40 WordPress Plugins Calendars & Reservations

Manage a calendar on his WordPress site, it may be roughly practice, we just want to share his or calendar that you want to set up a booking system. Again, WordPress differs from other CMS market by offering simple plugins implementation and use. And the best part is that there is something for everyone. Simple plugin displays the timetable, calendar system connected with WooCommerce allowing you to enjoy all its benefits. You’ll even calendars plugins that allow you to connect to Google Calendar, either to recover what it contains, or come register appointments. Discover our selection of 40 calendar WordPress plugins.

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Need to manage forms with WordPress?

Gravity Form is the most powerful form that exists in WordPress plugin. Thanks to him, build forms design and functionality without limit. With Gravity Form you can: create a form on a timely restrict user input, implement advanced fields, and even create functions types eCommerce prices changing according to user input. Gravity Form Test now!

01 – X Calendar, Calendars & Reservations WordPress Plugin


Calendar X is a WordPress calendar that will make you many services if you are looking for a versatile plugin to manage calendars with WordPress plugin. For this plugin, two calendar views are available. One where the events will be visible immediately, another where you must click on the days to appear modal events related to the selected day. Note that each view manages responsive. Thus, whatever the interface used by your visitors, they can always see the best cutter calendar. In terms of colors, each event can have its own color code. Furthermore, each calendar may also be personalized. In addition to offer you a calendar insert on your pages, it will be possible to display in your widget bar. Side event handling, you can of course view in the calendar, but in addition, a shortcode will offer you the opportunity to display as list your tickets. You can also set recurring events by day, week or less. When a user will want to see in detail an event, it will present a modal content, but you also have the option to add Google Maps.

02 – Evenbrite City Events, Calendars & Reservations WordPress Plugin

02-Evenbrite City Events-wordpress-plugin-calendar

EventBrite is an offline service WordPress. It allows you to manage all your events, booking and online payment thereof. It also allows you to create pages for your events, and even make your job easier in terms of checking tickets at the entrance. This plugin offers you to take advantage proposed by this website with ease service. Register on EventBrite, install the plugin, and you will be able to offer a calendar of upcoming events for a given city. Of course, this plugin uses the API offered by EventBrite programming.

03 – WP ajaxTodo, WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

AjaxTodo WP-plugin-wordpress-calendar

When is an overworked entrepreneur, he must know how to organize tasks. One of the simplest ways to get there and to have recourse to a list of task to do. If you regularly use your WordPress site, why manage this list other than from your website? This WordPress plugin allows you to create simple lists of tasks to do, it will be possible to display in the form of calendar.

04 – Booking System WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

Booking System-04-wordpress-plugin-calendar

Booking System is a plugin that lets you display as your availability schedule to offer your users the possibility to reserve an item on a given day. Thus, this plugin is for a wide range of users. This may be suitable for persons wishing to rent apartments, vehicles, equipment of all kinds, but also to manage a booking calendar for a restaurant, a doctor, a dentist, a health club, a music teacher .. . short, everything that can be set aside. In addition, this schedule can connect to WooCommerce allowing you to enjoy all these benefits as adding to cart, online payment, and creating user account.

05 – Booking Calendar, Calendars & Reservations WordPress Plugin

Reservations Calendar-05-wordpress-plugin-calendar

Booking Calendar is a simple to use for your customers and for the administration plugin. Using a shortcode, insert a calendar in tickets that will allow the use to select the day of the reservation. Once the selected day, they will choose the time and the price will update based on the time required. Once this is done, one click is booking the user is redirected to a Paypal payment page. It is simple and effective.

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Multilingual WordPress?

You want to make your site a multilingual WordPress site and looking for the best plugin? WPML is the perfect companion to facilitate the management of your site, and also maximize your WordPress SEO in all the languages ​​that you are targeting.

06 – Calendar Publisher, WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

06-Calendar Publisher-wordpress-plugin-calendar

Manage publication dates of its notes, it is possible with the basic installation of WordPress. This might suit the majority of users can publish content. But when we are at the head of a site publishing a lot of content, the interface proposed by WordPress can quickly become problematic because it does not offer you a clear vision of the elements that will be published. Indeed, it will consult one by one to see how many tickets will be released and when. To remedy this problem, the Calendar Publisher plugin was created. Through an interface in the form of calendar, you will be able to see at a glance what is published and when. If you want to rearrange your schedule publication, it will be possible directly with your mouse by clicking filed.

07 – Event Booking Plugin WordPress Calendars & Reservations

07-Event Booking-wordpress-plugin-calendar

You do not want to have to install WooCommerce to receive a payment system interface with your booking? Then Event Booking should interest you. Several views are offered to highlight your events. A calendar view types or several views where the event will be detailed directly. You can insert pictures, a description of the event, price, number of participants, Google Maps, and of course, a button for the reservation. When click on the reservation button, a modal appear to allow your users to select their date, number of people, and if you want, type fields form their will be offered. It is even possible for your participants to enter a discount code. Once they are all completed, it will be redirected to a PayPal payment page. To make your life easier, it will be possible through the admin interface to load events from a CSV file. Handy when you have many events to manage.

08 – Event calender, WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

08-Event calender-wordpress-plugin-calendar

Event Calenda r is a plugin that will offer to communicate about your events by inserting a schedule presented in the form of a band of dates. Once a date selected, the user may inspect the said event. Responsive and lightweight, this plugin will be the perfect companion for those wishing to communicate in a fun way on upcoming events.

