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Best WordPres Plugin eBay

Looking for the perfect WordPress plugin to create eBay affiliate site easily? We found it is eBary Affiliates eStore Plugin. With this WordPress plugin, you can set up your eBay affiliate site in just a few clicks. Whether you want to showcase your own products, or you want to enjoy the countless products on eBay to become a dealer, this WordPress plugin will save you valuable hours by automating most tasks. You will get to watch the money to your account, not a bad program right?

A WordPress plugin full eBay

WordPress eStore Plugin eBay Affiliates thus allows you to create an eBay store based on WordPress in just a few clicks. For you to be able to publish your products on your WordPress site eBay, simply take a few minutes to configure this plugin. This operation will be required the first time. Then everything will be automatic. Your products eBay will automatically imported into your WordPress site. The best part about this story is that you do not even need to put your hands in the code, everything has been thought for you. If we wanted to be complete, import its products under WordPress eBay is good to also sell through Facebook, it’s even better. But here, having to maintain two sites separately platforms, this is what takes time. Unless the plugin developer to think about this problem and offers an elegant solution. In fact, eBay eStore Affiliates, plus you can download all your eBay products on your WordPress site, you can manage more publications on your page F-Commerce. Need to leave your WordPress installation, you have everything at hand. Facebook Your visitors will have access to the same products that visitors to your WordPress site.

Once the plugin is installed WordPress eBay, here is the result.

For visitors of your site:

For the site administrator WordPress:

The main features of this WordPress plugin eBay are:

  • Easy installation, just like any other WordPress plugins, and your eBay store is ready in WordPress
  • Own theme plugin to eBay, you can easily customize the rendering of the part of your WordPress site eBay,
  • Importation of products from eBay any eBay store, just specify when configuring the plugin,
  • Automatically add your affiliate links eBay
  • Marketing tools and product category data taken from eBay
  • Using the preview feature of eBay
  • Inserting comments on Facebook
  • EBay detailed product sheet with photos product
  • Highlighting products on the home page of your WordPress site,
  • Default installation with loading content test
  • Analytical data, which will allow you to promote your products most viewed and most clicked.

As I said, this plugin does not stop the highlighting of eBay products on your WordPress site, you can also manage your Facebook shop, without having to do more. Why deprive a source of extra income? So we hide this side plugin Facebook?

  • Creating a Facebook application that allows you to customize the graphics rendering very easily
  • An optimized page for Facebook in 810 pixel wide,
  • Adding a tab with your eBay products on Facebook
  • Graphic personalization with preview product images, customize the pop-up and much more
  • Customizing the name that will appear on the Facebook tab,
  • Increase the sharing of products,
  • Ability to restrict access to your shop to your fans on Facebook
  • Detailed statistics.

If you want to venture into the eBay affiliate, or if you already do, this WordPress plugin will do miracles saving you hundreds of hours of work and more importantly, a lot of money.

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