40 WordPress Themes Restaurant

Need to design your WordPress website for your restaurant? It is a good idea. In fact, WordPress has become the son of years the most versatile CMS market, offering you instant grip, perfect not to ask for days on its operation, and focus on what really matters in your site content. To help you complete the creation of your site restaurant, we have selected for you 40 WordPress themes restaurant. The menu of the restaurant themes, themes responsive, vertical themes, themes with beautiful slider, and always perfect themes to create the website of the restaurant. Good discovery of these 20 restaurant WordPress themes.

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01 – MyCuisine, WordPress Theme Restaurant

MyCuisine 21-wordpress-theme-restaurant

Begin our selection of WordPress themes by MyCuisine Restaurant, a theme developed by Elegant Theme. Specially designed for those wanting to put up a site for restaurants with WordPress, you will find everything you need in this topic. From the home page, you can stage your restaurant with a slider that will highlight your beautiful photos. We love the image of the slider continues beyond the menu, then create an effect headband on the menu, the highlighting. Then, still on the homepage, you can highlight your address so that we find you easily, and your opening hours. These are two crucial to highlight information because often those are two pieces of information that your visitors will desire to find immediately. Another important point, your menu. The latter will be in a dedicated page which will allow you to specify all the appetizers, entrees and desserts you

02 – Barnelli, WordPress Theme Restaurant

Barnelli 22-wordpress-theme-restaurant

Barnelli is a WordPress theme made ​​for all types of restaurants, traditional restaurants at the bar Suhsi through pizzerias. Simple and elegant, this theme responsive invite your visitors to start devouring their meals starting with the eyes, thanks to dedicated areas to display photos of your dishes. After all, the kitchen, it starts with that. In addition to this, customers can reserve a table from a reservation interface, which will include the date chosen, no, email, phone number, a message and the number of people coming. Another nice, flying over your menu changes with icons. Really well thought out.

03 – Take A Break, WordPress Theme Restaurant TakeAbreak 23-wordpress-theme-restaurant

This WordPress included two interesting concepts restaurant theme, the full page slider and the parallax effects as soon as one starts to scroll the page up and down. We thus find immediately an area which you wish to highlight a picture representing your restaurant, with an overlay effect three area that will allow you for example to the forefront the latest news about your restaurant, its opening hours and a text box to communicate the spirit of your restaurant. When we start to scroll the page, it happens very quickly on the map of your restaurant will serve to inform your future customers everything you market, from starters to desserts. Are, can be found on the homepage everything a visitor could want to know about your restaurant. If, in addition, to animate your restaurant you set up events, this issue will continue to support you because everything has been set up to allow you to place on your site.

04 – Espresso, WordPress Theme Restaurant


When has a restaurant, it is not uncommon to not just be a pure restaurant. To turn his case, we must add events and why not a small grocery store. Espresso is a restaurant WordPress theme that lets you create a site to restaurants, while incorporating other features such as an event handler pushed and WooCommerce support for the party store. Thus, we find ourselves in this topic all the elements to create a site for a restaurant with such a page in your admin interface dedicated to the creation menu you. But this is not all, visually speaking, this theme is more modern. It allows you to create a site colors, incorporating more manager slider Slider Revolution worth $ 16. This slider is what is best in the field, allowing you to create advanced sliders, compatible for WordPress SEO . In addition, you have access to an area particularly well thought notification since it is below your menu, from overlay your slider. All managed with a beautiful blur effect. Regarding the design of the page to complex formatting, the Visual Composer plugin, worth $ 25, supports the theme to ensure a great customizing your site. As we said, it will be possible to manage an events page with advanced features. The events page will allow you to consolidate all offer a filterable page per day, week, month, visualization map or in list. Once a selected event, the user will have access to a full description of the event, and even the ability to export Google calendar or iCal.

05 – Dish, Restaurant WordPress Theme


Dish is a super responsive WordPress theme for restaurants, and it shows on the home page. Superb theme including a photo in full screen slider mode, while offering a light and immersive result. There remains for you to make beautiful pictures of your dishes to salivate your future customers. We find out more about this home the ability to book a table. When the user clicks on this call to action, it will arrive on a page that will booking before your opening days and hours, accompanied by a booking form. Side highlighting your menu, three types of menus are available to you, while still maintaining the same type of layout that the homepage to learn a great photo as wallpaper. Everything is visually lighter. To help you be well placed in the search engines and boost your future customers, new or blog party, you see how the call, you will create textual content. We always appreciate all the integration is always the same pattern. In addition to insert a background image in this part is an image slider that will inspire your users to book a table in your restaurant.

