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Looking for a theme for WordPress plugin makes WooCommerce? CleanCut is a WordPress theme that will delight you.

Based on the theme of the same name, CleanCut, this adjustment was made to integrate WooCommerce to this theme. So we will find everything that made ​​the success of CleanCut, with a touch of ecommerce and more.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]The theme is CleanCut under the GNU / GPL, you are free to modify or redistribute.[/su_box]

[box type=”note” style=”rounded”]The screenshots below were obtained from the demo version of CleanCut.[/su_box]

CleanCut, by Obox

OBOX is not at his first experiment with this Premium WordPress theme. OBOX had already distinguished himself with, for example, the theme WordPress ecommerce Handmade. Like Handmade, CleanCut is based on WooCommerce, the new plugin ecommerce WooThemes.

OBOX’s practice to provide lightweight themes visually so you can easily customize them. With CleanCut, OBOX provides us with a clear theme, visually light, but also efficient.

CleanCut, home page

CleanCut is a simple theme in nature. This is confirmed on the home page. Although simple, this interface is smooth and well put forward to sell products on your WordPress site.

One can see that the homepage to eCommerce WordPress theme is divided into four elements. Highlighting a conspicuous product, highlighting the news, highlighting the elements of reinsurance, and the footer of the site.

CleanCut, Ecommerce category page

The lack of product in this shop will oblige us with a little extrapolation. The simplicity reigns supreme in this theme.

CleanCut, product

Product is clear, as the whole theme. This will satisfy you or because you were looking for a clean look on your site, or because you want to find a theme WooCommerce as a working basis.

Anyway, the product pages of this WordPress theme include everything you need.

Focus on … the zoom

The zoom snaps when you click on a photo. The zoom will then appear in a modal window.

CleanCut, the shopping cart

Could we talk about ecommerce Premium WordPress theme if CleanCut did not incorporate the shopping cart? Certainly not. CleanCut has a virtual shopping cart, accessible at the top right of all your pages.

Look a little closer at what happens when we add a product in our basket. Information on adding the product in the basket is done through a message at time of adding.

For the curious ones, here is what looks like the page of order form.

CleanCut, content pages

Ecommerce Premium WordPress theme, it’s not as feature-oriented purely ecommerce. The ability to easily write text, with a nice layout is essential. CleanCut offers us many ways to create pages in our image.

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