30 New WordPress plugins – March 2013

Yes, I admit, I love this time of the month I have to write the post about the new WordPress plugins month. I love it because WordPress developers are evidence of creativity to propose original plugins. Are, this selection of plugins is a treasure trove of inspiration for me, and that every month. Do not spoil our fun. In our selection of 30 new WordPress plugins in March 2013, you will find plugins to prevent copying data, plugins to manage your galleries, plugins to protect you from spam, plugins to publish or use Facebook to Google Drive directly to your WordPress site. But also plugins for securing your WordPress site, plugins to send listing CVS or plugins to manage your client projects. In short, a selection of 30 original plugins, and new to WordPress.

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1 – Copy Control WP, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

Begin our selection of new plugins for WordPress in March 2013 by a plugin that you propose to limit the possibility of copying the contents of your website, whether for images or text. How? By disabling the right click on your web pages. To be more precise, this plugin will give you a fine control of the ability to copy text, allowing users to copy content online, while those who do not will not have this opportunity. It is also offered to add a sentence at the end of any element copied on the site. Convenient to recall the conditions for publishing your content. Warning, this plugin will not block 100% of those who try to copy your content, but discourage many.

2 – Ultimate Gallery, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Management plugins gallery, this is not what is missing in WordPress. WordPress has abandoned a large number of years this part of the plugin developers have been fertile ground for their development experience a success. Although since version 3.5 of WordPress things have evolved positively, it remains true that the plugins keep a length of advances. Ultimate Gallery will offer to manage image galleries like never before with WordPress by allowing you to manage all of your albums by deposited clicked, it includes a powerful image editor, allows you to recover your photos in batches compressed in zip format, or the photos on your Facebook wall.

3 – WPAchievements, New WordPress Plugin 2013

When I said that developers were creative, I thought this example WordPress plugin that allows you to create goals on your site as published 10 comments, and the user will get a badge that automatically publish on its wall Facebook. To allow you to capture your users, what better than their offer challenges or goals and be rewarded in return? Whatever the type of bonus you want to implement, WPAchievements you will get there. In addition, the design that accompanies this plugin is very high quality, which will strengthen even further the commitment of your visitors.

4 – Filter Taxonomy Widget Plugin WordPress New in 2013

And yes, WordPress is not exant of default or lack of features. Research is certainly one of the biggest black spot WordPress. So if you also want to set up research through your taxonomies, it will have to be getting up early, or use Taxonomy Filter, which you propose to set up a filter based on your taxonomies in no time.

5 – xflip, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Using a flipbook is a great way to publish it on your website or work documentation. In fact, WordPress plugins such xflip flipbook, allow you to create a book-like effect on all documents that you give him to present to your visitors. This type of plugin documentation is essential as soon as may be available to play, whether it is a new catalog, technical documentation, or why your internal magazine.

6 – Downloader Google Drive, New WordPress Plugin 2013

With the arrival of cloud more accessible to our data outside of your personal computer, and the images, this is even more true. To protect our images of destruction, or simply to easily share, we easily bailiff services such as Google to Drive. When you have a Google Account Drive quo more natural than wanting to connect with their WordPress site. This avoids a lot of wasted time. Google Drive Downloader is a WordPress plugin that will help you connect with your WordPress Google Drive, this will allow you to recover your images, but also all the files you have shared with Google Drive. Icing on the cake, this plugin manages perfectly localized versions.

7 – Advanced Client Manager, New WordPress Plugin 2013

I do not know about you, but for my part, I have long sought a simple and lightweight solution to integrate my WordPress site to manage my clients and billing. Advanced Client Manager will help you especially if you are a business or personal small. With this plugin, you can create your customers, their assigned projects. For each project that you create, you will be able to create tasks and track them over time. The party billing is certainly a little light at the moment, but nothing insurmountable in itself.

8 – Post picture to Facebook, New WordPress Plugin 2013

You want your users to share your images via Facebook? Plus you have quality content? And if you use Photo Post to Facebook, which is a plugin for the release of some particular content. While other plugins usually offer free content like adding or making a comment, this plugin will ask your readers to unlock the content by sharing a picture. And not just because you can decide how it will take more than this photo is a minimum of shared friends. Needless to say that your content is worth it for it to work. But if this is the case, then this plugin will prove formidable.

