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Use WordPress is now possible whatever your activity, and this was confirmed today with a selection of 20 themes for gyms. You will find in our selection, themes specially designed to offer you everything a gym waiting for a website. Spaces to showcase your photos, games dedicated icons, course schedules, prioritizing your coaches. Some of the themes of our selection will also allow you to create an eCommerce store within the site of your sports club with WooCommerce. Discover the 20 best WordPress themes for your gym and fitness.

01 – Fitness WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


Begin our selection of WordPress themes for gyms by Fitness. This responsive WordPress theme that offers us, to begin with, a great slider. And here it is not any type of slider since it is Slider Revolution , a premium worth $ 15 plugin. This plugin, regularly updated, has already been downloaded more than 20,000 times. It allows you to manage your slides with ease. Responsive to better fit all mobile interfaces, it is also supporting the plugin WPML for multilingual part. And it does not stop there, since it is also compatible with the multisite version of WordPress. His administration interface will make your life easier because you will be able to compose your sliders with your mouse. Well thought out theme for the gyms, this theme is also accompanied by a set of icons specially designed for sports and fitness. Features thoughtful side, we also note the presence of a calendar that allows you to indicate, for each day, and hour by hour, that your gym offers. Convenient to make you want to register, but also for your customers to find out the schedule of each course. The presentation of this theme would not be complete if we did not talk about the fact that this theme also offers gyms sell equipment from their website. To help you in this task, the WooCommerce plugin was chosen. Easy to grip, supporting the plugin WPML and incorporating everything one would expect of a eCommerce site. With this module, you will be able to generate additional income for the inclusion of new members to your gym. Optional, it is still a great thing to know that the showcase site can quickly evolve eCommerce site oriented sport.

02 – Sports & Fitness WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


Sport & Fitness, is as its name suggests, a theme that focuses on the integration to a gym, and by offering features tailored. In addition to providing a modern, simple to understand and customizable design to perfection, this WordPress template provides features such as an area where it will be presented to your visitors a list of courses that your room offers. Well thought out, this area highlights day by day and hour by hour course, with a beautiful design. A click on the arrows to the left or right, and your users can view a list of upcoming courses or past. We love that by default, this slider is configured during the day. Thus, arriving at the site, the program of the next day will be displayed by default. In addition, this WordPress theme includes an event handler, which will delight all gyms setting up extra ordinary activities, and want to communicate it to attract new customers, such as reduced rates registration for a short time, or why not offer to enroll in marathons.

03 – Gym & Fitness WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


There “s no surprise that Gym & Fitness offers close to that of our first theme features for cause, this theme is developed by the same team. Thus Sport & Fitness., We find a theme that supports plugin Premium Slider Revolution More than 420 icons sport, 116 social networks, a full width version or a theme 100% responsive. For those who are still wondering how to quickly set up a template, it is accompanied by an XML file that you will fill in the template with demo content. It will do more to change the content to fit your needs. Documentation is also present when downloading the theme to allow you to take in hand with simplicity. If you want to customize this theme, remember that the administration interface will help you, and in addition, it supports themes children. Want to create a sports website multilingual, then install the plugin WPML that will help you in this process, and will be based on the language files offered by this template.

04 – GymBase, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


GymBase is a WordPress theme that brilliantly combines the flat design with modern colors and menus made ​​interesting. Responsive, this theme includes a slider which will be displayed both on large resolutions on smartphone. We like the slider you can have access to overlapping areas as the rest of the site. This helps to encourage your visitors to descend on the rest of your site. In addition to better discovery of the site, these areas will come in handy to highlight important elements of your website such as the list of courses that will take place. The presence of the phone number in the upper right, the slider is a good idea to give your visitors the ability to easily get in touch with you. Length footer, as we shall find important elements such as the opening of the gym schedules. And for those wanting to know details with the timing of your course schedule is available. The most is that this schedule provides features filters, to focus only on the type of sport that will interest your visitors. And if you want to offer a focus on one course schedule as cardio training, the Pilat, boxing, you will be able to duplicate it to reflect only the activities. On the activities themselves, a special layout their reserved. Thus, you can describe the course, put pictures given schedules of the course, and indicate the price. For customization, it will be possible to change the colors unlimited choices, change the font writing in choosing among the 800 proposed or define the widgets you want to use. About widgets, it is no less than 9 custom widgets that are included in this WordPress template.

