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20 Best WordPress Plugins Pro – January 2013

Making the rounds of the best-selling WordPress plugins, is to ensure to stay in the race, knowing what WordPress plugins have the wind in their sails, see the best ideas, why not begin to understand what makes a good pro plugins WordPress. We invite you to discover our selection of the twenty best WordPress plugins for the month of January 2013. In this selection of plugins, you can find plugins for Google Maps, plugins to transform your content, manage your plugins for image galleries or plugins to manage your sliders! Our selection also includes plugin WordPress plugins allow you to create complex interfaces using your mouse. A selection of the best plugins for the best WordPress.

1 –, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Once is not custom, begin our selection of the best WordPress plugins by heme unt – plugin. One could even say it is more of a plugin with a very good graphical output. The principle of this plugin – WordPress theme, provide you everything you need to help you run a WordPress site where geolocation is your goal. By discovering this WordPress plugin, we can see that the maps used are custom maps, and we can also see that this theme also has everything you need … for a theme.

2 – RoyalSlider, 2013 WordPress Plugin

RoyalSlider, or how to implement a slider on your WordPress site with one click. This plugin type slider focuses both on the performance on the part feature Designed to provide you with a responsive slider type, this plugin will allow you to showcase images, HTML or any type of multimedia content.

3 – Channelit Youtube WordPress Plugin 2013

This WordPress plugin will allow you to reuse it on WordPress, YouTube all your content, your YouTube channel to your favorite playlists. To go further and make your users feel like on YouTube, this plugin allows you to manage comments and notes on each of your YouTube videos. Manage and insert YouTube videos as easily as inserting a shortcode in your WordPress pages.

4 – Ubermenu, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Fed up menu in WordPress? You find that WordPress is not up to par for what is management menus? How not agree with you? One solution, use Ubermenu. This WordPress plugin allows you to push the management of your WordPress menus to a new level. Responsives create menus with images, with descriptions, insert all the shortcodes you want, and manage the colors as you see fit. We use Ubermenu on discover it.

5 – Front End Registration and Login Forms 2013 WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin has been designed for all WordPress site managers wishing to implement an interface connection or account creation directly from the public interface as your site. With this plugin, you can easily create original registration forms in WordPress. This plugin also comes with three widgets for the connection, account creation and a widget to change its password.

6 – Slider Revolution, 2013 WordPress Plugin

The sliders are WordPress plugins prominent because they allow you to showcase your content but also your business offers. A slider is a great way to insert content in a minimum space with maximum impact. Slider Revolution is one of the most sold sliders WordPress because we are dealing here with a plugin designed to be responsive both in height and width, which takes advantage of the many effects and in addition, has been designed to maximize your SEO WordPress . Speaking of which, did you know that we proposed a WordPress SEO training ?

7 – Simple Instructions Pro WordPress Plugin 2013

Inform all its users can be very useful, either for messages such as e-commerce (promotions, flash sales, stock, delivery for the holidays …) or a company website, see a blog. After all, it is common to want to speak directly to your users. Simple Instructions Pro is a plugin that allows you to insert in the header of your site, a strip of text that takes the entire width. This plugin can be used both to insert a warning message to your members, showcasing your products, offer a discount code, highlight promotions. Comes with 10 different colors and 24 icons original, this WordPress plugin will allow you to set up a notification system in 2 clicks on your WordPress site.

8 – LayerSlider, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Another plugin to manage WordPress sliders? Yes and no? LayerSlider slider is a plugin for WordPress, but its originality lies in the fact that he runs a very special effect JavaScript, Parallax effect. If you follow us regularly, you already know all the admiration I have for this type of animation JavaScript, especially for a slider. You do not yet know the effect of rendering Parallax? The best is yet to see with your own eyes because the rendering is amazing.

9 – Love It Pro WordPress Plugin 2013

Like the idea of Facebook to indicate whether a user likes a page? Do the same for your WordPress site with this WordPress plugin that allows you to insert a similar system in one click. Here is a WordPress plugin that allows you to determine with great ease, the type of content that plague most to your readers?

10 – Visual Composer Plugin WordPress 2013

Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to create complex interfaces, through click submit. What save hundreds of hours, depending on the complexity of the interfaces that you want to implement. Visual Composer is certainly one of the most used WordPress plugins in its field with its own set of features. Multilingual page creation grid type, use custom posts type, code quality and, above all professional, plugin updated regularly by the author. To convince you, discover this plugin more closely. Interface in guest mode allows you to try before you buy, make good plugins.

11 – Omaps, 2013 WordPress Plugin

You want to insert a Google map with WordPress easily? Omaps will help you in everyday life. With Omaps, you can set up your Google maps in no time. You can define your address, city and country, set the size of the map, set the zoom but also choose your own markers on the map.

12 – QuForm, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Quform is a WordPress plugin advanced, allowing you to create complex forms in no time and with minimal effort. When can we use this type of WordPress plugin? When you want to set up a booking system for WordPress formations (for example) or book a hotel for overnight. Icing on the cake, this plugin is translated into English, German, French, Russian … Something to get started with WordPress Multilanguage .

13 – Recent Pins, 2013 WordPress Plugin

You use Pinterest? Then you will certainly delighted to discover this WordPress plugin, specially designed to provide all the benefits of Pinterest for your WordPress site. Display up to 25 pins at the same time, thanks to its Widget, that’s what this plugin offers Pinterest.

14 – Justified Image Grid, 2013 WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to create image galleries created from miniature of your images next to each other. This WordPress plugin is based on the standard gallery for WordPress, while improving. Justified Image Grid will also allow you to design galleries responsives to create a large number of effects, use your database as well as this photo on Facebook or Flickr.

15 – Slideshow Post Type, WordPress Plugin 2013

You want a plugin that allows you to create slideshows, all in the form of custom post type? Then this WordPress plugin is for you.

16 – uSquare, 2013 WordPress Plugin

After you have submitted a plugin is to create image galleries in the form of a grid, how about a plugin that allows you to submit all your categories in grid as tickets or your team? uSquare will allow you not only allow you to display your categories in a gille content, but you will in addition to displaying the ticket itself, directly at the click of the mouse.

17 – Contact Form HTML5, WordPress Plugin 2013

This plugin does one thing but does it well, provide you with a contact form manager HTML5. All, built to prevent spam through the use of CAPTCHA. A guarantee of tranquility.

18 – Media Grid, 2013 WordPress Plugin

With the development of tactile interfaces, more plugins WordPress offers to improve the navigability of your site, without completely redo your WordPress site. Media Grid is one of those plugins, because it will allow you to view your entire WordPress content in the form of a grid, much easier to handle from a touch interface, without removing your visitors classics.

19 – User Committees, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Membership, we know this site since life than this. When we see how many clients we send on major marketplaces WordPress, no doubt, membership is a great way to take off your sales. But here, set up an affiliate system is not the easiest thing in WordPress. Unless … you uses plugins like User Committees, which will address all aspects of membership in WordPress for you.

20 – CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids, 2013 WordPress Plugin

As an Agency WordPress , as we know it may be important to highlight a grid fee based on the services requested. The latest plugin from our selection of plugins for January 2013, will allow you to create as many fee schedules as you want. You can also configure the colors, banners, style of rate schedules, manage rollovers the mouse … and more.

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