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06 – White Rock, WordPress Theme Restaurant

26-White Rock-theme-wordpress-restaurant

White Rock is a theme restaurant that is both sober and elegant. With this theme, no frills, it goes straight to the point, without spoiling level design. It will be appreciated at first glance the slider which also includes the menu, so that the other one is just to blend. This creates a sense of integration particularly well thought out. The homepage is it just as simple as the rest of the theme. There are therefore a slider, but also a space where three inserts are positioned, leaving you free to highlight short, for example, your menu, the space reservation or a description of your restaurant. The footer will be useful to insert key elements like your opening hours, or your address and contact area. Side customization, colors can be changed at will. Undeniable to take control easily the theme advantage, it comes with demo content.

07 – Cucina Restaurant WordPress Theme


The restaurant WordPress themes distinguished by their design, but also look like some common issues such as the presence of large areas allowing you to highlight your food photos. Cucina is one of those topics where the photo in all its place to allow your customers to have one desire, and sat down right away. 100% responsive, theme is also offers extensive customization game with over 600 fonts available writing, and more than 100 shortcodes for you to create pages with unique content. The colors are not left out because you can literally choose from an endless palette.

08 – LemonChili, WordPress Theme Restaurant

LemonChili 28-wordpress-theme-restaurant

LemonChili is a WordPress theme restaurant that tries to distinguish itself from others by offering a site while vertical, where even the menu will be presented in vertical mode. The main advantage, besides the fact to distinguish themselves from the masses and offer a modern interface, and present the slider image almost immediately to your visitors. We appreciate regain height address and telephone number of the restaurant, two elements that many users will look instantly arriving on your site.

09 – Healthy Chef, Restaurant WordPress Theme

Healthychef 29-wordpress-theme-restaurant

Side graphics, the Healthy Chef is a theme that focuses primarily on the sobriety of the proposed elements. But who says sobriety, does not necessarily mean absence of colors. And this is what we demonstrate this theme. With a judicious choice in the bright colors of the header of the site, we plunge straight into the image that accompanies the homepage slider. A set of logos can also attract the attention of your visitors on the top of the page to fully highlight the phone number of the restaurant and faculty research on your website.

10 – Barnelli, WordPress Theme Restaurant


Barnelli is a responsive theme, allowing you to dress very elegantly the website of your restaurant, it is a pure restaurant, bar shushi, café or pizzeria. When you say that the image is key themes designed for restaurants, Barnelli raises the bar even higher by offering us a whole page consists of different entered all highlighted by inserts made ​​of images. And best of all this is that whatever interface your users will use to visit your site, the result will always be flawless.

11 – Cooky, WordPress Theme Restaurant


To continue in responsives themes present Cooky, a WordPress theme that also focuses on the image, all in an interface very sober. In addition to play the card of high resolution slider, your users will be guided through a simple text banner that allows you to highlight one of the specifics of your restaurant. The menu is fully integrated, providing discretion and highlighting of the page on which the user is located. We appreciate the opportunity to put forward its categories, and insert a small line of text. The telephone number of the restaurant find its place in the upper right corner of the site, so that your visitors can find it in seconds.

12 – Dine & Drink, Restaurant WordPress Theme

32-Dine & Drink wordpress-theme-restaurant

The purpose of this theme to restaurants, offering a highly customizable theme, to ensure that whatever your activity goshawks restoration, you can customize to make the best. Moreover, this theme demonstrated by offering 5 different shapes. You will certainly understood by seeing the screenshot of the theme, the main slider homepage occupies a very important place on the whole. Comes in 5 different colors, these were not chosen by chance. Indeed, each of them will allow you to stage a particular theme such as: the Mexican restaurant, pizzeria, sushi bar or seller of ice. Level menus, 3 types will be offered. A double-columns, to give the effect of a paper map, a menu with thumbnails and text or a menu where the pictures will be its rightful place. This theme is fully responsive, easy customization through its administration interface, and easy to grip thanks to the content of test it will be possible to charge as soon as you install the theme. To get an idea of ​​the capabilities of theme customization, multiple sites using the options are available.