05 – Gym Guide WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


Gym Guide is a WordPress theme for the gyms that raises the bar by providing a responsive theme, WooCommerce support, support for WPML and the Contact Form 7. With support for WooCommerce and WPML is not less than the possibility of creating a multilingual eCommerce brought to you part. Even if it is not fundamentally a number of a site to gyms, should not underestimate the power of prescription that was time professional role. In addition, it allows you to sell products branded with the colors of your gym. To focus a little more on the Party before the gym this template, we love the way to highlight both the current management team. Indeed, a slider to allow automatic scrolling to discover all your users what you have to offer their. In addition, the mouseover on these elements will bring super effects. On the Party before classes, you can specify the title of gym class, its duration, its location in your gym, trainer and course level. We appreciate the originality of the menu that puts on several levels all categories of your site, both events, image gallery, team, and part shop. On the page, we get a gallery of portraits, and still the effects of overflights that allow coaches to present. Always on the menu, we certainly appreciate the presence of the phone number clearly visible. But in addition, a button opening hours, will, when clicked on, show your opening hours. That is a good idea to insert them aloud without them encroach on the rest of the content.

06 – Gameplan, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


When you want to enter the course of the great WordPress themes to gyms, there are plugins should not be overlooked. Just like the previous theme that we presented, GamePlan WooCommerce support and WPML . You will understand, create an online store, and multilingual version, serve both to increase your income, you position indoor serious sport. In addition to being responsive, this theme is also Retina Ready, which means that users with the chance to have a retina display will also have the chance to enjoy your site at its best. Side plugins premium offered by this theme, this is not one, but two free plugins that come with this theme. Indeed, this theme will allow you to build complex layouts with Visual Composer plugin worth $ 25. For managing the slider is excellent Slider Revolution is the game. This is still more than $ 40 saved! To allow you to customize a little more this WordPress template, the administration interface allows you to change colors without limitations, but also access to 44 shortcodes and a gallery of icons.

07 – Fit WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


With thousands of downloads, fit is a WordPress theme that has been proven. In addition, it is updated regularly to continue to offer its customers a powerful theme, easy to use, and simple and elegant design. While flat design, the theme for the gyms is, from the home page, the ability to know everything you need in your room, courses for coaches, through your news. Moreover, on the news, in addition to providing a space for your members allowing them to follow what your club offers, it is also an advantage as you race to WordPress SEO . The footer template is used judiciously to provide your visitors with direct access at the gym, but your opening hours.

08 – Life Fitness, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


The highest point highlighted by this theme? Its timeliness. When we know that everything is within 3 seconds, we say that it is really not a detail to choose a WordPress theme that emphasizes such behavior. This theme to gyms several page templates that allow you to use it to its maximum. For example, you can access the list of courses that your room offers. Once the user put the mouse on a course elements, an effect appear inviting to click. Once clicked, the user arrives on a page dedicated to the type of course chosen. This will allow him to discover that offers the course, its level, its duration, but also be aware of the days and hours when the course is offered. In addition, a form will allow your visitors to get in touch with you to be a student during gym proposed. We also appreciate the subscription page, which will highlight the price in your gym.

09 – Balance, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


The first thing that comes to mind when we discover the template Balance is this feeling of simplicity that emerges. While HTML5 for your users with a EUR perfect layout whatever their screen display, this WordPress theme comes with several page templates such as a calendar, a contact page, a blog dedicated to the party, or for your course. The homepage is available with 4 different variations, so you put up a single site. On the slider, it is not one, but six types of sliders that you can use, or highlight static content, or videos. With the use of LayerSlider and Slider Revolution, you what to do, in addition to savings. Like customize your themes? Read on. This WordPress theme features 17 page templates, 500 fonts writing, shortcodes galore, 2 changes for the blog, 6 variations for filterable and access to a generator table pricing portfolios.

10 – GetFit, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


Continue our selection of WordPress themes for gyms with GetFit. Behind this lies a theme WordPress theme responsive quality of the highest level. And because it is based entirely on Twitter BootStrap programming framework. We find this theme in everything that will delight gyms. A page to highlight the program of your courses, one for your coaches, but also a space to present your photo gallery spaces and a sports page to contact you. Side grip, this theme is suitable for those of you wanting a multilingual site with WPML , it is also possible to customize the colors through the admin interface. That from the outset you understand how to set theme documentation and videos are available to you.

11 – Gym Extream, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


Gym Extream is a theme for the gyms. At the same time, if he finds himself in this ranking theme, it is better. But what makes it a template oriented gyms, thanks to the features it offers. For example, we find in the theme list of courses offered by your room. Most is that you can be present in the form of calendar, either in the form of a time line. And the result is more convincing. Indeed, this view Time line mode provides a way to present your course very original way. As regards the calendar view mode, it is also possible to sort your future members of this calendar to view schedules that plaises their courses. This template will also offer you a space to put your coaches. Offering a list view mode, and also the ability to view the details of the latter. To keep in touch with your members, we appreciate you can create a news section, but also blog. Indeed, the party blog you will not focus only on the room itself and offer you a quality SEO. For matters relating to the technical part, this theme is responsive, offers three different types of sliders, custom as future courses or to Twitter and Facebook as well as administration interface allowing you to customize this template widgets .

