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30 Portfolio WordPress Themes

It is so simple to administer a website with WordPress, there is no reason not to have its own website. Better if you are running a business, whatever its size, whatever its purpose, then WordPress is designated to serve you Portofolio site. Better, with the large number of existing Portfolio WordPress themes, you will always find the one that best suit your needs. For your convenience, we have prepared a selection of WordPress themes portofilio all issues of Elegant Theme. With their clever formula, you can enjoy all the themes of this selection, like that need to given by making a choice. Our selection of themes for WordPress Portfolio will help you find the perfect theme to showcase your projects on the web. You need advice from a specialist agency WordPress ? Do not hesitate to contact our consultants WordPress .

1 – Vertex, Portfolio WordPress Theme


The first theme of our selection of portfolio WordPress themes is the latest arising from studios Elegant Theme. Kind From full screen, this WordPress theme portfolio offers to dazzle the eyes of your visitors once they arrive on this beautiful homepage that provided this WordPress theme. Think for a site like type one-page, Vertex is a WordPress theme which cleverly combines professional quality design with light effects graphics adding a modern touch to all your WordPress site without burdening the future . As with all WordPress themes offered by Elegant Themes, this WordPress theme is continually updated, without having to put the hand in his pocket each update.

2 – Nimble, Portfolio WordPress Theme


Nimble is a WordPress theme designed to be displayed on the main view very large screens, without relegating the small screens in the closet. Responsive to type, so WordPress theme will suit all of your web graphics resolutions. In addition to providing support seamless side screen resolution, this portfolio WordPress theme is also different from others by highlighting color does not pass unnoticed, while offering a large range, and always in good taste. If the security of your WordPress site is an important point for you, know that Elegant Theme will also attaches great importance, which is why this WordPress theme has been developed to minimize the maximum risk associated with the installation of A WordPress theme.

3 – Flexible Portfolio WordPress Theme


Hose is designed to meet the needs of users seeking a WordPress website WordPress minimalist portfolio, where your achievements will be the cornerstone of this WordPress theme design theme. In a word, a portfolio WordPress theme that will not come to replace your graphics and visual creations. Everything has been thought in this portfolio WordPress theme for your accomplishments, your work is the first element seen by your visitors. An intelligent and filterable portfolio will allow you to provide your visitors a unique website where your work will be accessible and understandable in a single click. In addition to coming together of many shortcodes and powerful, this WordPress theme has been designed so as to be always perfect, whatever the web browser your visitors use, Firefox Internet Explorer, via Opera. For connoisseurs, the compatibility with Opera is often a challenge which, once passed, will ensure a very high compatibility with all web browsers.

4 – Origin, Portfolio WordPress Theme


Entirely based on a system of miniature images, Origin is a modern WordPress portfolio theme for displaying miniature walls, all related to your accomplishments. The result is a colorful WordPress site, including all your achievements will be easily accessible to all your visitors. The user experience will be close to total immersion in your world. We find in this WordPress theme the presence of a vertical menu, to take full advantage of new screens Wild, 16:9 th. Always developed by Elegant Theme, portfolio WordPress theme that has the support of dozens of shortcodes, plus an updated constantly day support all web browsers, or a secure code. With all these elements in hand, this WordPress theme is transformed into a single theme, which meet all of your expectations, or those of your clients.

5 – DeepFocus, Portfolio WordPress Theme

DeepFocus 4-wordpress-theme-Advocate

DeepFocus is a portfolio WordPress theme primarily designed for photographers and artists. Designed to easily put forward your photographs and other achievements in the spotlight, this WordPress theme portfolio also includes a system put forward very close to what is happening in the world of big CMS content, while retaining the simplicity inherent to the use of use WordPress. This portfolio WordPress theme also suitable for all those who want to use a theme of photographic type for highlighting their products or services. DeepFocus is a minimalist WordPress theme, where your work is the source of all the customization of this WordPress theme . For lovers of color, be aware that in addition to the color you see in the screenshot, this WordPress theme is available in no less than five different colors, which allow you to customize your WordPress theme in three clicks . Whether you are a beginner or experienced in WordPress theme to make your height so you always get the best.

6 – Gleam, Portfolio WordPress Theme


If you want a portfolio WordPress theme that appears on the home page a picture full page type, then Gleam should interest you, with full eyes to your visitors when they arrive on the home page of your site . Perfect for immediately put forth your best work and your best customers. In addition, this WordPress theme has a modern edge that will allow the discrete WordPress site your business to stay in the race for many years. The use of Ajax and other effects of transitions will provide unforgettable surfing experience for all Internet users visiting your website, regardless of the front door.

7 – Feather Portfolio WordPress Theme


Continuing our selection of portfolio WordPress theme by Feather, a WordPress portfolio minimalist type where the color and the features have not been set aside theme. Dice the home page of this topic, you can configure a slider supporting text only, text with images, or videos as well. In addition to the slider, you can configure all of the home page, giving you the full amplitude to create a website that suits you, or meet the expectations of your customers. Although the overall theme seems light, everything is a matter of detail. This is particularly seen in the research of textures that can be found everywhere on the site. Discreet but essential to give a professional side to your WordPress portfolio site.

8 – Envisioned, Portfolio WordPress Theme


Also in the category of portfolio WordPress themes Envisioned makes a difference through the establishment of a graphic universe is its own. This confirms dice homepage with the use of a slider that will focus each time on a single element, offering your users the opportunity to focus solely on what you want. In addition to coming with five different colors, this portfolio WordPress theme is also accompanied by pre-built page as gallery pages. Then you just call this style for the page you are currently creating very closely reflects your expectations.

9 – Sky, Portfolio WordPress Theme


A touch of whimsy in the midst of an ocean of sobriety, this is offered by Sky, a portfolio WordPress theme designed to transport you to seventh heaven. Easy to grip both your visitors and the administrator of this WordPress site, everything was done to ensure that all actions take place without the need to ask the question ‘what do I do do now? “. customization interface of this WordPress theme is simple and powerful, allowing you to easily choose between different colors available to you, use the pages preconceived or customize all of the theme through the module ePanel provides with this WordPress theme. We also appreciate the opportunity to upload this WordPress theme without needing to know all the intricacies of WordPress.

10 – Modest, Portfolio WordPress Theme

Modest 19-wordpress-theme-Advocate

Finish our selection of WordPress themes portfolio by theme whose main feature is to highlight your portfolio, in a sleek design. Modest is a minimalist WordPress theme, offering everything that one is entitled to expect the from a professional WordPress theme. Updating the theme along with WordPress is updated, secure code, features outstanding slider, a simple administration interface to learn, easy customization through a predefined color, as well as pages simple to use and insert into your WordPress website templates kind. To pursue more before discovering WordPress themes portfolio, I invite you to discover our product portfolio 20 WordPress themes , where you will find 20 selected portfolio WordPress themes to suit many.

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