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20 WordPress Themes Hotel

Whether you want to use WordPress to make a hotel reservation site, or use WordPress to showcase your hotel, no doubt, our selection of WordPress themes hotel will help you greatly. You will find in our selection of WordPress themes, themes for hotels that do more than just provide you with a graphical interface made professional, in addition to this, these themes embark dedicated functionality, presentation rooms in the booking interface and payment. Real web applications. If you’re more the type to want to promote your hotel with beautiful pictures and beautiful descriptions, we also think of you with a selection of WordPress theme hotel made for this type of need. Finally, as the hotel is changing, we also propose a WordPress theme made for those renting apartments to tourists.

1 – for Hermes Hotel, Hotel WordPress Theme

Begin our selection of wordpress themes for hotels by WordPress theme designed by the very famous Peerapong. For those who do not know him yet, here is done! As usual, we are dealing here with a theme graphics undeniable qualities, which in addition to the right tone to be easily customizable. With a feature list as long as my arm, I would write a novel comes to end. Here’s what happens when we try to summarize:

  • Unlimited colors,
  • Page creation by clicking / filed
  • Download manager font,
  • Manager contact,
  • WordPress SEO thought from the beginning,
  • 3 different layouts for your portfolios,
  • 7 custom widgets,

Hermes has all the attributes to highlight your hotel with just WordPress.

2 – Nice Hotel, Hotel WordPress Theme

Make way, coming Nice hotel, with a list of features that makes your head spin. Imagine a site Multilingual WordPress by WPML , a reservation system integrated, ease of handling and management disconcerting, not to mention the party or witness events … this is still the best. This is what this topic is trying to do, you get the greatest number of services in the same WordPress theme. With this WordPress theme, you have everything on hand, and immediately.

3 – Guesthouse, Hotel WordPress Theme

Guest House is part of the club of WordPress themes themes most downloaded. And for good reason. This WordPress theme has been designed from the ground up to suit the hotels. Better, it also intends to be a theme for sports centers. Even if it is not the purpose of this selection WordPress themes, it is always good to know that can make other services. Guest House in eyeful, both in graphics and in terms of functionality. With a responsive interface type of sliders last generation, a plethora of shortcodes, this theme also focuses on the implementation of the design in accordance with the principles MCV (Model View Controller) guaranteeing the independence between the data and the aesthetics of the site. You want a WordPress site multilingual? This theme is compatible with the best plugin market WPML.

4 – Hotel Classica WordPress Theme Hotel

You are a professional and looking for a WordPress theme WordPress which leaves no guess that is not you? So you’ll have to head to a theme like Hotel Classica. Why? Because the author of this theme everything to turn it into WordPress theme white label, or, in other words, theme you can customize the administration interface with your company logo. Of course, Hotel Classica is a WordPress theme which is intended primarily for the hospitality industry with a design highlighting your photos, but also the content of your site. Parties portfolios and testimonials are waiting for you, along with shortcodes, 4 page templates, using jQuery or functionality of automatic resizing of images.

5 – Queen Hotel, Hotel WordPress Theme

Conceived and designed by the same developer as the previous theme, we find in this WordPress theme all the same benefits, including a viewpoint WordPress theme white label. Queen Hotel is also a page dedicated to your bedrooms, performance part blog, part testimony attractive, beautiful picture galleries, over five different layout, and of course, many useful shortcodes.

6 – The Palace Hotel WordPress Theme

When AurelienD designer of this WordPress theme, thought to this subject, I think he has to say something like “I’ll make the perfect WordPress theme for hotels, and other Bread & Breakfast B & B”. For you to see if the bet is successful. What is certain is that this WordPress theme literally plunges us into your world with a slider on the homepage of the most imposing. Customizing this theme is highlighted with the ability to choose colors, internationalize your site as you see fit, or the loading of a set of test content. Small detail, this theme is based on a reservation system for your hotel products.

7 – Ammon WordPress Theme Hotel

Simple, elegant, easy to customize, of Ammon any WordPress theme perfect for your hotel. Responsive WordPress theme, Ammon put in large part on the image, offering no less than ten different sliders. I’ll let you image the possibilities this opens up in terms of creativity. The layout is not left out with the possibility to choose the one that suits you among many others, but choose your colors or even rarer, choose the shade of your images. And yes, it’s the details that make the difference.

8 – Artica Hotel WordPress Theme

Your hotel is situated in a particularly cold spot on the globe? And if you choose a WordPress theme that emphasizes this feature? With Artica, no doubt, your customers will immediately know that even in summer, it is better to leave the big wool. This theme really would not be complete without a good multilingual support. Not to reinvent the wheel, the designer of this WordPress theme has preferred to rely on the best plugin on the market – in my opinion – which is WPML.

