The 20 Best New WordPress Plugins – May 2013

Making the rounds of the best selling WordPress plugins, is to make sure to stay in the race, know what WordPress plugins are on the rise, see the best ideas, why not begin to understand what makes a good pro plugins in WordPress. Are, we make the technical intelligence, and that, it never hurts. We invite you to discover our selection of the best WordPress plugins for twenty this month of May 2013. In this selection of plugins, you will find plugins for Google Maps plugin to transform your content, plugins to manage images or plugins your galleries to manage your sliders! A selection of the best plugins for the best WordPress while personalizing it to the extreme.

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1 – iMapper, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Begin our selection of the best WordPress plugins pro of May iMapper by the plugin to be marked this month by one of the best sellers. iMapper is a plugin that will allow you to add comments to an image, using pine, just as if you had a pin information on your image. In addition to providing a whole lot of pine trees, you will be able to insert your own pins.What make this plugin attractive for use as:

  • The display of technical and targeted information on a product photo
  • The display of various points of interest on a map
  • Photography Group
  • In explanation of the manufacturing process

Insert the pins on your images, insert content, and when your visitors will click on it, the information will appear. Here is a fun way to create a clean and simple interface grip. In addition, we note that this plugin is responsive, it includes 600 fonts Google characters, and it will insert the HTML content-type.

2 – Showbiz WordPress Plugin 2013

Continue our selection of the best WordPress plugins for the month of May by Showbiz Teaser. Its purpose? Create an interface that makes you want your readers or customers click on your content offering original layout and easy to customize your content before. And when I say customers, it is not for nothing because this plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, thus also allowing you to highlight your product pages without any difficulty. Better, this plugin has been designed to adapt to different maximum content through its support of Custom Post Type, which ensure a high compatibility. Developers will be happy to know they are the center of attention of this plugin for everything, I mean everything has been thought to

3 – UberMenu – Flat Skin, WordPress Plugin 2013

For quite WordPress plugin, not quite WordPress theme, we are dealing here with a template for a well-known more, giving you the support Flat design plugin. The Flat Design is a top web trends in 2013. It is characterized by simple shapes and void volume, giving a very clean and elegant style. The Flat Skin Pack contains an extension of 30 new themes Flat Design for WordPress plugin UberMenu , creating beautiful menus CSS3, fully responsive and therefore suitable for smartphones and tablet. It is also possible to modify these menus you wish to integrate them into your WordPress pages.

4 – Menufication, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Find a way to make the navigation of your WordPress site more enjoyable on smartphones and tablet you? So do not miss a plugin that offers you to integrate a lot more suitable for the solution responsive menu. Menufication is based primarily on the new design of Facebook and applications that make the success of smartphones with a menu on the side of the screen, push from the page when it runs, making it more fluid navigation. This menu is fully compatible with WordPress basic menu and can not be activated when your visitors are on smartphones or tablets. Save space on your menus to provide the best possible user experience on a surfboard from a lower resolution screen.

5 – Ultimate Grid, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Create filters is far from clear that it is for WordPress or any other platform. And if you want to implement advanced filters on a platform of eCommerce, well then things begin to seriously complex. Ultimate Grid is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to create pages type filters, all compatible with WooCommerce . All developers who have already encountered the creation of a filterable page with WooCommerce well know, we are talking about a plugin that will save you hours, if not days of work. Once installed, you will be able to create a page where your every action on the filters will automatically display as reaction products you need. We must exploit this to Ajax. If you want to implement advanced filters with WooCommerce, this WordPress plugin seems entirely appropriate.

6 – Themes Pack for Ninja Popups, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Themes Pack for Ninja Popups offers 5 new themes of quality and responsives for WordPress plugin Ninja Popups . The plugin used to display content in the foreground, including the ability to configure a delay before the popup appears. This type of plugin will be very useful to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter to get your page on social networks or to convey an important message. The themes in this pack are available in different variants, and you can change the colors as you wish. These themes will help you retain your visitors by allowing them to subscribe to your newsletter.

7 – WP Booking Calendar, 2013 WordPress Plugin

We mentioned there is not that long, Booking Calendar being equally part of our selection of the best WordPress plugins calendar .

Booking Calendar is a WordPress plugin that will suit anyone looking for a way to take control and reservation system to manage a multitude of different cases, management of reserve a sports field as a tennis court or squash, through the booking of conference or wedding, not to mention the car rental.

A reservation system for your WordPress website which is bound to become a reference in its domain.

8 – WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter, 2013 WordPress Plugin

And yes, here is a second plugin dedicated to creating filters for WooCommerce. And because the work is so difficult that there is a place to take to be “the” best plugin for creating filters for WooCommerce. WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter is as its name suggests, a filter system for WooCommerce, based on the Ajax to bring a modern user experience and easy to take in hand. HTML5 PushState is the party to make this interface more responsive. And as the author knows only browsers older than 3 years supports a fallback Hashtag is expected. We especially appreciate the simplicity puzzles in this WooCommerce plugin that lets you create custom as the amount of RAM for computer vendors or smartphone filters, the resolution of a screen or why not on the size of a garment . And if you love WordPress SEO , then this plugin will help you.

9 – Isotope Gallery WordPress Plugin 2013

Plugins to create galleries, this is really not what it lacks in WordPress. One would think that for a WordPress plugin like this, it will not be easy to find an audience, after all, there is so much competition in the gallery WordPress plugin. Isotope differs from the lot by offering a gallery images where you will be able to define the size of each thumbnail you present to your visitors. Of course, this picture gallery is filterable WordPress and uses CSS3 animations to manage transitions. The administration of your image galleries will be greatly facilitated through the use of an interface type Drag & Drop.

