download is restricted to registered users on your WordPress site.

4 – PayPal File Download, File Management WordPress Plugin

This plugin is not just a simple file manager, we are talking about creating a payment functionality to download a file. Of course, PayPal is the system used for payment, making this plugin compatible with a large number of users. So if you create a digital file that you want to sell an e-book as a plugin, music, this WordPress plugin will save you lots of time.

5 – File Manager Plugin, WordPress Plugin File Management

The idea behind this plugin? You receive a disconcerting ease interface to manage the addition, deletion or modification of files present on your web server.

6 – Groups File Access, File Management WordPress Plugin

Want to share a file with only a portion of your users? This plugin is for you. It will allow you to provide a download link only available to registered users. Warning, this is a plugin plugin, you should use the plugin Groups for this extension to work.

7 – Premium Gallery Manager, File Management WordPress Plugin

The images are files, but with one big difference is that sometimes you want to display as a gallery. You’ll understand that this is what WordPress plugin allows you to do, and how easy!

8 – Automatic Download, File Management WordPress Plugin

Here is a plugin that may surprise you because this WordPress plugin will automatically trigger a file download when your users will make is on a specific page. But why start an automatic download? If your page includes a digital file that you want all users to have passing by, it may be a good idea. But the real strength of this plugin, I believe, and enable you to increase your statistical average time on the site. How? This WordPress plugin allows you to automatically trigger certainly a download, but in addition, you can manage the time it takes to stay on the page for the download starts. Thus, you can decide that the download will be after 90 seconds on this page. Do not forget to add interesting content to wait for the user when downloading a file.

9 – Ajax Multi Upload, File Management WordPress Plugin

Allow your users to send files from your site, this certainly is not very new. But if I told you that this plugin is Ajax and therefore, your users can see what they are sending you? While there, it changes a lot of things right? 😉

10 – OWIT with Myows, File Management WordPress Plugin

Myows is a service that aims to identify who is responsible for what on the web. With this WordPress plugin, users of the service Myows gain a lot of time.

11 – Font Uploader Plugin WordPress File Management

If we talk more easily manage the files with WordPres, what about fonts? If you want to use fonts that you sent on your WordPress site, you will have to go through this type of plugin.

12 – Saola – Custom Contextual Help for every admin page, WordPress Plugin File Management

You sell sites in WordPress is done you want to offer a real support to your customers. But here, it takes time to spare. Why not write documentation? With this WordPress plugin, your documentation will be available, depending on the context. So you can truly guide your users based on their actions.

13 – Viral Download, File Management WordPress Plugin

Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have become very important in time for WordPress SEO , so why not use a file upload. With this WordPress plugin, if your users want to download the file you their offer, he will have to talk to you.

14 – Hot Backup Manager, File Management WordPress Plugin

What good manage files if it is to risk losing? I am still surprised at the number of people that are not very regular backup their WordPress sites. Why take the risk of losing months or even years of work? Think back up your data!

15 – Real Ajax Uploader, File Management Plugin WordPress

I think the name speaks for itself this plugin, because yes, it is discussed here to provide a forum mailing file to your users, all based on HTML5.

16 – Flip Book, File Management WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin that will revolutionize the way your visitors will interact with your images or PDF files. With this WordPress plugin, your visitors will browse your site.

17 – Uber Audio File Management WordPress Plugin

For managing your audio files, you how? And if you offer your users an audio player, accessible through the side panel of your website? And if, in addition, that player was done in HTML and Flash to be compatible with all browsers?

18 – Before-After Viewer, File Management WordPress Plugin

This plugin is really an alien, and yet those who need it will appreciate. In fact, it may be that even if you do not need, you will admire the idea … I leave you the surprise, you click to find out more: p

19 – Media WordPress, WordPress Plugin File Management

WordPress media is a plugin that allows you to integrate audio and video player with HTML on your WordPress site.

20 – DropBox Upload Form, File Management WordPress Plugin

Conclude this selection of WordPress plugins to manage files with a WordPress plugin to sync with DropBox. Personally, I discovered DropBox there not so long ago that I was completely in love!

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