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20 New Themes WordPress Pro – January 2013

A new year starts, it’s time to see what is new in the world of WordPress themes. A selection of 20 themes WordPress consisting entirely of novelty. For you to see if you know at least one theme in this selection 😉

1 – EPROM, New WordPress Theme 2013

A WordPress theme 100% dedicated to music, it tells you to start this new selection of WordPress themes for the month of January 2013? EPROM is one of those rare wordpress themes dedicated to be used by musicians, but not that. Indeed, EPROM aims to be used by all professions related to music, group of musicians to producers through the music lovers and organizers of musical events. In addition to pay much attention to provide WordPress theme music, the developer of this theme was held in particularly successful part code by implementing the latest web technologies and the ability to customize WordPress theme of this child. Speaking of easy customization, know that this WordPress theme comes with R-Panel. R-Panel is a module of your WordPress administration interface which allows you to manage your WordPress theme and customize it with your mouse, no need to put your hands into the source code of this WordPress theme.

2 – AppSquare, New WordPress Theme 2013

Continue our towers with the latest WordPress themes WordPress theme made for anyone wanting to sell software or web hosting. Complete, this theme comes with an unlimited choice of colors, an administration interface brand white, sliders efficient, but also part blog, portfolio, presentation of your team, or a grid price. In addition, this topic is done to the multilingual WordPress fingers in the nose.

3 – SmartGroup, New WordPress Theme 2013

This WordPress theme is decidedly more sober, perfect to become the theme of your site if you work in marketing, or if you choose to use this theme to promote your business on the web or your activities. Developed by the same designer as the previous WordPress theme, you’ll find the same advantages, namely a theme that comes with an unlimited choice of colors, an administration interface branding, performance of sliders, but as part of a blog, portfolio, presentation of your team, or a price list.

4 – The Gossip, New WordPress Theme 2013

The Gossip is a WordPress theme type ultra wide, or in other words, a WordPress theme that takes full advantage of the new 16:9 format of our computer screens. Not to mention the mobile interfaces due to the fact that this theme is responsive. This WordPress theme was designed to satisfy most needs you may have. But we must recognize it, this theme if you fully express textual content to highlight. Optimized for SEO WordPress , this theme is also expected to be easily translated into several languages.

5 – Rhea WordPress Theme New 2013

Looking for a WordPress theme that focuses on highlighting your accomplishments visual because you are a web agency or a creative? Rhea is a WordPress theme that will please you. In addition to presenting your work in a creative and still very readable, the creator of this theme made sure that this theme will load very quickly, even on a shared hosting. Something to please the greatest number. Rhea did not stop there as we also offer to customize the home page as it is meant but the whole theme just a few clicks.

6 – BBQ, New WordPress Theme 2013

BBQ is the perfect theme if you are looking for a WordPress theme for cafe, pub, restaurant, or to all the local sites. Simple and minimalist WordPress theme that will comply with all your wishes graph. Fully responsive, this WordPress theme comes with custom layout for both the party blog for the contact part.

7 – Rhapsody, New WordPress Theme 2013

Ready to move at the speed with e-Commerce WooCommerce? This WordPress theme will allow you to do this without too much effort, whether you’re a seasoned programmer or not. This WordPress theme comes with a file. Xml which will be very useful for anyone wanting to set up the test content to see the rendering of this theme. The designer of this WordPress theme has everything to make customizing it childish and unlimited thanks to a customization module accessible through the admin interface of WordPress. Small detail, this theme is accompanied LayerSlider plugin, what do homepages unforgettable.

8 – OneCommunity, New WordPress Theme 2013

WordPress project which will involve setting up a social network type site? No doubt, this is BuddyPress you. Thanks to this great WordPress plugin, you can easily create a website where members will register it, interact with each other and create interest groups. Now that we have found the plugin you need, you must dress it. To do this, I suggest you find OneCommunity, a WordPress theme made to work closely with BuddyPress.

9 – Knowledge Base & FAQs New WordPress Theme 2013

Implement an interface to allow your users to find information quickly, is the guarantee to save you many hours of support. But here, should still provide an interface built for. Knowledge Base & FAQs is one of those rare wordpress themes dedicated to user support. The interface is minimalist, providing clarity in information retrieval.

10 – FluidApp, New WordPress Theme 2013

This WordPress theme has been designed specifically for tablets and smartphones. This theme will transform your WordPress website into mobile application, what retain your mobile users. Of course, this theme has been tested for optimal rendering whatever platform: iPhone, Android, Windows, Nexus, Blackerry and so on.

11 Bulletin – New WordPress Theme 2013

Newsletter is a simple and elegant WordPress theme Tumblog type or the image is king. This WordPress theme should therefore both the owners of blogs, portfolio type site, site photographer or a personal website. Whether on the home page with Ajax effects or managed using a tray, a WordPress theme bulletin is full of good ideas.

12 – Valerie, New WordPress Theme 2013

Valerie is a WordPress theme entirely in Ajax, with an inimitable style. Type minimalist theme, this theme will do much for you. Comes in two versions, one light and one dark, WordPress theme fits easily in your WordPress projects. You will understand by seeing the screenshot, Valerie is also a WordPress theme where the image is being honored.

13 – Prototype, New WordPress Theme 2013

This WordPress theme owes its name to the fact that customization is its greatest asset. Alone with no fewer than seven different home pages, Prototype puts the bar high. And that’s not all, because Prototype is also intended in its original way of presenting things. One thing to convince you? Look at where the site’s main menu and how submenus are managed. I love it.

14 to 360 ° Complete, New WordPress Theme 2013

Here is a WordPress theme that goes around the issue by bending your slightest wishes. With 360 ° Complete, finished administrations interfaces difficult to understand and welcome to the new method of managing your WordPress theme. This theme also comes with all the elements that might be useful as a demo file, or complete documentation, the presence of PSDs files, but can also easily get updates of this WordPress theme.

15 – Runix, New WordPress Theme 2013

Runix ett a theme delicious aftertaste 80s, without falling into the old and ugly. Conceived to become a theme for business site, Runix suit most of your needs with an intelligent positioning elements of your interface. With two types of layout, a color picker, or the ability to customize the background of your site, this WordPress theme is reinforced to become an overarching theme.

16 – Amadeus, New WordPress Theme 2013

Elegance is the watchword of this WordPress theme, allowing you to set up sites prestigious and luxurious. In addition to worrying about aesthetics, this WordPress theme is compatible with a substantial number of plugins like WPML, bbPress, WP Super Cache and so on.

17 – Slideside, New WordPress Theme 2013

SlideSide WordPress theme is extremely flexible, allowing you to build almost any type of website. With its responsive features, this theme automatically adapts to all screen resolutions. A unique aspect of this theme is the use of a sidebar properties very flexible. For lovers of the images, this theme also offers a portfolio page type and another type Tumblog.

18 – 9Studio, New WordPress Theme 2013

9Studio is a WordPress theme portfolio style, conceived to showcase your work. In this menu you will find a WordPress theme theme responsive, an admin interface simple grip, Gmaps integration, but also the presence of a generator shortcodes.

19 – Roya, New WordPress Theme 2013

As you can see this WordPress theme, more doubt, many developers of WordPress themes begin to take full advantage of wide screen type 16:9. With a menu on the left and an interface where Ajax makes its presence felt everywhere, your website will look like no other.

20 – GalaxyStar, New WordPress Theme 2013

Finish our selection of new WordPress themes for the month of January 2013 with the head in the stars through GalaxyStar WordPress theme. You will have noticed, this theme also has its menu on the left to take full advantage of widescreen high resolution. I tell you, this type of WordPress theme has a future crazy.

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