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Exposure Responsive is a premium theme is for all photographers WordPress. Both simple and elegant, this theme will highlight all your production and photographic works on all screens in the market. With this theme, your photos will literally die on screen.

No frills here, we focus on the photographs with a set full page to the effect incomparable.

Note that this theme is aimed at photographers, but can be very appropriate to the achievement of a site or portfolio showcase. Everything will be communicated through image.

Think about it!

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]The theme is Responsive Exposure under the GNU / GPL, you are free to modify or redistribute.[/su_box] [box type=”note” style=”rounded”]The screenshots below were obtained from the demo version of Exposure Responsive.[/su_box]

Exposure Responsive, Home Page Photo

The homepage is an important page for all pictures Premium WordPress themes, as this page will be the keystone of your site as a photographer.

Exposure Responsive took the party to view your pictures in the form of a frieze that it is possible to automatically scroll when not. One detail that you can not see, this Premium WordPress theme music starts as soon as you connect it. Of course, this is not a requirement for just one more that would enhance the visit by a surfer music. This can also be fully part of the artist’s work or be mere willingness on the part of the site manager.

What is obvious on this home page is the unit color. No evidence was seen more than another …

… but the overview of the changes that smile, brightens the picture is flown.

Notez qu’il en va de même pour le menu. En effet, seule la catégorie sur laquelle nous sommes entrain de navigué est défloutée, je trouve le concept for créatif.

Exposure Responsive, image galleries

Let’s talk about the heart of this WordPress theme picture … the photos! This theme puts us in the eyes with full pictures galleries breathtaking. Many picture theme for WordPress offers you the full screen, but how far will make the menu disappear so elegant?

The photo galleries are animated, allowing your visitors to enjoy all your photographic work. The gallery is visible as a strip below the main image.

A small detail of this classy gallery, a meter that lets you know where we are in the running of the gallery. Well thought out.

If you need to contact the photographer behind these works, simply click on the + to see appear a contact form. Bel integration.

Exposure Responsive, The blog

This premium WordPress theme continued to impress us with his party blog, which should undoubtedly to all lovers of goals, whether from a camera or a camera. I love the use of the image as only link to the blog post. Furthermore, the integration is very light, air. I love it.

Little trick of the game blog, the search field. The search field is a reflection of the whole site, quiet and thoughtful. See for yourself.

The blog on his face ball. Pretty simple, this part perfectly fill his office, make the link to your visitors … and search engines.

Exposure Responsive, The ShortCodes

Although many may, shortcodes on this topic are rather well done, leaving you the ability to insert button, dialog boxes and alert boxes. Enough for most, although this is clearly not the strength of this WordPress theme.


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