10 – oVoGallery, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Another WordPress plugin for creating galleries? Yes and no. Whether this is a plugin for creating galleries, I would more likely to speak of a gallery WordPress articles. Once this WordPress plugin you will be able to easily insert the wall tickets through WordPress shortcode provided by the plugin. In addition it will be possible to create a wall of what you plaiera because it handles all CPTs thus more limited in the use of this WordPress plugin. To satisfy the greatest number, this plugin also manages WP-Voting, videos, and if that is not enough, the settings are endless.

11 – Recent Photos Instagram, WordPress Plugin 2013

Instagram is one of the essential sites you use regularly to publish your photos? So what could be more natural than wanting to also display in your WordPress site. With its integration into TinyMCE, this plugin will always at hand to insert Instagram gallery where you want in your WordPress website. Recent Photos Instagram is a WordPress plugin that will help you in this task by providing you easily integrate latest any Instagram account. It will also be possible to determine the size of imported images. For those who care about the loading time of their WordPress site, know that a cache system was put in place to avoid systematically refer to the same images, and so lost in loading time.

12 – Cashcow, 2013 WordPress Plugin

You also made the affiliation with Envato? Maybe not you know that you are affiliated Envato, but the sites you should talk because it is ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, 3docean, photodune or VideoHive and GraphicRiver. You will understand, in its domain, Envato is a big player. With almost 4 million products to sell on the site, needless to say it’s enough to make your own WordPress affiliate site. To help you create a more efficient site offers Cashcow automatically integrate product list, with its description on your WordPress site. Whatever the Envato website where you make affiliation, this WordPress plugin will work perfectly. In addition to automatically integrate Envato products on your WordPress site, Cash Cow also create a list of tags and categories.

13 – Embed Twitter Vines, 2013 WordPress Plugin

Make no mistake, we will not turn your WordPress site to site specializes in wine. If you are not familiar with Twitter Vines know in one word, that Vines is the arrival of the video in Twitter. This plugin has the particularity to be compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to embed Twitter Vines where you want on your WordPress site.

14 – Post WordPress SEO Optimizer WordPress Plugin 2013

Personally, I’m a fan of WordPress for several reasons, but the main is the natural ability of the platform to be built for SEO. So not everything is perfect, and this is where our plugin, but still rare platforms are pushing the performance as far as SEO is WordPress. The advice that I can do is get started. There are many plugins dedicated to SEO. Some will charge while others will be free. WordPress SEO Post Optimizer is to be placed in the first category. Once installed, this plugin specializes in WordPress SEO will optimize up to 3 keys per page or blog your WordPress site words.

15 – Ultimate Toppanel, 2013 WordPress Plugin

An original way to add a menu in your WordPress site, here’s what WordPress plugin. Original how you ask? This WordPress plugin will create, for example, a tab in one corner of your site. If you click the icon, the menu will unfold leaving present anything that looks interesting, tags, text, links to your social networks or why not a contact form. Accompanied by an icon consisting of over 40 game elements, as well as the ability to easily customize the look of this plugin with an easy user interface.

16 – Pronto WordPress Plugin 2013

Manage a website or a blog, where a lot of content, it can quickly become a challenge, whether you use it or not WordPress. The WordPress plugin Pronto left this observation to give us a rather amazing WordPress plugin. Its purpose? Save you a great time management for all components elements your WordPress site. To understand how this plugin works, go find out. A video access will allow you to realize that this WordPress plugin is required.

17 – WP Ninja Scroll Bar customizer, 2013 WordPress Plugin

If there’s one thing we do not necessarily think to customize a site, it is the lift of your web browser. And because we would gladly tend to believe that this is the browser that is in charge, not the website. Once you have seen what can this little WordPress plugin, you will quickly become essential to bring the touch, details that make all the difference. A plugin that does not look like that is going to make yet your almost unique site.

18 – My Contest 2013 WordPress Plugin

Animate a website, this is done differently. Create interesting content is certainly the main stage. Yet it is not always enough. Propose a little interactivity with your users is never wrong. My Contest is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to create many votes page. The interface created by this plugin is responsive type and retina ready, what to spend carefree on all screens in the market today and tomorrow.

19 – Advanced Rating System WordPress Plugin 2013

We just say, create some interaction with your visitors is essential to wish propel his site in the upper echelons. To achieve this, many solutions are available, such as putting in place a rating system for your WordPress blog articles. In addition to responding to an expectation on the part of your readers, you will have realized what like and do not like in your WordPress site. To push integration as far as possible, this WordPress plugin voting offers a large number of design, always propelled Ajax. Thus, the page does not refresh the vote of one of your users.

20 – Responsive Images Generator & Loader, 2013 WordPress Plugin

There are times I find it truly amazing what you can find in the beautiful world of WordPress plugins. If I say this is that the two projects that we are currently developing, arose the question of loading time for images, when these were called from a low-resolution interface. After all, no reason to load a large image if it is to reduce the resolution or zoom in above. So use a good image size. In addition, you will gain time to load on your site, and your mobile users. To complete the selection of the 20 best plugins for the month of May 2013, I present Responsive Images Generator & Loader. After what I just explained to you, I think you will understand, this WordPress plugin will allow you to bring down the loading time of your site for all interfaces low resolution. Are, if you site is full screen responsive type, then do not missed this plugin to be as discreet indispensable.

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