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20 WordPress Videos

Video WordPress themes, we invite you to discover 20. This theme selection will allow you to make a complete tour of what the world of pro theme to best provide your future video WordPress site. Whether you want to be the next YouTube, you want a more modest showcase your creations, or create a Vlog – Video blog – you are bound to find happiness in our selection of 20 video WordPress themes. If you read this post, there is a good chance that you are convinced that WordPress is the solution to manage your site. And I could only agree with you. Easy to use, WordPress has emerged, and continued to do so, as the market’s most versatile CMS. Enjoy reading our article 20 video WordPress themes.

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The best form plugin for WordPress?

Gravity Form is the most powerful form that exists in WordPress plugin. Thanks to him, build forms design and functionality without limit. With Gravity Form you can: create a form on a timely restrict user input, implement advanced fields, and even create functions types eCommerce prices changing according to user input. Gravity Form Test now!

01 – Evid Themes WordPress Video


Begin our selection of video WordPress themes by Evid a theme designed for all bloggers who love sharing videos. The purpose of this theme, you can share with everyone videos from the largest streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh. But all platforms offering streaming flash player to embark on your site. With this WordPress theme video, you can share videos from all video platforms in the world. Presented in the form of vignettes, the home page will be the focal point of your video website, where you recenserez all videos that you collect on your site. With a sleek design, this theme will especially fans bloggers films, lol cats and everything regorges streaming platforms.

02 – Moviex, WordPress Video Theme


Moviex is primarily aimed at movie fan who sleep in you and wants to share his passion with the world. And it shows on the home page where a slider allows you to put your heart stroke, track your movie collection. You will also find all the necessary meta to talk about your favorite movies, whether the year of filming, budget, type of film, the director and the main actors in the film. It will be appreciated that this collection can easily be sorted by genre. Your users will also have the opportunity to give their opinions on the film thanks to the presence of a rating system and a comment system that will meet at each ticket. Note also the shape of each ticket, thought to be as light as possible visually with the use of a tab where the description of the film we find the system, trailer, and the comments of your visitors. Side personalization are 5 different page templates available, 8 custom widget, and more than 60 shortcodes.

03 – NillPlay, WordPress Video Theme

03 play-theme-wordpress-video

Superb theme responsive, NillPlay is designed to satisfy both your desire to share your videos all your multimedia content. Indeed, this WordPress theme has been developed to also highlight music, events, than the photo. The blog party is not left with a dedicated section, allowing you to work your WordPress SEO .

Whether by color, or by the presence of a manufacturer usable page with your mouse, this WordPress theme is clearly distinguished from batch to make a key theme in the world of WordPress theme video. The use of flat design reinforces this theme are clearly modern side and simple apprehension.

Based on BootStrap, your users will appreciate to surf on your site with pleasure whatever the resolution of their screen.

04 – ViPress, WordPress Video Theme


The credo of this WordPress theme video? Allow you to share your videos, of course, but also and especially to allow you to create infinitely customizable site. Look for yourself. They are no less than four different sliders at your disposal, 12 widgets, a fully modular home page, 6 different templates for your tickets, 8 templates for your pages, proposed a white or black theme, over 600 fonts of more than 50 characters and shortcode. With all this, no doubt, you’ll have plenty to do to personalize your future site videos WordPress. You want your site as multilingual? Thanks to the presence of files that are going well, you can simply install WPML and you’ll have it!

05 – TrueMag, WordPress Video Theme


Need a WordPress theme that allows you to broadcast your own videos hosted on your server? So True Mag will interest you. In fact, you want to stream the video of the major platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, or you decide to do from your own server, this WordPress theme has thought of everything. You can even display a counter view video. Responsive and Retina ready, you take full mobile surfers eyes. Better, you will even be possible to create a community of passionate video because BuddyPress is supported 100%. For those who do not yet, BuddyPress plugin is to have when you want to create a site where your users can create a real community around a topic they’re passionate about. For SEO, this theme sets the bar high by offering what we call rich snippets to Google. In other words, from the result page of Google search, users can know the overall rating of your video. Perfect for attracting attention among hundreds of other results. To top it all, this theme is compatible with WPML for you to make it accessible to the world.

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Multilingual WordPress?

