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We know, WordPress is today in the world of website creation WordPress, and rightly so. Its greatest weapons, ease of use and versatility. If there is one function that is asked when creating a website is that it is multilingual. I would say that the more a site out without at least bilingual. After all, embarking on the web is to go to a world population, so why not? When we design a multilingual WordPress site, a plugin is imposed on us, WPML . If you do not already use, know that we have never found better. It allows seamless integration into the WordPress administration interface, plus it boosts your SEO. It is therefore natural to your offer now a selection of 20 WordPress themes multilingual support 100% WPML . In our selection of WordPress themes WPML , you will find themes for video bloggers, versatile theme that allows you to design any type of website with WordPress, and also many themes WooCommerce. It is normal that the themes offering full support for WPML moving towards WooCommerce when we know that WooCommerce to bet everything on WPML to help you create a multilingual shop.

01 – Evid, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage


Begin our selection of 100% compatible with WordPress WPML by Evid a theme designed for video bloggers. This WordPress theme allows you to create a site for sharing videos YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh and many others. Thus, we will find from the home page a space that brings together all the videos you want to highlight as thumbnails. Clicking on one of them, and you will arrive on a page especially designed to present immediately the video. The latter will be presented in a central area surrounded by evidence to back the code to embed on another site for sharing on social networks Share This with, make a link to your page, leave a comment Rate the video, see the tags used, see other videos, or decrease the brightness of the entire site, except video of course. The result is well thought out as it provides access to the most important elements, without having to go down on the page. This is a good integration. For customization, you can access an administration area specially designed and fully translatable by WPML . These are also two different colors that are offered upon installation of the theme.

02 – Newster, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage

02-Newster-theme-wordpress-WPML 2014

Newster is a theme that has been developed for bloggers wanting to have a site that looks like shopping online, not that. This theme is HTML5 so that your users can benefit from the effects responsive, and have made an optimal whatever the resolution of their screens. It supports course WPML for translation and multilingual part but also WooCommerce. With this theme, so you will be able to open a multilingual shop from your WordPress site. As the idea is to have a versatile theme, it also comes with shortcodes accessible from your interface to create content, but also a plugin for the weather, a scoring system, a plugin for sharing on social networks. Side customization, you get access to the entire library of handwriting font that Google offers. More than 600 fonts writing. But you will also be possible to define the colors you want, without limit choice.

03 – 3Clicks, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage

03-3clicks-theme-wordpress-WPML 2014

3Clicks hides behind a WordPress easy to handle and customize to make whatever you want, the site showcase the eCommerce site theme. Are elegance and modernity are the main choice made for graphics. Here, everything is flat design. History even further resemblance with Windows8, even the menu is inspired. Indeed, it will be possible to define a menu from which data blocks offer. If this is not to your liking, no problem. This theme also features a classic menu format. Speaking of the menu, know that no less than nine different sizes are available. These formats allow you to change the position of elements in the header. For example, the carriage may be either on its own line, generally incorporated in the menu, to be slightly offset, and so on. In addition, the overall design of the header changes. Anything with it, there would already be enough to make a fully customized site. But it is not counted on the fact that change colors as well as the slider and logos social networks. In terms of customization, the designer will further propose that 9 more different than the other skins. It will also be possible to change the angles of your items, allowing you, for example, the round with ease. Support for third party plugin, so these are WPML and WooCommerce that hold the upper hand.

04 – The Style, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage


The Style is a WordPress theme that will allow all bloggers to share their content with style. The homepage will be made from the articles that you have created, taking a title, release date well highlighted, and the picture on the front and the description of the ticket. We love that when your mouse is over a thumbnail two effects appear. The first will highlight the ticket itself, darkening all except the ticket in question. The second effect will deploy the rest of the description to read in full. The result is a simple and easy to grip for your readers theme, with that little something that makes it modern and attractive. WPML is supported 100% for you to translate the entire theme of the site itself even the administration interface.

05 – Koorsi, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage


The purpose of Koorsi is to be the perfect theme to open a shop based on WooCommerce eCommerce. We appreciate all the more the choice of WooCommerce because it is the perfect companion for WPML when we want to create an eCommerce store in a multilingual version. Whatever the type of eCommerce site that you want to implement, this theme will help you with its modern design and goes everywhere, all in flat design. ECommerce side will be appreciated throughout the implementation, category pages from the product pages. All is harmonious and well arranged. Force in eCommerce WordPress is precisely not to be limited to eCommerce. Thus, this issue also features an integrated blog space, portfolios, pages, landing page types, perfect for promoting a particular item.

