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20 WordPress Sober & Stylish

Discover our selection of WordPress themes Elegant WordPress themes designed for all needs, showcase site, the site for photographers, eCommerce websites with WordPress, you will always find the WordPress theme that you want to complete your WordPress project. A selection of 20 WordPress themes that will leave you plenty of time to think of them as future theme for your website.

01 – Origin, Elegant WordPress Theme


Begin our selection of WordPress themes with simple and elegant Origin. This WordPress theme development on a design that will showcase your images by providing a setting unusual page. Indeed, here the arrangement is mainly horizontally with a menu that is found on the left to provide an increased immersion printing. We love that for once, a WordPress template think the majority of screens are more in width as in 16:9 th. When moving the mouse over a thumbnail of the home page, and description appear boar tickets with beautiful colors like bright orange. A good way to do initially appear as images, without sacrificing its contents. Responsive version, this theme does not forget the screens become taller than wide, ascending discretely menu height. We also love that theme do not forget all those looking for a multilingual WordPress template by using WPML .

02 – Nexus, Elegant WordPress Theme


Continue our theme selection with Nexus, a WordPress theme playing on the map responsive design. This theme is perfect perfect for anyone wanting to create a blog with WordPress or a magazine. Home page of this WordPress template will allow us to present swiftly and with simplicity and design our latest articles. This theme is particularly designed for those of us with a lot of content to highlight. Sses many widgets and modules, gives us the ability to create pages with unique look. To make your task always easier customization, this WordPress theme is accompanied by an extensive administration interface, and of course, easy to grip.

03 – StyleShop, Elegant WordPress Theme


Discover a WordPress eCommerce themes that tell you? Then discover StyleShop. Though this a WordPress theme is primarily made ​​primarily to allow you to sell clothing and other ancillary fashion, simply customize a bit with its unlimited colors, for this WordPress template is the perfect companion for all types of eCommerce website with WordPress. Whether in black, purple, blue and green, there is already enough to choose from. Responsive theme for all your users to enjoy his administration interface will help you deploy your eCommerce site with WordPress in just a few clicks.

04 – Vertex, Elegant WordPress Theme


Vertex is a WordPress theme designed primarily to showcase your work on the web, you are freelance or development agency. From the home page of this WordPress template, we find everything you need to highlight your accomplishments, as long as you have great images at your disposal. We meet again on paged’accueil, highlighting your projects and an original presentation of your skills and those of your team. We particularly appreciated the fact that when you browse vertically WordPress template, it gives the impression that your WordPress site anime, starting with only a few images and a beautiful effect in Ajax. Several dozen shortcodes are provided with this WordPress theme. We will be left more than to customize this WordPress template in our colors to make a unique copy.

05 – Gleam, Elegant WordPress Theme


Are you a photographer? Gleam then you will like. Theme oriented image, and do not hide it because from the home page, your visitors take full eyes with beautiful images full screen. The ajax has completed the implementation of this template and you will strengthen this impression of immersion and modernity. Something to highlight your beautiful photography. This WordPress theme is perfect for photographers, certainly, but also for those of us wanting to showcase their projects with stunning images. The portfolio of this WordPress template is the most beautiful effect.

06 – Fable, Elegant WordPress Theme


Fable is a WordPress theme that was designed first and foremost to achieve a quality blog, setting up a narrative effect through different layouts. Built in order to facilitate the reading thanks to its wide format, even your longer stay a pleasure to read notes. Fable is a WordPress template enjoying the effect responsive, and an unlimited choice in the number of colors by using the color wheel in the administration interface. Floods shortcodes and easy to grip administration interface are not the only benefits of the themes. Indeed, we will find templates for page cut tickets, pictures and other contact page and sitemaps galleries will be valuable assets for this WordPress template.

07 – The Style, Elegant WordPress Theme


Continue our selection of elegant WordPress themes with The Style, a WordPress theme that has many … Theme superb both in its colors layouts 😉 its style, it is made primarily for those regularly posting content, its homepage will offer a space where all your items find their place. It will be appreciated that each thumbnail image to resume the one title, but also put forward the particular category in which your item is listed. This provides a comfortable reading and especially nice presentation if your WordPress site full content of all kinds. And even translated by Version WPML , your WordPress site will retain all its assets.

08 – explorable, Elegant WordPress Theme


Create a WordPress site based on geolocation as a hotel site restaurants or what seems good to you, nothing more simple with this WordPress theme. Explorable is a WordPress based on the concept map and marker template. We will meet again at the homepage of your entire list, plus the opportunity to highlight some of them. Explorable become a valuable tool for location-based sites. In addition, with this WordPress template you will get a glance the last notes left by your visitors. Indeed, this WordPress theme also comes with a rating system based on stars. And if you are looking for a Multilingual WordPress theme, no worries thanks to the support of the plugin WPML .

09 – Fusion, Elegant WordPress Theme


The bright colors, I love it. With similar colors, impossible to go unnoticed. Fusion is a WordPress theme that eyeful to your users, and this from the home page by giving us a background for your site flashy slider page Home. I love the menu is all perfectly integrated with the rest of the site including the slider. No doubt, with a WordPress template like this, your website will mark the spirits. Whether to set up a storefront or a quality blog site, will report template perfectly challenges. Whatever the screen resolution of your user, no problem, thanks to its responsive qualities, this will not be a worry for you.