You want to make your site a multilingual WordPress site and looking for the best plugin? WPML is the perfect companion to facilitate the management of your site, and also maximize your WordPress SEO in all the languages ​​that you are targeting.

06 – Kinetic WordPress Theme Video


First, but not last, the theme of our selection of video themes for WordPress to offer a highlighting of your videos in full screen. Modeled on the WordPress themes photographer full page here, the static image is replaced by the moving video. So perfect for immersing your visitors in your world. One can also easily imagine that this type of theme can be reused by fashion sites where the video would be such a parade, or a photo shoot session filmed. Kinetic is also distinguished by its sober and elegant side, leaving all the space needed for video, without encroaching on the theme. Also especially love the vertical menu. Responsive side, this theme is based on bootstrap to provide a user worthy of the largest sites experience.

07 – DeTube, WordPress Video Theme


DeTube is the perfect theme for all of you wishing to put forward a comprehensive collection of video. Whether to create a site similar to YouTube, create an online magazine, or simply a sophisticated blog, this theme will be happy. Even better, this theme supports BuddyPress, which will delight users wishing to introduce more than just a website. With the support of this WordPress plugin, you can leverage the use of the website by offering your visitors come create real personal spaces. With nearly two years of existence and 4000 sales, this theme is part of the leaders in its field and the most followed and updated themes. Something to ensure sustainability in the long term. Which is always a pleasure when we make the choice of a WordPress theme.

08 – One, WordPress Video Theme

One 08-wordpress-theme-video

Based on bootstrap 3, this WordPress theme will satisfy both lovers of all video professionals also wishing to have a site with rich functionality, enabling them to design a tailor for their agency such site. If the video is not left out, we must recognize that it is not his highest priority. Here is a video prior to a central axis of development. Thus we will find video everywhere, including in the main slider site, but the text will also has its place. The qualities of the responsive WordPress theme were pushed to their limits in order to offer visitors a mobile users to experience the best possible quality.

09 – ThisWay, WordPress Video Theme


If all the previous theme not banked everything on the video, it is otherwise with ThisWay, which is the second theme of our WordPress video theme selection interface to provide a full master page for the video. Here, everything is done to make the video a central axis of your website. Developed in HTML5 and CSS3, proposed by WordPress theme effects are numerous, offering your visitors a more modern user experience. And that, whether on a computer or mobile interface. We also appreciate the many updates enjoyed this theme since its inception. Indeed, the author of this theme is constantly improved to make it even more competitive, both for SEO, support for iPad, iPhone and Android, but also small bugs that may occur over time. To further realize the personalization capabilities offered by the WordPress template, an impressive collection of sites waiting for you on the description page of this theme.

10 – Zenith, WordPress Video Theme


And yes, I told you, we have selected several WordPress themes with the ability to put videos in full screen. Zenith is part of this club. On a grip thanks to its ease administration interface, this WordPress template gives us more access to Revolution Slider plugin. When we know that this plugin costs $ 15, you say that it is something gained. And personally, I always love it when a theme offers us little more than the theme itself. The menu more, we will find all fonts Google Fonts, over 116 icons for social networks, 420 GPs icons to dress up your site the ability to use maps for geolocation. But also endless choices in color, or ease thanks to the presence of an XML file that lets you upload content test installation. Perfect to take control quickly and easily this new theme.

11 – Right Now, WordPress Video Theme


And presto, another full video page WordPress theme. The least we can say is that we have found enough to make an informed choice. Right now therefore proposes to include your videos in full screen with a layout without fault, either for the shape of the menu or the buttons on the video player. We thank the presence of Ajax in this WordPress template, which provides fluidity to the whole. In addition to managing happiness with the video, the designer of this theme is also for lovers of photography and audio. Regarding the photo, we will find some very valuable features such as the ability to send at one time several hundred photos. I do not know if you’ve tried it, but if your theme is no thought, this is not the side of WordPress it will seek to do so. For audio, you’ll even have the right to embark directly on your site due to the presence of an audio player in Ajax that will give your users control your playlist. To return to the video, this theme supports multiple formats like FLV, the F4W, MP4 or MOV files. Nothing has been left out.

