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40 WooCommerce Plugins for a Complete eShop

WooCommerce WordPress plugin is definitely the e-commerce who knows the most successful in recent times. WooCommerce success is primarily due to the fact that WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin quality, but also because of WooCommerce comes with themes and WordPress plugins high quality. In our selection of 40 WooCommerce plugins, you’ll find a list of plugins WooCommerce that meet most of your needs, the slider product to wishlist through highlighting social networks, you will not be disappointed !

1 – TouchCarousel, WooCommerce Plugin

Begin our small selection of WooCommerce plugin plugins by who has the most on the rise lately, TouchCarousel. This plugin allows you to create multiple forms sliders, while still being built for touch interfaces. Most of this plugin is that it allows you to highlight all types of content you may have. To be sure that your products are displayed correctly WooCommerce, the author of this plugin is to pay special attention. A slider control product for all 😉

2 – DVin Wishlist WooCommerce, WooCommerce Plugin

Wishlist or a wish list, here good functionality that is expected to return more than one e-commerce site. So if you do not want your users may well wonder where to find this feature on your site, take 5 minutes to install this plugin. Easy installation thanks to automatic graphics integration with your theme, this plugin even allows your customers to share that wish list through social networks or by email. We must recognize that we are dealing here with a plugin that should almost be supplied as standard with WooCommerce.

3 – Viral Coupon, Plugin WooCommerce

Offer a discount to your customers, you’re not against it. But if in addition it could earn you more than just satisfy a customer group, it would be nice. But how? By asking your customers to publish a message about you on social networks. If one were to manually check a customer put out a message for him to send his discount code, it would not be a viable solution. Fortunately, Viral Coupon is a WooCommerce plugin which aims to automate this process.

4 – Subscribe MailChimp, Plugin WooCommerce

The heart of your e-commerce site, these are your products? Not really. The heart of your site, your customers are. Having worked so hard to bring a visitor on your site, have worked so hard to turn that visitor into a customer, you would leave from? Without doing anything? Of course not! And for that, you have of course already set up a newsletter on your site, then it remains for you to use this plugin for your customers to include on your newsletter at the time of order, all automatically synchronized MailChimp with your base.

5 – Bundle Rate Shipping, WooCommerce Plugin

Do you know what kills most e-commerce sites? Mismanagement shipping. With this plugin, I suggest you configure your shipping costs based on units purchased by your customers. To be clearer, consider an example. You sell DVDs. You charge 5 € for shipping a DVD and € 2 follows. So you fully master your actual shipping costs.

6 – Shipping Details, WooCommerce Plugin

Continue on the shipment of products now projecting at the time of shipment of goods strictly speaking. To facilitate tracking of your parcels, most postal services in the world will offer you a tracking number. WooCommerce plugin that will allow you to build your site in e-commerce by integrating this issue in control of your administration interface, but also and especially by sending an email to the customer. And it automatically.

7 – Loyalty Rewards WooCommerce Plugin

With all the loyalty programs available today, a customer returning regularly on a site of e-commerce in particular will necessarily want to find this type of system that thanks the customer for their loyalty. With this plugin WooCommerce, it has never been easier to set up a loyalty program on your e-commerce site.

8 – Product Slider / Carousel Plugin WooCommerce

The first slider product we introduced is not for you because it does not handle the carousel effect? Never mind, here is one that should suit you!

9 – Amazon Affiliates, WooCommerce Plugin

How to import hundreds of products in Amazon’s own Amazon store when you are affiliated? No, because frankly, having to enter one by one this kind of product, it is a bit boring 😉 The answer to your dreams, Amazon Affiliates, a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to integrate hundreds of Amazon products on your site the speed of your web connection. Here is an investment that promises immediately profitable.

10 – Social Buttons, WooCommerce Plugin

This plugin will allow you to easily insert a link sharing to social networks from your product pages WooCommerce.

11 – Product Slider Carousel Plugin WooCommerce

And yes, in the world of slider / carousel WooCommerce, there’s the world jostling at the gate. And it is not displeasing to us, it pushes creativity. An example? This slider is responsive!

12 – Multiple Images per change, WooCommerce Plugin

When using the product variations, one is quickly confronted with the need to display an image different product so that the customer can realize the rendered. After all, buy a t-shirt in black or yellow, it may not make the same thing. It is even possible that the screen is of a different color to remain legible. The question that naturally arises: “So, how is it to have different images depending on the variations produced with WooCommerce?”. Simple answer is installed this plugin.

13 – PayPal Pro Credit Card, WooCommerce Plugin

Tired of losing customers because you use PayPal and they do not know they can use their credit card on PayPal? And if you integrate directly entering information on your bank site and the information was automatically sent to Paypal? Like that, more likely to lose customers because of this! So do not waste another moment, discover what WooCommerce plugin that will transform your sales.

14 – Fancy Product Preview, WooCommerce Plugin

Users are sometimes pressed customers. You should know their delivered the right information at the right time. Today, more and more users have acquired the habit pressed to access additional information about the product from the category page. This plugin WooCommerce offers to provide a complementary view of your product when it is displayed in a product category, hover the mouse. Here is a plugin that will delight everyone must show their products at various angles, or so worn or not, or opened and closed … Briefly, the list can be long.

15 – Affiliate Marketing Plugin WooCommerce

You market a product or service, and you wonder how to make it known, how to attract prospective buyers to your site, or how you can increase your sales. Do you think the affiliation? Membership is a great way to get there. After all, this site is not a site dedicated to the affiliation for nothing, you know what you’re talking about 😉

16 – Social Coupon, Plugin WooCommerce

Social networks are the future of e-commerce, it is no longer in doubt now. If you want to maximize your presence on these networks, and ultimately on your SEO, it will have to be smart. Social Coupon, this is what I would call smart plugin. With this system of creation and monitoring of coupon through the administrative interface WooCommerce, simply your customers to share a link for a discount code!

17 – Shopping Cart Based, WooCommerce Plugin

This plugin WooCommerce offers you define your shipping based on three criteria:

  • The number of articles in the carrier,
  • The subtotal of the order,
  • By the total weight of the order.

18 – Restrict Quantity, WooCommerce Plugin

The products or services you sell do not need quantity? So why continue to display the selector button next to the quantity to add to cart? Because you do not know yet what WooCommerce plugin? Ok, I accept this explanation, but just this time then 😉

19 – Amazon Import Plugin WooCommerce

Our first plugin to integrate your affiliate products in your shop WooCommerce Amazon does not suit you at 100%? So take a look at WooMazon, you will integrate the entire Amazon product page on your website e-commerce, the product image for product categories, going by the title of the product, its description, its selling price, a possible reduction … It would be surprising if you do not find here an indispensable companion to your growth.

20 – Video Links, WooCommerce Plugin

Finish our selection WooCommerce plugins by a plugin rather original. Indeed, this plugin offers to link videos to your products. This plugin is perfect for anyone doing product reviews via video. Find out right away the 20 WooCommerce plugins for your products , which complete this list.

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