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20 Travel WordPress Themes

Travel, here is a word that can take a lot of sense in terms of its framework. It can be a travel agency that seeks to make its stay, or a lover of travel who wants to share his passion, or why not a hotel that seeks to attract new customers to its lack of scenery. Depending on your needs, you will look different WordPress theme. With our selection of travel WordPress themes, you will find your happiness whatever your definition of travel associated with WordPress.

1 – The Navigator WordPress Theme Travel

Begin our selection of travel WordPress theme by theme to the look, especially if you are a true globetrotter. This WordPress theme offers display a world map from the home page, with a series of dots highlighting the places you took pictures. The result is remarkable. To guarantee compatibility with all browsers on the market and ease of grip, this WordPress theme is based on the Google Maps service. Note that this theme should also travel agencies.

2 – wpTraveller, Travel WordPress Theme

The idea behind this WordPress theme for the trip is close to the previous theme, the exception that the map of the world on this homepage is not the only factor. The home page also consists of other elements of your site. If you want to share your travel experiences, this WordPress theme will fill you because it handles more KML files. What to do to take your travels to all those who follow you on the web. This WordPress theme also relies on the services of Google Maps to simplify the administration of your site and to enjoy a high quality rendering.

3 – WP World Traveler, Travel WordPress Theme

WP World Traveler is a WordPress theme designed for lovers of travel, writing, photography and sharing with others. All thanks to WordPress, of course. This theme is a theme minimalist style, giving you customize it simply by the administration panel provides in this theme.

4 – Guest House, Travel WordPress Theme

For you, travel is synonymous with hotel? We are WordPress theme for you. In addition to being easy to grip, clean design and functionality ideas for hotels, this site is multilingual WordPress , giving you the opportunity to reach a wide-range of travelers across the web. Icing on the cake, this theme has a second version, designed for sports centers. It never hurt to know that you can reuse a WordPress Theme Pro. 😉

5 – Traveling, Travel WordPress Theme

Like traveling and you want to share your experience with your WordPress blog? Traveling has been designed for you. Designed primarily for beginners, this WordPress theme is distinguished by a grip clear and intuitive, allowing you to focus on what really matters, your travels. This theme would not be complete if it did not offer efficient referencing a CSS and XHTML valid, ready to receive as many widgets as you want or ready to use Gravatars in your WordPress blog.

6 – Made, Travel WordPress Theme

Made a theme is not like the others because here it comes to share your thoughts and comments on what you can do during a meeting or traveling. In addition to this, Made is designed to work hand in hand with BuddyPress, giving you a site with community features. The main focus of this theme is to note and also let users the ability to note, there are no less than four different systems. Take a look, it’s worth it.

7 – World Traveler, Travel WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme suitable for both to passengers and nature lovers by offering a rich design and handling ease of installation to daily use. World Traveler also offers two different layouts for the home page, a long list of shortcodes, an area widget and much more.

8 – DailyJournal, Travel WordPress Theme

When you travel you are more on the side of the description given by the adventure of a logbook, then this theme was designed for you. Responsive, this WordPress theme has a more updated constantly as well as support on most web browsers on the market.

9 – Event, Travel WordPress Theme

Like to travel other by planning all this in advance? And if you did get your knowledge to everyone by offering a WordPress site that lists the various activities to be undertaken.

10 – Island Travel, Travel WordPress Theme

Island Travel is a WordPress theme résoluement facing e-commerce by integrating JigoShop. A WordPress theme built for travel agencies, hotel or simply to share your vacation. Easy to grip and to maintain this WordPress theme incorporates handwriting fonts Google to help you customize your theme in one click.

11 – Travel Guide, Travel WordPress Theme

Thought to share with your community of readers tips and things to see while traveling, this WordPress theme will also be reused in other projects WordPress. This theme comes with everything you need as more than 500 handwriting fonts Google, Google Maps integration, 8 sliders different creative contact form, an infinite choice in colors to your site or many shortcode.

12 – Mapifyit, Travel WordPress Theme

With Mapifyit, we have a new WordPress theme that is based primarily on a world map Gmaps to display your content. But where is theme stands out is in its way of presenting the card Gmaps. Indeed, the latter is fully customized for your visitors do not realize that you are using this system. Icing on the cake, when you click on a marker on the map, a modal window will appear giving you the ability to add any type of content, from text to video through the images.

13 – Pinocchio Easy WordPress Theme Travel

When traveling and you want to share his journey on the web, it is imperative that your website is simple to grip. After all, you are not traveling to annoy you to run your site. This WordPress theme was created for the use of your website is like a breeze, installation to use via configuration.

14 – Freshco, Travel WordPress Theme

HTML5 allows it to be responsive WordPress theme in addition to being easy to customize. With its minimalist interface, you can easily use it to talk about your travels or service to a travel agency, a photographer traveling to see the world.

15 – eNews WordPress Theme Travel

You are rather kind of love often write about your favorite trips. So you will have to use WordPress themes as eNews, which highlights the textual content of your WordPress site. Developed by ElegantThemes This WordPress theme has many benefits, the administration interface using shortcodes or update regularly.

16 – ePhoto, Travel WordPress Theme

You are more pictures than text when you travel? I present to you the little brother of the previous theme, but in a 100% oriented photo. Developed by ElegantTheme always, you will find all your usual list of features that have made the reputation of ElegantTheme.

17 – Queen Hotel, Travel WordPress Theme

When you travel you are talking more on the side of what should make you want to travel because you have a hotel? Queen Hotel is an elegant and simple WordPress theme, giving you the space to promote your business. In addition to having a custom format for the blog and the content pages, which allow you to speak in your area, this theme is accompanied by additional features of hotel room bookings. Offering a new sales channel for your nights.

18 – Dotted, Travel WordPress Theme

Dotted is part of WordPress themes to suit all WordPress projects, including a site about travel in all its forms. Fort customization features intuitive, and very presence of a file to load content test this WordPress theme will turn into WordPress theme for the trip in a few clicks. Dotted emerge as a theme of your boxes regularly to satisfy the greatest number of clients. We could almost speak of a theme skeleton.

19 – Nice Hotel, Travel WordPress Theme

Like have a choice when choosing a WordPress theme? I understand you, and that is why I am presenting Nice Hotel. Designed for hotels, spas and all types of activities that require a reservation system, Hotel Nice is more consistent multilingual WordPress , which provide access to your WordPress site to the greatest number and gain visibility on the web.

20 – Momento WordPress Theme Travel

Conclude this selection of wordpress themes for travel by a theme that met the pleasure of the photo and the writing. This theme comes with many features like one infinite choice of colors, the ability to play on transparency, putting at your disposal a slider images occupying the entire width of your screen or video support and the presence of all files, PSDs included.

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