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Are you a photographer? While WordPress is the solution to all your cravings without doubt. Why? Because WordPress is primarily a simple, user-friendly interface and easy to grasp. After all, owning a website does not necessarily mean being a pro technologies. Each area of ​​its competence. And indeed, WordPress is here to help you have a quality site, you can update regularly without having to dive into a manual endless. Once this is said, we must still say that basic WordPress theme that offers not particularly appropriate to its use for photographers. And because WordPress is and will remain a production-oriented textual content platform. But this is not a challenge because WordPress is full of themes that have been designed for photographers. Today, we decided to offer you a selection of 20 WordPress themes photographer that you have access to a single ticket to the latest topics and more adapted to the needs of photographers. You will find in our selection of WordPress themes for photographers full page themes, themes type wall picture (Mansory), but also perfect for getting into themes eCommerce easily. Icing on the cake, many themes are compatible with WPML for you to create a multilingual website easily. Indeed, WPML is in our eyes the most effective solution in this area. It is not for nothing that we even use it on this site.

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01 – FullScene, Photographer WordPress Theme


Begin our selection of WordPress themes by photographer FullScene, a WordPress theme that will allow you to stage your photos in full page from the home page. When is a photographer, I love the full page themes, they can create a sense of total immersion in the work of the artist. Whether you work in black and white or color, this WordPress theme, thanks to its simplicity, you will do everything before.

Beyond this homepage, we appreciate the four different types of images, which allow you to create multiple galleries atmospheres. And all these galleries are filterable. Practices to highlight different types of photographic work on the same page.

As your WordPress site you will also find customers, a contact page and comments are also available in this WordPress theme for photographers.

02 – SimPhoto, Photographer WordPress Theme


SimPhoto is a minimalist WordPress theme primarily designed for photographers who want to create a website for their business card. Visible on all types of media through its responsive qualities.

Its customization capabilities will not leave you cold because you can also play well on all colors, choose one of the 600 writing fonts at your disposal. The whole theme is configurable through the administration interface. Easy to grip, you can customize your theme in minutes.

Fans of social networking will not be left on the roadside because it WordPress theme includes basic set of tools for a perfect sharing. Facebook and Twitter will be particularly through the party to a code suitable for Facebook and Twitter integration of cards. Sharing your works on social networks have never been easier.

03 – Gleam, Photographer WordPress Theme


Are you a photographer? Gleam then you will like. Theme oriented image, and do not hide it because from the home page, your visitors take full eyes with beautiful images full screen. The ajax has completed the implementation of this template and you will strengthen this impression of immersion and modernity. Something to highlight your beautiful photography. This WordPress theme is perfect for photographers, certainly, but also for those of us wanting to showcase their projects with stunning images. The portfolio of this WordPress template is the most beautiful effect.

04 – Skylab, Photographer WordPress Theme


Do not rely solely on the screen capture this theme because it goes well beyond the home page to Mansory style. Indeed, it is also possible to configure it to create galleries full pages. You’ll understand this theme is no customization including side to allow you to create a website to your image, which is not bad when it comes to a theme photographer. Speaking of customization, I invite you to take a ride on the side of the cover page of this WordPress theme. Indeed, you will find a series of site that uses this theme as a base. The result is remarkable.

For multilingual photographers know that multilingual is not left out, allowing you to use the plugin WPML to make your site available to all languages ​​of your choice.

We also like that this topic be supplied with Contact form 7 form part of the contact, Slider revolution, premium plugin worth $ 15 AddThis to allow you to make your site shareable over 300 different social networks.

05 – MyWay Photographer WordPress Theme


Looking for a simple and stripped theme? MyWay then you will like. Here, no frills, only images speak. Conceived as a blog, the result is a minimalist site. Based on BootStrap to perfectly fit all screens of your visitors, it is retina ready.

06 – Titan WordPress Theme Photographer


In the series of full-page themes, we have selected a few, because as I said above, I think it really is particularly suitable for photographers wishing to immerse the audience from the home page. Therefore Titan advantage of this WordPress theme for photographers.

Titan is also more than 14 different page templates for your photo galleries, 7 templates for your portfolios, and supports seamless WPML .

Side customization, you will be able to easily choose your color and your font by using Googles fonts fonts.