12 – Invisi Themes WordPress Video


Invisible is a WordPress theme that is oriented towards several types of public, staff blogger editors of news online, all in a fresh and modern setting. Fully responsive, this theme is therefore adapt smoothly to all interfaces of your visitors. In addition, you will be able to customize it from beginning to end through its administration interface. If you want to go further in customization, know that PSDs files are delivered with the theme. To internationalize your website, you can simply install the excellent WPML and let yourself be guided.

13 – Black Label WordPress Theme Video


Black label is the latest video of our WordPress template selection to offer you display your videos in full screen. The aim is always the same, create a sense of immersion in your content. With this theme, you can enjoy the latest advances in video because in addition to supporting the big names like Vimeo video streaming, this theme supporting the HTML5 video format. Perfect for compatibility of your video content with mobile devices do not support flash. Of course, this theme is responsive and retina ready. In addition to being a video theme WordPress template that you will benefit from the latest advances in eCommerce because it also incorporates WooCommerce.

14 – Caliz, WordPress Video Theme


Continuing with the themes full pages with pictures Caliz. More than the possibility to put your photos in full screen, this WordPress theme will also allow you to insert videos. Perfect for either stand or to include another part of your job. Compatible with WPML , responsive theme that will fit both the screen resolution of your visitors and their languages. Perfect to have a universal site.

15 – VideoPress, WordPress Video Theme


You want to set up a site to YouTube. So you are interested in closer to VideoPress, a WordPress template 100% dedicated to the creation of a video site. With this WordPress theme, everything was done to make your life easier in managing your videos. Whether you want to host your own videos or use the services of Youtube, Vimeo and consort, it will be a breeze. In addition, this topic deals for you to generate thumbnail images. Perfect for save time every day. Available in base 6 including blue, green, orange, purple, red or the yellow, what you choose which you prefer. Side creating complex layout, a powerful editor that accompanies this theme even this task is a pleasure.

16 – Crema, WordPress Video Theme


Crema is one of those themes that WordPress gives you the choice. Whether you want to set up a 100% video, blog, or website a professional site, it will offer a dedicated for each interface. It is a true 3 in 1 template is provided to you. Using a widget area well thought out, you’ll be able to dress up your home page as you wish. And even with exclusive widgets that come with the theme. In terms of WordPress SEO, this has not been left out. This theme will allow you, for each ticket or page that you design to come add own SEO information.

17 – gigawatt, WordPress Video Theme


With Gigawatt, set the bar even higher. WordPress Theme multifaceted, you can both create a 100% website that eCommerce site with the support of WooCommerce. And harder, this template offers mix the two to receive an eCommerce theme that supports video. Perfect to boost sales. Side internationalization of your site, everything has been designed to make your life easier. Indeed, this template supports 100% WPML . It’ll just install the plugin and let yourself be guided. Responsive to allow you to provide all the best view of your site, Gigawatt will also delight your users. In terms of customizing your future theme, it is 8 page templates, a choice in unlimited colors and the ability to use widgets wherever you will be pleased to see them.

18 – Artist Themes WordPress Video


Artist is the theme that suits foremost to create a blog of creative types, where the video will be the main element of creating your articles. Updated several times since its inception, this theme offers a suite of new each time as a greater control of your galleries, portfolios of more sophisticated and more. Comes in two versions that its a clear or black version, you can easily switch from one to another. You also need a logo? This theme offers a space for logo design where you simply type the name of your website to appear in the form of a logo.

19 – Solar, WordPress Video Theme


Solar is resolutely turned towards the video theme, offering an expression limitless space to share with the world your creations and your passion. Responsive and ready retina are two advantages become common in many themes. However, it is always a pleasure to be found in the theme will be that will be used over the long term. For the translation of your birth, as usual, install WPML and let it guide you. Indeed, although this theme does not officially support this great plugin, it comes accompanied by translation file that will delight WPML .

20 – The Producer WordPress Theme Video


Finish our selection of video WordPress theme by a UFO. Here, in addition to being oriented video, this theme is primarily producers and companies creating movies. Soon homepage the tone given not classic theme. Indeed, the parallax effects offers your visitors without any such experience. Take the test, I think you will be surprised to see the contents literally out into your screen. The effect is striking. And all pages of the site works on the same principle, I love. Finally, to end on the multilingual version of your site. This point has become a crucial issue for many site. Comes with the files that are good or you are editing by hand to change the primary language, or you uses a plugin like WPML into a truly multilingual site.

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