12 – GymBoom, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


The first thing we see in this issue, it is his slider is common. Here, texts are inscribed diagonally, providing a dynamic effect to the whole. When is a gym, it’s best effect. In addition to this small detail, which at bottom is not because it is the first thing you will see your site GymBoom a menu that will be visible regardless of the level where you stand on the page since it remains fixed on the top. Practice to never lose sight of the latter and thereby stimulate clicks. Course schedules offered by this theme is original. In addition to sorting on the course that you want, a color code is used to navigate immediately. And as soon as you click on a calendar item, a modal appears that we can discover the details of the activity. Handy.

13 – Fitness Premium WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


Fitness is a theme that breathes sports thanks to its modern and dynamic design. Designed with the best techniques for SEO, it will be a good companion to help you in your quest for the best possible placement in Google results.
This template allows you to quickly create your site through its documentation and the XML file that will allow you to load content test to find the site as you first discovered. Like all our sites selection, this theme incorporates a space to highlight your classes and coaches. Thanks to the WYSIWYG editor, these pages will be created in no time. At the blog, you will appreciate that it allows you to integrate, in addition to textual content, video and MP3 files.

14 – Power Gym, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


Power Gym does not go unnoticed by allowing you to insert images in the background, and that as well on large screens on a mobile interface .. His administration interface allows you to set all with ease and whatever your background images or colors of your website. The program of this party theme is lighter than the other themes we have offered you, but the result is there. Your users will also have the right to know the schedule of your courses. To submit your club, you will be able to do it as well by a gallery of images that through videos to make it more attractive. A set of icons made to reflect the world of sport accompanies this theme.

15 – Fitness Club, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


Fitness club proposes to make life easier for owners of sports club wanting to create a website without learning the intricacies of the web. Thus, you will have a modern website, easy to grip, and optimized for the rendering is perfect regardless of the interface used by your users. With this theme, you will have the ability to customize the entire home page to provide a testimonials page, but also highlight your progress and coaches. You will also find custom widgets that allow you to highlight your opening hours, your Facebook and your latest articles on the site account.

16 – Evolution Fitness WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


Evolution Fitness is perfect for all gyms wishing to set up a quality site, but no frills. Here, the goal is to keep it simple. Thus, you get access to 6 page types, part blog, and contact. In page templates, you will find a portfolio, a page about the offered by your gym services, FAQ and prices. If you plan well, you will notice a missing page. And because the latter is a template that you use once, when your website is under construction. Practice to begin to reveal part of the site while it is not yet finished. This saves you from going through the purchase of a theme specifically for this moment. In addition, it will be appreciated that this theme comes with 2 plugins is worth $ 30. This is LayerSlider Slider and Revolution. Two plugins that we have discovered with other themes.

17 – Sportlife, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


I just tell you that the plugin Slider Revolution was often integrate basic themes premium. Sportlife not make me lie because that theme is also accompanied this excellent plugin, and you will realize a savings of $ 15. It is always good to take, especially since this plugin is a must have. Based on Twitter Bootstrap, responsive qualities of this theme are not the shadow of a doubt. Internationalization side of your chart, install WPML and voila.

18 – Fitness Mag WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


You want to animate the site of your sports club a little differently? And why not go on a model magazine guy? Fitness Mag is the perfect theme for this task. Thus, you will animate your website like a magazine and opt to let you know by quality content. And better, thanks to the presence of language files, you will be able to install WPML to let you know in the world. Sharpen your pencils.

19 – Olimpia, WordPress Theme Gym & Fitness


Place the pictures with Olimpia, one of the most beautiful themes from our selection. After all, it is not because we are near the end that we should not continue to offer your quality themes. We love everything on this theme that features through your menu to the presence of icons. Perfect for coming illustrate its content. This whole theme works with highlighted pronounced photography, regardless of the page you will find. We also appreciate the effort that has been made to introduce HTML5 animations discrete throughout this theme.

20 – Workout, Fitness WordPress Theme Sport & Fitness


Finish our selection of WordPress themes for gyms with WorkOut, a responsive theme and Retina Ready. This theme offers a modern design, and a suite of dynamic animations making your site. Thus, discover live all it offers. For example, when you go down in the pages, you will not feel down, but the rest of the page goes up. The effect is really well done. And the best part is that all animations are configurable in the admin interface. Icing on the cake, you can also build a shop online space since WooCommerce theme support.

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