And if you want to sell prints of your photos, then this theme is a must. Why? As it supports WooCommerce. What transform a real shop window site of eCommerce.

For photographers who would like, you will be able to create image galleries protected by passwords. Perhaps some will ask “But why?”. Simply to allow you to communicate to your customers the results of a day’s photo shoot as a wedding day for example.

07 – Caliz, Photographer WordPress Theme


Continuing with the themes full pages with pictures Caliz. More than the possibility to put your photos in full screen, this WordPress theme will also allow you to insert videos. Perfect for either stand or to include another part of your job.

Compatible with WPML , responsive theme that will fit both the screen resolution of your visitors and their languages. Perfect to have a universal site.

08 – Division Photographer WordPress Theme


Whether you like the style or full Mansory page style WordPress theme that will fit your every need because it offers support both versions. Using the module to click page creation filed, it will be possible to create in just a few clicks a site like no other, you are beginning or not WordPress.

Do not spoil this theme allow you to make it easier for you to know. How? By allowing your future visitors to find you easily on search engines. Indeed, this theme was designed with the best techniques regarding SEO. We’ll just create content for which you are located. Remember to work on your images as numbers of your prospective customers will rely on Google images to find you.

And if one day the environment to sell your work through your website takes you, nothing more simple, this WordPress template is compatible with WooCommerce.

09 – Summer Themes WordPress Photographer


Summer is a WordPress theme that I love to share his style is unlike any of our selection. And because all the thumbnails of your items come superimposed a background image that you will choose. Here we add two styles, the Mansory fullscreen type and style into a single, yours.

Compatible with no less than six different formats of tickets, this WordPress theme is perfect for bloggers based images.

In addition, this theme is also accompanied by a page of archive type a contact page type and a page full page or Mansory format. It remains only to install this theme and you jump into WordPress adventure.

10 – Furies, Photographer WordPress Theme


And yes, even a theme fullscreen type choice will not be easy to do. I have already said, what better way to create an immersive universe? Maybe add music? And voila, we have the perfect theme for you as precisely Furies will allow you to add a soundtrack to your images. And that’s not all, because if in addition to displaying beautiful images you want to incorporate YouTube or Vimeo video, no problem, this theme has been made for it. Videos also shall appear in full screen, as what not to let your visitors indifferent.

Of course, this theme is responsive, so your images are always displayed at their best, regardless of the interface used by your users.

The menu of this theme, a huge feature list. To mention some, know that this theme will allow you to choose from 8 types of different home page, you 11 different templates for your galleries, 6 for your filterable portfolios, the ability to easily configure your skins or choose from Google font characters. And then I do scratch the surface of this photographer WordPress theme.

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Multilingual WordPress?

You want to make your site a multilingual WordPress site and looking for the best plugin? WPML is the perfect companion to facilitate the management of your site, and also maximize your WordPress SEO in all the languages ​​that you are targeting.

11 – Lime Photographer WordPress Theme


Certainly, Lime is a theme type full page, but it is not everything. Indeed, this theme is based on the flat design to offer you a modern user experience, all in a setting responsive.

Side customization, you will have access to over 100 shortcodes to create unique pages, 600 web fonts to choose the one that suits you, but also slideshow to infinity, the ability to choose your colors predilections or customize your CSS for the more adventurous of you.

12 – Nomad, Photographer WordPress Theme


In the world of photographic themes for WordPress, there is also for those of us who are not professional and wants to share their photos with their sandstone walks. Nomad is part of this type of WordPress theme. Simple, clear and intuitive interface that displays your content in the form of a blog. All format responsive. Dare I say “obviously” because today a WordPress theme is almost always a responsive theme. But it would be wrong to underestimate all the work that it requires the designer of this type of theme.

You prefer to make videos? No worries, this WordPress theme there has already thought!

13 – Fable Theme WordPress Photographer


Fable is a WordPress theme that was designed first and foremost to achieve a quality blog, setting up a narrative effect through different layouts. Built in order to facilitate the reading thanks to its wide format, even your longer stay a pleasure to read notes. Fable is a WordPress template enjoying the effect responsive, and an unlimited choice in the number of colors by using the color wheel in the administration interface. Floods shortcodes and easy to grip administration interface are not the only benefits of the themes. Indeed, we will find templates for page cut tickets, pictures and other contact page and sitemaps galleries will be valuable assets for this WordPress template.