9 – Spam Protection, New WordPress Plugin 2013

A small plugin simple but original, which proposes to limit the proliferation of spam on your WordPress site by an analysis of IP addresses that try to post a comment on your site. Based on time, this plugin will block any user who tries to make you crumble under tons of messages. Once the lock enabled, a page will show the user not to post right away. Simple, but effective.

10 – Scridder, New WordPress Plugin 2013

You regularly use Scribd, then you know how this platform is useful when it comes to sharing resources like books, catalogs, artwork or large formats. And because the purpose of Scribd is to offer you a website, and the ability to integrate your achievements in your site Scribd. The features offered by Scribd allow you easily to insert your accomplishments. But when we talk Scribd management through WordPress, then things get complicated, because WordPress does not handle natively Scribd. Scridder will allow you to fill this gap by allowing you to manage all your publications directly Scribd your WordPress administration interface. The shortcode you can use in addition to managing your galleries inserting Scribd to exactly where you want it in your WordPress site.

11 – Currency Converter, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Simple but extremely effective, Currency Converter offers a widget to place on your site to allow your visitors to quickly perform conversions based on more than 153 different currencies. All, with data updated regularly.

12 – Auto Lazyloader, New WordPress Plugin 2013

To increase the timeliness of the WordPress site, we must first begin to look for plugins that may be causing your problems. Once that is done, you should still make sure that the JavaScript part is optimized to speed up your site, not slow it down. Lazyloarder Auto is a WordPress plugin that simply install and activate to see the benefits instantly.

13 – Sublime Tweets, New WordPress Plugin 2013

You are a consumer of Twitter and you like to share in every moment? So we’ll have to think about using a real plugin offering you the opportunity to put forward as it should Tweets you share. The menu of this plugin, more than 6 widgets and shortcodes at your disposal, a automatic update messages, a responsive interface, support for localized versions, endless choices in color. Small detail interesting to know if one day you are forced to uninstall this plugin, it will leave no trace of its passage in your database. If only all WordPress plugins could say the same.

14 – Hide My WP, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a platform increasingly popular throughout the world. The corollary is to pose a risk to your WordPress site as it becomes a potential victim. In fact, the more sites using it, the more it will be of interest to potential hackers to develop robots that will try to hack a site notorious for WordPress. After all, many documented flaws exist when security holes are discovered in WordPress. Not to mention the plugins that are coming create backdoors on your site because it is not well developed or worse, rely on a library known to be a security risk in itself. Thimtumb is a perfect example. You tell me that the easiest thing to update its plugins WordPress and regularly. Course, but should still be able to do, which is not always the case. In addition, what about plugins? You’ll have to read about all the plugins you use? And if this were the case, would you be so far without fear of attack XSS raw strength or type your passwords? After all, you know where to go to connect to your site is a good start. If you want to hide your WordPress site, and nobody can know that you are using WordPress, then Hide My WP will be your greatest ally, because this is the only plugin that category to my knowledge. If you know of other plugins like this, do not hesitate to share your knowledge in our comments.

15 – Meet the Team 2013 New WordPress Plugin

You have a team behind your agency or business, and you want to highlight on your WordPress site? You could spend a page and write classic manually each employee, caring you to the correct formatting of each item. A bit boring, and requires precision, it is never really sure of the result. The simplest method is to use a plugin like Meet the Team which allows you to manage all your employees separately, as well as the formatting of the elements, and manage everything with shortcodes. Bonus, this plugin comes with a widget as well appreciated it comes to insert it into your sidebar.

16 – Scheduled CSV Upload, New WordPress Plugin 2013

You have a theme by PremiumPress fact, then it will’re interested, otherwise go your way. And yes, we really highly specialized in the plugin here! With this plugin you can update your site PremiumPress automatically through CSV files. The concept is interesting.

17 – Client, New WordPress Plugin 2013

I think the name of this plugin speaks for itself. Going to allow Client to manage the display of your customer list, of course. This plugin allows you to display the logos of your customers with a link to their website. Simple and effective, do not need to know the coffee to be a good WordPress plugin.

18 – Careers, New WordPress Plugin 2013

You want to place ads on your WordPress site? In here is a good idea. This will create an effect of economic dynamism with your prospects while contacting your reader base, which ultimately must love what you speak. Careers WordPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage ads on your site, from the display of the listings, the ability of the viewed page by page, to respond directly, while limiting spam through the use CAPTCHA. It will also be possible to manage your ads by CVS files, or even the highlight of your WordPress site using the widget provided with this plugin.