13 – Forked, WordPress Theme Restaurant


Need to create a multilingual site? Forked any planned because you will simply install the plugin WPML to make it available in as many languages ​​as you want. Beyond these mutlilingue functionality, WordPress theme restaurant is also a superb and well integrated with the main site menu slider. And that’s not all, because the proposed slider is a bit special because it also allows you to integrate as a sub slider, allowing you to highlight a portion of the second slider as a price per person, item offered in your menu as a dessert, or why not a countdown on events coming soon. To the menu of your restaurant, 6 different menus are offered, from classic menu with image and description on the menu while image through the menu says fast, which is reminiscent of the paper menu that found in all restaurants.

14 – Eatery, Restaurant WordPress Theme


This theme restaurant is the second theme that we propose to discover the main element of which is obvious, and it is all vertical. But it is the only one to offer you a more complete support WPML for your site to be offered in multiple languages. When you work in a tourist area, it is a not to be overlooked. With this theme, the designer offers not a theme, but 6 in 1 with the presence of several sets of predefined colors that change at all throughout the final rendering of the site. Responsive to fit all types of interfaces that can be used by users, this theme will lend itself to a seamless customization, whether in color, the font or layout with support many shortcodes.

15 – Bistro, Restaurant WordPress Theme


Like the pro themes that can accompany you on a long time? So Bistro is part of the themes you’ll enjoy because it has already undergone several updates. Apart from these technical considerations, know that this theme comes with a powerful booking manager, allowing the customer to reserve a table and receive email in HTML format which will include the web site by adding all the information that the customer has indicated. With this system, an interface in the WordPress admin interface allows you to define the dates that are not bookable, free ones and those where customers reservations are requested. With this interface, you can easily accept or reject a reservation request, it will have the effect of sending a confirmation email to your customers.

16 – Elegantia, WordPress Theme Restaurant

Elegantia 36-wordpress-theme-restaurant

With a theme name like this, the least that can be said about him is that he has staked everything on elegance, creating a world where your product pictures take any space, any being 100% responsive. A band is under the slider you will encourage your customers to make a reservation through the booking page of your site. Graphics side, we appreciate the originality of the positioning of the logo, which is inserted at the menu, allowing you to create two separate areas. We find this theme in several types of interesting pages, the page menu through the events, but also blog or part FAQ page.

17 – Bordeaux WordPress Theme Restaurant


Bordeaux is a topic with many facets. In addition to being a theme that has been designed to allow you to create a site to restaurants, it incorporates a number of benefits such as support for WooCommerce eCommerce party or WPML for multilingual part. Thanks to the presence of a page builder evolved, you will be able to create pages in the complex formatting in just a few clicks. The plugin used is Visual Composer, a plugin worth $ 25. To continue with premium plugins delivered free include manager slider because it is Layer Slider 5, which would normally cost $ 15 if you buy it separately. This plugin will offer more than 200 transition effects, support WordPress SEO, the ability to create your sliders with the mouse and more.

18 – Delizioso, WordPress Theme Restaurant

38-delicioso wordpress-theme-restaurant

Delicioso theme is a very modern appearance, combining modern design with colors that are just as important. Available from the outset in 7 languages, this theme will suit both the French, German, Italian, Romanian, English, only Spanish. Perfect to feel comfortable with the admin interface. Thanks to the support of HTML and CSS3, this theme is responsive to deliver the best on the big screen or on smaller interfaces. From the point of view customization, you will have access to all the colors to change, the ability to choose your background image, or set the font that will seem most appropriate.

19 – Verona, WordPress Theme Restaurant

Verona 39-wordpress-theme-restaurant

Verona is a WordPress theme that focuses on its customization capabilities to help you create a site with unique rendering. With dozens of different layout, there you will not be difficult to implement works to create a site that is like no other. In addition, more than 500 fonts entries are at your disposal and a set of colors without limit. Compatible with WPML , the internationalization of this site will be a breeze. You simply install the plugin and let yourself be guided. Optimized for search engines, this theme will help you place in the top of the basket.

20 – Delicious, WordPress Theme Restaurant


Finish our selection of restaurant WordPress themes by Delicious. Are young and sparkling design will allow you to design a site with modern rendering. If you want more personalized, the administration interface will guide you to face this task easily, without needing to know the inner workings of WordPress. Again, to translate, you can simply install WPML . When you change the colors of your site, it will no longer need to do go back and forth between the administration interface and the site itself to see the report through the interface that will show the effects of change real time. This is handy. You want to discover the other 20 WordPress themes restaurant? Discover our ticket 20 Restaurant WordPress themes .

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