06 – photoreactive, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage

07-photoractiv-theme-wordpress-WPML 2014

Photoreactive is a theme that will appeal primarily to photographers, and anyone wanting to create a site from large images. You will be able to create pages with full page images, or videos from YouTube and Vimeo. It is even possible to create an ultra professional image wall effect. To believe that WPML WooCommerce and mix well, like other subjects of our selection, the theme supports both. This will create a type of eCommerce site very special, which will combine both the brand and the products.

07 – SimplePress, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage


SimplePress is a theme that has been proven for a moment. The idea is to have a more sober possible for your content to be highlighted interface. We love this slider on the homepage which gives the impression of floating on the whole. Several page templates are present. Thus, you will be able to create a blog, a space testimony, a contact form, a Sitemap Site and classic pages. Everything will of course be translated into as many languages ​​as you want because this theme is compatible with WPML .

08 – karanith, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage

06-karanith-theme-wordpress-WPML 2014

Karanith is more than a theme, it is a framework. With this theme, you will be able to create as many sites as you want. Perfect for agencies that need to reuse the theme infinite theme that control over the fingertips. The real economy will time you need to design a new site. Once you mastered this subject, it offers all the customization options you could wish for. The main advantages of this theme is that it is responsive and Retina Ready, it is compatible with WooCommerce, it offers 3 different templates for blog part two templates for portfolios, most original shortcodes one that others, 10 custom post types. In addition, it is optimized to ensure your WordPress SEO . The description of this theme would not be complete if I did not say it is compatible with WPML .

09 – Sahifa, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage

09-Sahifa-theme-wordpress-WPML 2014

This WordPress theme will help you design a unique theme from a ready-made theme, and that, from the home page. With its built-page creation system, you will be able to design all of your pages as you wish. So, this theme supports WPML , but in addition, it is RTL. This means that it also supports writes from right to left, and not only writes from left to right. For those asking the question, RTL means Right To Left. Responsive, Retina Ready, supporting WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress, there is plenty to do. It will be appreciated that the responsive part affects all parts of your site because even your AdSense ads will be responsive.

10 – Aggregate WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage


Aggregate is the theme that wants résoluement oriented towards the creation of magazine-type site with WordPress. Advertising space galore, as well as areas for your Widgets one can everywhere allow you to enrich your site easily. Compatible with most web browsers, this theme will provide a seamless user experience.

11 – FishEye, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage

11-fisheye-theme-wordpress-WPML 2014

Thought to talent agencies, photographers, those wanting a portfolio presentation or those looking for a theme to promote an event, FishEye particularly emphasizes the image as the main vehicle for information. Comes with four variants for all your pages, each of them will offer you options to customize, plus JavaScript effects on all of these. Next blog, we love it integrates all kinds of notes, text, video and audio ticket ticket. Each of its notes has its own layout for better overall integration. In addition, from the category page of your blog it will be possible to launch the video or audio files.

12 – The7, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage


Since its release, is a theme that The7 experiencing a frank success. And because this WordPress theme has been designed to allow anyone to create a WordPress site that matches it. And besides, he embarks on $ 72 premium plugins, so that is a sacred economy. A strategy that pays for the designers of this theme. Thus, you will have access to Visual Composer, a plugin that will allow you to create complex layouts without headaches. To manage your sliders, they are not less than two plugins, which allow you to choose the form that suits you best. With Slider Revolution LayerSlider and you will be entitled to the two most downloaded premium sliders plugins. And in addition, for those who will want to implement price charts, Go Pricing Tables allow you to do so, additionally providing the responsive. Responsive level, while the theme is 100% and more Retina Ready, to provide seamless user experience, regardless of the resolution and display type. We love this theme respect the WordPress SEO and is increasingly thought to be accompanied by Yoast SEO plugin as one of the best in terms of SEO plugin in the WordPress world. The picture would not be complete if I did not say that this theme is compatible with WPML and WooCommerce.

