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20 Best WordPress Themes Pro – January 2013

When looking for a WordPress theme , one of the best ways to ensure that the pro theme that you will find either the height is to choose a WordPress theme which has proven to be downloading tens or hundreds of times. Choose a WordPress theme which has been extensively tested by other users is also taking the risk of having a site like many others? Of course not because each WordPress themes that we will present in this selection of 20 best ThemeForest WordPress Theme for the month of January 2013 is a customizable theme. After a few minutes of setup, your WordPress theme will not look like another. It is also a great force pro WordPress themes. In our selection of the top 20 pro WordPress themes for the month of January 2013, you will find general themes, minimalist, portfolio, photographer and more. You will find in our selection of the biggest names in the world of WordPress theme, but also newcomers who are not afraid to move the code to get a place in the sun.

1 – Avada, Best WordPress Theme 2013

Begin our selection of the best WordPress themes for the month of January 2013 by Avada, a WordPress theme that owes its success to its sober side and easily customizable, making this a good theme basis for a large number of projects in From WordPress. Avada is a modern and responsive WordPress theme, meeting the new standards HTML 5 and CSS3. An administration interface particularly well thought out will allow you to customize the theme without touching the code. Of course, if you know what you do, nothing will prohibit Avada customize coming directly into the source code. Small detail that will delight more than one WordPress site administrator, this WordPress theme is fully translatable, 100% compatible with WPML and the icing on the cake. po files and. mo are provided in four different languages, from installing this WordPress theme.

2 – U-Design WordPress Theme Best 2013

U-Design is one of those topics that is hardly needs an introduction so we talked a countless times. It’s quite simple, U-Design WordPress theme is that you find on month after month in the ranking of the best WordPress themes. U-Design is simply the best-selling WordPress Theme by ThemeForest. It throws it as the title, number 1. If this theme was a huge success, thanks to the vast array of customization it offers both in terms of design is offered in many color variations and administration interface particularly well thought out. But stop this, we should not forget that U-Design is a theme designed to optimize your WordPress SEO, six formats homepages, use Piecemaker flash slider, more than five hundred different scripts and fonts a ton of custom widgets and shortcodes. A WordPress theme must.

3 – Karma, Best WordPress Theme 2013

Karma is a WordPress theme has been downloaded more than 14,000 times, enough to make a WordPress theme also essential, and it is not without reason that we find in our selection of the best sales at ThemeForest. Karme is a premium WordPress theme based on a framework of programing that will leave you free of your customizations. In a few words, Karma is a theme designed to optimize your SEO, responsive, which is perfectly compatible with WooCommerce, ready to be translated into all languages, excellent support, not to mention the many videos available to us to understand the proper how to configure and use this WordPress theme.

4 – Bigbang, Best WordPress Theme 2013

Notice how the first theme from our selection of best selling WordPress themes WordPress themes are therefore minimal. Bigbang not escape this rule is for the simple reason that a minimalist theme is WordPress theme that will become easier to become the theme to your own site, with its own identity. Bigbang is a WordPress theme that stands out by offering different video formats, either for the blog’s six, portfolios that has six or contact page or home page. Other pages are also available as custom contact page, about page, or the client page. Bigbang saw it big to become one of the best WordPress themes.

5 – Aqua, Best WordPress Theme 2013

Like the premium WordPress themes and more to offer you a quality theme, offers premium plugins included? This is the case of Aqua, responsive WordPress theme which comes with the Slider pluginRevolution one of the best WordPress plugins slider. In addition, Aqua is accompanied FlexSlider, jCarousel, Goog Web fonts to have the choice from hundreds of handwriting fonts, a color picker to let you master your WordPress site.

6 – One Touch, Best WordPress Theme 2013

One Touch is a WordPress theme which has just come out, and yet already talked about. With a look very inspired Windows 8 (or Metro for short), is a theme One Touch resolutely oriented touch pads, without sacrificing its users classics. If you have a touch pad in hand, go for a ride directly on the presentation of this topic, you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease of grip offered by this WordPress theme. With a very easy to grip, One Touch does not stop there because it is more compatible with WooCommerce. Since the release of WooCommerce, we must recognize that things have changed in the world of e-commerce WordPress theme. Now, more and more topics of great quality can serve as support for the creation of your e-shop. A revolution. Only downside, damage that is particularly the case for WooCommerce and not for WP e-Commerce plugin for our favorite e-commerce WordPress.

7 – Modernize, Best WordPress Theme 2013

Modernizing tries to make a place in the sun in the world of WordPress themes by offering features such as advanced management interface to create page types. Gone are the days where he had to be content page templates available. With this WordPress theme, you have at your disposal an interface model for creating page clicked / submitted. No technical knowledge is required when creating custom pages. This is the open door to unlimited creativity. In addition, this WordPress theme is accompanied by no less than 350 different fonts, full control over the colors of your site, funds 15 different sites, a WordPress theme ready to be localized in the language of your choice, and who is more optimized for SEO WordPress.