10 – Nova, Elegant WordPress Theme


Nova is a template from our selection of WordPress themes simple and elegant which is primarily designed for companies that want to have a simple WordPress site grip. The tone is set from the home page with the full integration of all your content. This is a particular hand sider content that does not create a distinction between your slider and your menu, as we have seen before with the WordPress theme. An immersive effect particularly successful because I particularly appreciate this template WordPress. Nova is also a WordPress theme supports a large number of content is loading properly organized all through page templates ranging from full page to pages with columns, through contact pages, login, several formats for your portfolio or a gallery space.

11 – Nimble, Elegant WordPress Theme


Continue our well integrated with the third and final theme in its class theme selection. Large flat colors, I like it. The quality of this theme is that although Flashy, it remains sober. This is even more the case when the colors are well integrated and gives us access to beautiful colors as is the case for this WordPress template. We admire this as the perfect integration of menu and slider homepage, providing an immersive effect of better taste. Under color available when you install this theme we find a beautiful orange, light blue, a Google red, green and even a superb lemon. The more sober colors is what you are looking for? No worries, a beautiful gray accompanies this theme. In addition, through its administration interface, you will be able to define the color you prefer.

12 – Flexible, Elegant WordPress Theme


WordPress theme to fall into the category of minimalist websites, Flexible allow you to design a WordPress site design simple few clicks. Side customization, we love being able to choose its font, enjoy a gallery of images that can be easily sort because based on Ajax. For those looking for an easily translatable theme is simple thanks to the plugin WPML and the presence of PO files.

13 – DeepFocus, Elegant WordPress Theme


Need to offer your users a WordPress template that their will primarily focus on your content rather than the design of your site? This is the goal that is set DeepFocus. Just look at the homepage of the website to find that we focus primarily on the beautiful slider. And it is not for nothing that this WordPress template offers to help your users to focus on your content because this subject is primarily made for photographers. Note that this template comes bundled with many page templates, including a picture gallery page that dazzles the eyes.

14 – Aggregate Elegant WordPress Theme


Aggregate is a WordPress theme that binds to offer you a WordPress theme for displaying all types of content, and mass to please. This can be seen from the home page with a slider item that lets you put multiple items in one, or in view of dozens grouped by category. Its simple design but elegant, you will put this content forward without creating heaviness, always offering a green pleasant reading for your users. Speaking of your users, this WordPress theme their will always feel at ease regardless of the browser they use to get to your WordPress site. We also love that this theme is thought to display your ads through many sites that are dedicated to them.

15 – Chameleon, Elegant WordPress Theme


The purpose of this WordPress theme, serve you whatever your WordPress project. Sure, because of its layout, this template will target a project where content is king. But thanks to its ability to change color and change all the elements of this theme, you will be able to customize it to match the project you have in mind. Its simple interface administration grip will help you in this task. We also love to use shortcodes bet at your disposal to create a single interface, either through blocks of content, slider, but also through the pages as templates for the blog, contact, or even for different pages of part content. The integration of WPML is not left for you to make your WordPress site a true multilingual platform.

16 – Foxy, Elegant WordPress Theme


With this WordPress theme, the bright colors are planned to further enhance the content of your WordPress site. We also find well at our disposal orange, blue, purple or green two kinds, for you to choose from. Thought as well to highlight your activities a WordPress eCommerce site, we appreciate the great simplicity of this theme, while remaining modern. Side eCommerce, WooCommerce integration is particularly successful with beautiful product pages, but also clear categories, giving want to buy.

17 – Evolution, Elegant WordPress Theme


Evolution is a simple theme that sets the goal to be perfect whatever the interface be used by your users by offering no less than four completely different setting pages, we are surfing on your site from a large screen, or a little like a smartphone. We love this template both his slider, these numerous templates that allow you to create a login page, an advanced search page, image gallery, portfolios, a contact page or a blog page Advanced . Who says simplicity rhymes with lack of features?

18 – eStore Elegant WordPress Theme


Still looking for the perfect WordPress template to create your eCommerce site with WordPress? Is that you have not yet discovered eStore. The purpose of this template, allowing you to configure a eboutique in seconds. This is made ​​possible by supporting plugins eCommerce easy to handle as eStore or WordPress Simple Paypal. These WordPress plugins although simpler than his cronies as WooCommerce or WP e-Commerce will offer what create the foundation for a solid online store. And if your heart tells you, it will be simple to integrate WooCommerce or WP e-Commerce through an apprehension source code simple. You want to open a multilingual eShop? Consider using WPML .

19 – Divi, Elegant WordPress Theme


Before concluding our selection of WordPress themes by Divi, I present you the latest themes at Elegant Themes. Divi wants to be one of the most flexible and simple themes of grip offered by the professional team of developers themes. Thanks to WordPress, not need to know a single line of code theme because it comes accompanied by a page builder based on the Drag & Drop. In other words, only with your mouse, you will be able to design each page of your WordPress site. If you do not want to build your own pages, no problem. This theme also comes with 18 different page templates that allow you to embark on an adventure in record time. This theme would not be complete without being responsive. This means that whatever interface your users, your WordPress theme is still fit to give the best of himself. You want to make this multilingual theme is simple using the WordPress Multilingual Plugin WPML .

20 – SimplePress, Elegant WordPress Theme


Conclude our selection of WordPress themes by simple and elegant theme, the first word that comes to the mouth is Professionalism. SimplePress a WordPress theme designed for all companies wishing to launch their website in WordPress. In addition to a home page offering a slider combining image and content, you can give heart to joy with the parties testimonials, portfolios and other pages about and contact. The blog party is not left out with a completely integrated with the rest of the site design. Perfect for maximizing your WordPress SEO , naturally.

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