13 – Foxy, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage


Foxy is a consistent theme with WPML allowing you to create many WordPress sites through an administration interface that lets you customize it in detail. In addition, Foxy is a theme eCommerce type, while Responsive mode. We love this theme brilliantly mixes a simple design with touches of advanced design, creating an impression of lightness and modernity. This will allow you a modern site. Next page templates, you will have access to a contact page, a full page for your content, 5 types of portfolios, page SiteMap type image galleries, an advanced search form, and a login page for you clients.

14 – FlexiMag, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage

14-fleximag-theme-wordpress-WPML 2014

Although FlexiMag is a theme that is primarily intended for website design magazine type or type blog, its administration interface allow you to get in shape to do whatever you want. This will be perfect for a portfolio type site, a business site or why not a gallery-type site. This is also made ​​possible by the fact that the home page can be created from an interface type Drag and Drop. No need for special knowledge in development to customize theme is compatible with WPML . Comes with 5 page templates for your blog, and 7 different layout for the entire theme, there will be for you to choose what suits you best to make a single site.

15 – True Mag, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage


True Mag is a new WordPress theme in the world. We mentioned in our selection of WordPress themes videos . And because this topic is primarily oriented website creation WordPress video, but also site magazine. 100% responsive and retina ready, it is also $ 40 premium plugin that accompanies because you have access to Page Builder and Revolution Slider that is no longer present, one for the creation of complex layout and the other for management slider. Compatible with WPML , BuddyPress and bbPress is a theme that will allow you to implement both a community forum, all with WordPress.

16 – Divi, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage


Divi is the last born in ElegantTheme. With this theme, ElegantTheme wants raise the bar in the world of high theme customization. An administration interface has been specially developed to enable everyone to create using mouse new pages, more complex one than the other. This will allow you to access all 18 modules that accompany this theme, whether for a party witness, price lists, RSS feeds, contact form, portfolio, areas of promotions, and so on. In addition, each of these modules will offer advanced in terms of design options, allowing you to build a fully customized site. The possibilities offered by this theme are endless, especially if more is added it is compatible with WPML .

17 – ForClover, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage

17-forclover-theme-wordpress-WPML 2014

Like the versatile themes? ForClover should please you with its sleek and modern style. Full frame HTML5 and CSS3 for the effects and capabilities responsive and retina ready, this theme provides that there are better in terms of code quality. Accompanied famous premium plugins Visual Composer and Revoluton Slider, you will have access to two plugins leader in their respective fields. For lovers of eCommerce, this duo WooCommerce theme support and WPML .

18 – Avian, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage

17-avian-theme-wordpress-WPML 2014

Avian theme is compatible with WPML will offer you more than 6 languages ​​that are already translated German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Russian. This will allow you to go to a good start from the beginning. Responsive and Retina Ready, this theme also appeal to your visitors by offering what it best for each of them. HTML5 and CSS3 are not there for the responsive side, in addition, this theme includes a large number of well thought out and well placed effects. For those wanting to save time when customizing this theme, and its general understanding, a set of test content comes with this WordPress theme. With one click, you will find the theme as it was when you found out. Like many theme of our selection, the theme is also compatible with WooCommerce.

19 – Vertex, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage


Vertex is a theme in the zeitgeist with its many types parallax effects, thus providing a site that encourages its contents down to discover its richness. Perfect for agencies wanting to develop a showcase site, this theme will allow you both to highlight your achievements through the game potfolio your teams through a page specially designed for them. On the team, we love CSS3 effects that let discover the qualities of each of your employees or freelance. And if you are targeting the international market, this theme will help you in supporting the plugin WPML .

20 – CorporateX, WPML WordPress Theme / Multilanguage

19-corporatex-theme-wordpress-WPML 2014

Finish our selection of WordPress by WPML multilingual CorporateX. Theme This theme is intended for both estate agents for the sale of goods, to those wanting to put up a site rental property. The integration of WPML is as such wise as it will communicate more widely, especially if you are in an area that has a strong power of attraction. To present all of your property, this WordPress theme is based on Google Maps to make presentations. Thus, a host card that your visitors will have access to an integrated search engine. Clicking a pin that will appear on the map detail. All this is heavily inspired from Google Maps, but for the pleasure of your visitors because the system will be immediately understood by the greatest number.

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