8 – Builder, Best WordPress Theme 2013

The Builder is a responsive WordPress theme the most beautiful effect. Thought to be visible on both interfaces by 320 pixels as those pixels by 1260, The Builder is built for display on all screens smoothly. This theme is of course based on HTML5 and CSS2. As the majority of the themes we have presented today, The Builder is a clean and minimalist WordPress theme that will fit both a business website a site personnel. With over three hundred options of directors, WordPress theme customization guarantees a simple, per clicks. Page Builder, a WordPress plugin feature is also travel in this WordPress theme.

9 – CleanSpace, Best WordPress Theme 2013

Thought to be as versatile as possible, CleanSpace is a WordPress theme to look professional, which makes us more pleasure to be responsive and retina ready, all carved in an interface 1170 pixels wide. Accompanied GT3 page builder pro plugin, CleanSpace allow you to create your custom pages using your mouse. If you have any doubt about the use of pages, no problem, download the demo content, and you will find the WordPress theme as you first discovered. What understand by example how this WordPress theme. CleanSpace is also more than five hundred Google fonts, a fully customizable homepage, custom shortcodes and several widgets, support for a special format for videos Youtube and Vimeo, an Ajax contact form, and the ultimate, the presence of PSDs in the source files.

10 – PinPoint Best WordPress Theme 2013

PinPoint is part of this family of WordPress theme that focuses on an administration interface that gives you the most freedom possible, especially in terms of layout. Better PinPoint are made up to give you a theme that will allow you to format each of your page differently based on 34 elements customizable page portfolio for video, through customer testimonials, blocks texts or content integration of social networks like Twitter. A versatile WordPress theme, designed to fit all your projects.

Eleven – StudioFolio, Best WordPress Theme 2013

If you read for a while, you have noticed that I have a serious tendency to love WordPress themes that highlight their content by thumbnails. It is not for nothing that the site of our agency WordPress based on the same formula. StudioFolio is a theme like the thumbnails since all navigation is based on this principle. The number one benefit is to provide a readable interface and easy to use, whether you’re a surfer or more tablet PCs more room. StudioFolio course is a responsive WordPress theme, but that this small feature can disable this property with a single click in the admin interface.

12 – King Size, Best WordPress Theme 2013

This is the second theme of our selection of WordPress themes that should be presented so even experienced it, I named King Size, the best WordPress theme made for photographers – in my opinion and that of buyers ThemeForest. King Size is a full page theme that will put you in full view, and has your visitors. You do not know yet King Size? The best is yet to discover it now.

13 – SCRN, Best WordPress Theme 2013

This WordPress theme is unique in that you will receive a full page slider type from the home page, without depriving you a space where you can add content. SCRN is a responsive WordPress theme, has a thoughtful administration interface, comes with many shortcodes that your project requires it, is you can put yourself in the world, because it is also localizable.

14 – ChurcHope, Best WordPress Theme 2013

Looking for a WordPress theme specially designed for religious communities? Look no further and discover this topic, because there was not that much that is specialized in this type of activity 😉

15 – Sahifa, Best WordPress Theme 2013

A well thought theme for a store, a news site or a blog, all available in no less than nine languages including French, Spanish, Brazilian, Italian, German? No doubt, we’re talking about Sahifa a WordPress theme downloaded thousands of times and rated five stars. Speaking of being rated five stars, Sahifa also includes a rating system for your articles, customization of the homepage by clicking filed, color management without limit, over thirty custom widgets, page templates eight different and seventy different shortcodes.

16 – Blue Diamond, Best WordPress Theme 2013

Blue Diamond is a premium WordPress theme that is clearly designed for the world of entrepreneurship. A modern theme, while remaining sober colors fairly neutral, without being totally white. A theme that will make your web presence by being multilingual website optimized for SEO. Accompanied layer slider plugin you can give life to your sliders, while remaining professional.

17 – Sterling, 2013 Best WordPress Theme

Sterling is a theme that can be summarized in four words:

  • SEO Optimized,
  • Thought to be readable on all interfaces,
  • WooCommerce supports 100%,
  • And ready to be multilingual.

I do not know you, but I think it justifies discover this topic a little more ready.

18 – MayaShop, Best WordPress Theme 2013

I always a great pleasure to see how the WordPress themes made for the e-commerce place in our selection of the best WordPress themes, because for years we think WordPress is the future of e-commerce. MayaShop is a historical theme in the theme e-commerce with thousands downloading the meter. Compatible with both WooCommerce that JigoShop, MayaShop suit both beginners and advanced users.

19 – Kronos 2013 Best WordPress Theme

Kronos is a WordPress theme that does not lose time, as soon released, and already a success. Kronos focuses on a minimalist theme made perfect on the portfolio. Indeed, this WordPress theme is primarily designed for designers, creative agencies, illustrators or photographers. 100% responsive, customizable colors, customizable pages, contact form Ajax and filterable portfolios are all features present in this WordPress theme.

20 – MetroStyle, Best WordPress Theme 2013

Finish our selection of 20 best WordPress themes of this pro January 2013 by a second theme highly inspired Metro interface of Windows 8. It must be admitted, the interface of this WordPress theme is particularly effective, as you’re on a tablet or not. I find the result very convincing. Developed on the basis of 320 pixels, 1440 pixels, Metrostyle in eyeful also high definition screens.

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