9 – Fullscreen, Hotel WordPress Theme

With such a name, this WordPress theme is mystery can the fact that it is a WordPress theme type full page. But what the name of this theme does not say is that it is very original in its positioning of menus. Result of a long development work, this theme will highlight the best photos from your hotel, while paying special attention to SEO. After all, if you have a website, it is perhaps to find new customers, right?

10 – Qreator, Hotel WordPress Theme

Tired of sliders static images, where the only option you have is to choose the proposed transition effect between your images? Discover Qreator is a slider that will carry you. With this slider, you can manage the effect of targeted manner to play a cinematic frame, I love it. The aesthetics of this theme is no exception, with no less than 6 templates radically different from each other.

11 – Printing, Hotel WordPress Theme

Printing is a theme resolutely turned towards the image, especially with the use of a beautiful slider. In addition to ultra-wide screen, the slider is different, with an original use of tabs. To discover the effect is really well done. Compatible with WPML Multilingual part to ensure your WordPress site, this theme is designed from HTML5 and CSS3, along with 200 fonts and writing dozens of layout for your portfolios as well as tons of shortcodes for you authorize endless customization of this theme.

12 – Momento WordPress Theme Hotel

Designing a website for a hotel without putting forward great pictures, it’s not very seller. Then continue this WordPress theme selection for hotels in this beautiful theme, using it as a beautiful slider. What the envy from the home page. With assistance in English, very well done, you can customize and use this theme within minutes, whether in color or layout of the homepage, for example. If you’re not a fan of reading, know that the documentation of this theme is also available in video format. Practice!

13 – Creator WordPress Theme Hotel

Design sweet as a candy, here is WordPress theme that summarizes what, 100% ready to become a WordPress site multilingual. Available in four versions, we have the classic theme, an alternative to Christmas, another for the purpose jeans, and the last marble effect. Whatever the season, you will follow your WordPress theme.

14 – Longpage, Hotel WordPress Theme

Longpage is a versatile theme that will suit many use cases. Become a theme hotel is also part of his vocation. If this theme is called Longpage, it is not by chance. The specificity of this theme is to offer you a home very close to that found in the one-page WordPress themes. The effect is guaranteed. What sets this theme of a one-page classic theme is that you can attach data blocks to all your pages, homepage included.

15 – Aspiration, Hotel WordPress Theme

Aspiration is a WordPress theme sober and classy at the same time, using no less than six versions of the page, so you can give free rein to your creativity. Designed for SEO and internationalization, Aspirations will highlight photos from your hotel with a very broad presentation of the latter. The fonts, the number 200, the colors and the sliders are all elements at your disposal for complete customization of your theme.

16 – Lamoon, Hotel WordPress Theme

You have to admit, beautiful images, it is a dream. Anyway, me, it makes me dream 🙂 You better understand the importance of being able to highlight all of your best images? With this, the first effect will be to say WOW. Thought to be visible on all screens in the market, this theme hotel will help you find new customers and promote.

17 – Saphis, Hotel WordPress Theme

Sophis is an elegant WordPress theme, vintage look pronounced. Five very different design were thought to satisfy the greatest number, while maintaining a very strong retro side. Like the JavaScript effects? You will not be disappointed with this theme, the author had fun.

18 – Compound, Hotel WordPress Theme

Compound is a theme so universal, it is not very complicated to customize it to do exactly what one wants. If you want to use for your hotel site, no problem. This theme can adapt to all types of constraints to transform either compact and minimalist site, or by theme for content heavy site. Compatibility with mobile devices has been a very important point in the development of this theme in order to provide support for rendering high quality.

19 – The Vacation Rental, Hotel WordPress Theme

You also made the lease, but it is not the room, but instead of apartments? No doubt, you will be convinced by this theme minimalist in terms of graphics. When one speaks of minimalism in terms of graphics, it is much more than a quality defect. Imagine that you need to include a very specific design theme already overloaded, it becomes very difficult to deconstruct without any break. So if you just need to build, things are much less sensitive.

20 – Island Travel, Hotel WordPress Theme

Finish our selection by theme WordPress theme that makes me dream. Indeed, it is a question here to rent islands. I see it now, the feet in hot water, fine sand … sorry, I lost 😉 So of course, this topic is not addressed only to owners of islands for rent, if the market is somewhat limited. It is quite possible to use this theme for all hotel near the sea and sand.

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