14 – Divi, Photographer WordPress Theme


Before concluding our selection of WordPress themes by Divi, I present you the latest themes at Elegant Themes. Divi wants to be one of the most flexible and simple themes of grip offered by the professional team of developers themes. Thanks to WordPress, not need to know a single line of code theme because it comes accompanied by a page builder based on the Drag & Drop. In other words, only with your mouse, you will be able to design each page of your WordPress site. If you do not want to build your own pages, no problem. This theme also comes with 18 different page templates that allow you to embark on an adventure in record time. This theme would not be complete without being responsive. This means that whatever interface your users, your WordPress theme is still fit to give the best of himself. You want to make this multilingual theme is simple using the WordPress Multilingual Plugin WPML .

15 – Mercury, Photographer WordPress Theme


Whether you prefer black or white, this WordPress theme comes in two versions to leave it to you to choose the one you prefer. Moreover, it is not the only aspect where the choice is up to you. In fact, you also prefer the full screen style or mansorie style, yet you choose.

Compatible with WPML and WooCommerce, WordPress theme that offers a huge range, allowing you to create both a WordPress site into as many languages ​​as you want to create eshop. Perfect for anyone who does not want to set limits on both the choice of theme.

Small detail that I love, this theme is responsive. Okay, this is not a scoop. But what I particularly like is that the responsive version, the menu changes to menu off kind canvas. You do not know what a menu type off canvas? Rather than words, I invite you to explore this theme, and resize your browser to see for yourself. This type of menu is the menu for future mobile interface at low resolution.

16 – HexFolio, Photographer WordPress Theme


Another theme full page type? Yes and no. While the first image you see on this theme can be in full screen according to your resolution. But the real strength of this theme is to be a theme type one page. Indeed, on the home page you will find everything goes well, the Silder image, through galleries or preview your team.

One of the themes page type are trendy, and certainly the best way to present your content in a modern angle. In addition, this theme plays on the parallax effects, animate what your background images.

17 – Photographer WordPress Theme Milano,


Some originilité, it is never wrong, provided they do not break with the habits of Internet users. And originality, this WordPress theme does not lack. We chose to do a screen capture with a classic menu, positioned in the middle of the image in full screen. But know that this famous menu can take different forms, from classical to the menu in the form of thumbnails. What guide the mouse of your visitors to your most important categories.

Compatible with WPML , translate and internationalize this WordPress theme will be a breeze. As customization is done via a dedicated interface. For those of us who are afraid of not getting the same output as the presentation theme, this theme is accompanied by a set of test load in one click. Enough to tackle the layout of the site quickly.

18 – Vertex, Elegant WordPress Theme


Vertex is a WordPress theme designed primarily to showcase your work on the web, you’re a photographer, freelance or development agency. From the home page of this WordPress template, we find everything you need to highlight your accomplishments, as long as you have great images at your disposal. We meet again on the home page, highlighting your projects and an original presentation of your skills and those of your team. We particularly appreciated the fact that when you browse vertically WordPress template, it gives the impression that your WordPress site anime, starting with only a few images and a beautiful effect in Ajax. Several dozen shortcodes are provided with this WordPress theme. We will be left more than to customize this WordPress template in our colors to make a unique copy.

19 – ShowyCase, Photographer WordPress Theme


ShowyCase is a WordPress theme with a modern design that combines modern layout with a provision of elements while vertical.

We love this theme offers immediately two types of colors, one light and one dark, to start on a good path. Then you customize either by loading images in the background, either by customizing the primary and secondary colors of your future WordPress theme as well. Plus four different formats for your home page, there will be no two websites that be like with this WordPress theme photographer.

Want more? What do you say 13 page templates to create your site or different shortcodes for 30 layouts without limits? You want to internationalize your theme? Then you can simply install WPML because all the files are already present in this WordPress template to do.

20 – Chemistry, Photographer WordPress Theme


Conclude our selection of twenty Photographer WordPress themes by theme type wall picture or Mansory. Here, everything is done to highlight all your accomplishments in the blink of an eye.

Due to its flat design style icon, your website will be at the forefront of modernity, while creating a clear space and easy to use for your users.

Optimized for tablets and smartphones, the overall rendering your site will always be perfect.

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