19 – WP Keyboard Navigation, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Did you know that we lost a lot of time every day due to a very common and repetitive motion, moving his hand from the keyboard to the souris.Quel waste of time! Thank you to modern interfaces which are certainly more beautiful, but we are losing precious time. Not to mention musculoskeletal disorders that may result. You will understand, this plugin will allow you to offer your users a keyboard navigation to your WordPress site. Admittedly, this is pretty geeky, but I love it. This plugin will not find its place on the site of everyman, but if you have a little techie audience on the edge, then you are going to make happy.

20 – Ultimate Google Maps, New WordPress Plugin 2013

you want to integrate Google Maps on your WordPress site, so as to choose a plugin that manages a large number of options right now. Google Maps Ultimate offers an impressive array of features starting with its extended support Google Maps. I’ll let you judge for yourself, this plugin handles classic maps, directions cards, cards “polylines” but also polygonal maps and maps types merger. There’s plenty to do, there’s no doubt!

21 – ImagePress, New WordPress Plugin 2013

ImagePress is a plugin for WordPress galleries management, which makes us more happiness to integrate into existing gallery manager by WordPress. In a nutshell, this plugin management galleries you can store your images in folders or categories, with the ability to create as many subcategories as you want. In addition, you can allow your users to upload images directly from the site, or submit images of moderation or to provide a powerful search engine on your images.

22 – Gallerix, New WordPress Plugin 2013

I said in the introduction to this selection of new plugins for WordPress in March 2013, management plugins galleries abound in the world of WordPress plugins. Gallerix is the difference between its competitors? Its simple grip that allows you to create photo galleries and publish them in no time.

23 – Smart Notification, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

I also told you in the introduction to this selection of new WordPress plugins is that I like to write this post because it gives us ideas. This is the case with Smart Notification that will allow you to open a pop-in on your site, due to the action of a user while preventing a beep. The best is yet to test this plugin by yourself, I’m sure once you tell us as “super, you could use this plugin to maximize our visibility on this point. It’s great.”

24 – Toggler, New WordPress Plugin 2013

You want to hide entire areas of your site, to create the perfect landing page, for example, while leaving the user decided what will? So do not miss this plugin also allows you to create more readable zones on your site to focus on content dense information.

25 – SkyDrive, 2013 New WordPress Plugin

And yes, there is no reason that we speak of a plugin to manage your account without Google Drive for its offer to SkyDrive. Here too you can both access the pictures stored on your SkyDrive account in your WordPress interface, having access to all the files that you store on your SkyDrive account. The plugin perfect for all users of SkyDrive.

26 – CFilter, New WordPress Plugin 2013

You do not want to moderate your comments by posting them automatically on your WordPress site, that you do not forget to accept and implement an infinite time before seeing his comments published. But here, spam is raging. To protect a minimum, enabling Akismet is strongly recommended. To complete the package, such as a plugin CFilter you will implement automatic filtering rules based on words, phrases, sentences, URLs, links to decide whether the review may be published as that.

27 – Sticky Widget Areas Reloaded 2013 New WordPress Plugin

Here is a plugin that may one day be used on our site, just because we wanted a plugin that allows to define a part of the sidebar, which must always follow the scroll of the user. This creates a message that follows the Internet all the time, to attract attention on a particular skill or area of advertising.

28 – Filter Jigoshop Region, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Manage the availability of a product is good, but to manage the availability of a product based on its geographical location, it is even better. The most hollowing plugin which will find its place for a eCommerce site that relies on a network of stores or resellers. With this system, you can tell your customers where to find the product. And then there are still those who think that WordPress can not seriously compete with Magento.

29 – Car Rental System, New WordPress Plugin 2013

It makes me smile that in March 2013 we have put together a plugin for booking … we are working on creating a car rental site based on WebServices. So needless to say that such a solution should involve more than a rental car wishing to provide their vehicles for rental on the web. A plugin that allows you to increase your channel location.

30 – Mobile Content, New WordPress Plugin 2013

Finish our selection of new WordPress plugins for the month of March by Mobile Content, a plugin that will allow you to manage the display of your site on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. So beware, this plugin will not make your site responsive, but will allow you to view specific content based on the detected interface, all using shortcodes. This plugin will easily find its place in dealing WordPress sites mobile applications for example. If you’re talking about an application available on multiple interfaces, then it might be interesting to highlight the version regarding the interface detected.

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