09 – WP Event Calendar, Calendars & Reservations WordPress Plugin

09-WP Event Calendar-wordpress-plugin-calendar

WP Event Calendar is a plugin for managing schedules and events with a modern look. Responsive and Retina Ready, it will allow all visitors, regardless of their interface to access a calendar where the event will be indicated by a colored dot. When you hover your mouse over the element, an image will appear and allow you to know in detail the event, and make a reservation. This plugin is particularly suitable for venues, musicians and why not, cinemas.

10 – WP Events Calendar, Calendars & Reservations WordPress Plugin

10-WP Events Calendar-wordpress-plugin-calendar

WP Events Calendar allows you to view one or multiple calendars on your site. They will be offered to by me, to know what events you have to offer your users. When passing the mouse over the desired day, a modal appear to detail the events. To know the exact content with the date, start time, duration, cost and description, simply click on the day in question. To buy his tickets, enough for your future customer to click the appropriate button.

11 – Events Widget WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

11-Events Widget wordpress-plugin-calendar-

Event Widget lets you insert in the area Widget on your website a list of events in chronological order. Each event is a ticket, all managed through Custom Post Type. Small addition to the plugin, the current day is highlighted.

12 – Events Calendar, Calendars & Reservations WordPress Plugin

Events Calendar 12-wordpress-plugin-calendar-

Events Calendar at any real calendar that is displayed on his wall. You know, the calendar with photos of dogs and cats. The top part is reserved for the photo, down with the boxes for the days. Here is the same thing. Whenever you pass from one page to another, there will be a transition effect that gives the impression that the page is turned. Whether miniature Widget for your area or full screen, the effect is the same. In addition, it is responsive.

13 – Google, iCal & XML Event Calendar, Calendars & Reservations WordPress Plugin

13 - wordpress-plugin-calendar

You manage your calendar using iCal or Goole. So why not share it online? Maybe because you do not know what plugin that will allow you to take as well a Google, iCal, or XML feed schedule for the calendar into your WordPress site. Present in list, each item in your calendar will unfold for a glimpse of the day, time, location and description of the appointment. Practice to share a calendar with its teams. In addition, be made ​​understandable by the search engines, just to maximize a little more his WordPress SEO .

14 – Gravity Forms: Connect to Google Calendar, Calendars & Reservations WordPress Plugin

14-Gravity Forms: Connect to Google Calendar-wordpress-plugin-calendar

Gravity Form is a WordPress plugin that allows you to push even further the concept of form with WordPress. Here there is no question of creating a simple form, although Gravity Form in quite capable. The idea behind Gravity Form is to create complex forms, for example by providing inputs based on previous responses, and will even allow you to do with eCommerce. To further strengthen a little more numerous possibilities for Gravity Form , this plugin will allow you to login with your Google calendar.

15 – Timetable, WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

Timetable 15-wordpress-plugin-calendar-

There are times when a simple calendar not enough. For example, to display the date and time of multiple venues in a festival, or to view a television program. In order to succeed, you need a plugin that handles multiple entries for the same day. This is exactly what you propose to achieve Timetable. Optimized for search engines, and responsive, this plug will fit easily into your WordPress site. Built with jQuery, this will allow you to manage transition effects to display the different times of the day or when your users change day. Administration side, you will be able to create your schedule or from the WordPress admin interface or import a CVS file types. In addition, you will be able to export anything you create in a CSV file.

16 – MB Calendar WordPress, WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

16-MB Calendar WordPress wordpress-plugin-calendar-

MB Calendar is a simple plugin, but effective. With this plugin will display a customizable on both the colors of the contents calendar. A click on the events of the day, and it will show you the details of the event.

17 – Event Espresso WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

17-Event Espresso-wordpress-plugin-calendar

Event Espresso is a complete plugin calendar management and managed events from WordPress. It allows you to manage the dates and times of events, to bear the ticket system, a 100% customizable design and in addition it is compatible with MailChimp. Here we propose an add-on to this plugin, which allows you to manage multiple payment methods for your events with Event Espresso.

18 – Post By Date Range, WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

18-Post By Date Range-wordpress-plugin-calendar

Need to push the limits of the WordPress admin interface to be able to better manage the dates of your tickets? Post by date range is to study a little closer. This plugin will allow you to do extensive research on your tickets based on the date of publication. You can view the tickets days, those last 7 days, the current month, see the year. It will also be possible to query a given period of time.

19 – Weekly Calender, WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

bonus-Weekly Calender-plugin-wordpress-calendar

Weekly Calender is a WordPress plugin that allows you to view, week, a schedule that will include all of your events for the week. Following our selection of calendars plugins for WordPress

20 – Huyai Facebook Events Promoter, WordPress Plugin Calendars & Reservations

20 - Huyai Facebook Events Promoter-wordpress-plugin-calendar

Finish our selection of WordPress themes Calendar by a plugin that is not quite a schedule strictly speaking. The idea here is to allow you to view events chronologically after Facebook directly to your WordPress site. Even if it is not really a calendar, it will still your visitors to find in a glance all event dates. To discover the other 20 calendar plugins our selection, read our selection of calendars plugins for WordPress .

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