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20 WordPress Themes 100% in French

It must be admitted, many WordPress themes are available in English majorities. For those who do not speak the language of Shakespeare, it can meet the challenges even if the WordPress themes are becoming easier to grip. Today I invite you to discover a list of 20 WordPress themes in French. This means that when you install your WordPress template, a French translation file will be available immediately, eliminating the need to learn English just to install and configure your WordPress theme. Menu of our WordPress themes in French, we will find WordPress themes for all needs. WordPress templates to create an eCommerce site, WordPress themes to design a showcase site, WordPress templates for this! Note that the majority of WordPress themes in French we invite you to discover are available also in English, and often in other languages ​​such as Spanish. Once a WordPress theme bear several languages, I would tell you in his description. So near to discover our selection of 20 WordPress themes in French? Go!

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Multilingual WordPress?

You want to make your site a multilingual WordPress site and looking for the best plugin? WPML is the perfect companion to facilitate the management of your site, and also maximize your WordPress SEO in all the languages ​​that you are targeting.

01 – Sintia, French WordPress Theme


Begin our selection of WordPress themes by French Sintia. This theme is a theme in French because it is also available in Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, and of course, also in English. This WordPress theme in French was expected to meet many needs, whether for an agency website, lawyer, real estate agency, gym, medical center … short, for everything you want to do. To achieve this, no secret. A flexible administration interface allowing you to customize every aspect of this WordPress theme made in HTML5 and CSS3. For connoisseurs, it also means that WordPress template is responsive, and it is therefore fit all screens your users, small smartphone screens to large desktops. Better, WordPress theme also has a special interface for the slider, so that users can touch devices also use it without problem. Speaking of slider, five are at your disposal, allowing you to highlight all of your content as you see fit. We love that the slider fits perfectly with the rest of the site, including being well integrated with the special menu. Enough to make even more immersive experience.

02 – Gridiron, French WordPress Theme


Gridiron is a WordPress template in French primarily thought to be the basis for a content site where the image to its rightful place. Fully compatible with WPML you will be able to create a truly multilingual WordPress website with ease. Side customization, we are not left with the French WordPress template with a home page that supports widgets, the ability to load its own funds site, more than eight slots for widgets on every page of this WordPress site or access to personalized as a carousel widget widgets, a widget for Flickr for portfolios for customer testimonials, and everything you need for Twitter.

03 – Kelta, French WordPress Theme


WordPress themes continue in French, not just French with Kelta. Indeed, this WordPress theme not support less than six languages ​​from the installation. Kelta is a theme in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, but also in Russian. In addition to being a WordPress theme resolutely oriented multilingual Kelta support WPML to make a site accessible Multilingual also for your users. Responsive theme of the 1100 pixel 320 pixel, no doubt, all your users will benefit from optimal rendering and quality. To easily take over this theme, no less than twenty video tutorials are available.

04 – Aegaeus Themes WordPress French


Aegaeus is a WordPress theme in French which is already in its third version, is that to be a theme that works well! Delivered in French, English and Dutch, this theme does not owe its success solely to this, even if we are certain that it contributes greatly. Of course, it is also fully compatible with WPML to your visitors are also in the best steps to find the content you have to offer their. What I like about this theme, besides a more modern design is its administration interface that will help you to install the best plugins you indicating which, according to him, are missing. Another detail, which is of great importance, this theme also comes with a landing page. This will be perfect for those of us wanting to make the pub, or to welcome some visitors in the optimal conditions for conversion.

05 – UDesign Themes WordPress French


If you follow a few WordPress themes, no doubt you already know UDesign, since we are talking about one of the most downloaded WordPress themes at Envato with over 33,000 downloads. If UDesign knows so clear successes, it is not for nothing. Hang on, because the features are more than many. At first, let the side languages. UDesign is native support for 14 languages, excuse us shortly. The menu of this translation we find, French, English, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Israeli, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese … and also support WPML . That alone already is impressive. But in addition, we have to do an armed theme for SEO, with careful work to meet all the standards of SEO with WordPress . Designed to adapt to all situations, UDesign offers us more full support WooCoomerce, perfect to use WordPress as a support for your eCommerce site.

06 – Awalmag Themes WordPress French


WordPress Theme designed to provide support for your future shopping online, Awalmag comes delivered in French, English and Arabic. We find this theme in everything that made ​​the success of WordPress templates pro, through the responsive, access to Google font characters, and of course the support of RTL. Those of you wondering what the RTL, no, it is not a radio, but the support of writing from right to left. Essential when you want to provide Arabic and all languages ​​written from right to left.

07 – Nunta, French WordPress Theme


Gone are the days where people were invited to a wedding by mail. Welcome to the 21st century with a WordPress theme is for those going to marry and willing to share it on the web. As love has no border or language, this WordPress theme designers have had the good idea to provide a translation in no less than six languages ​​in addition to English. We find ourselves in this topic German and Spanish Italian French version, Romanian, Russian. We love the home page where to find the bride and groom, just move the mouse over the two rounds of colors with their names. Several events are noted more in this WordPress theme, such as hearts or a nice counter for how long you have left to find the perfect gift.

08 – Ambro, French WordPress Theme

07-Ambrosian theme-wordpress-french

WordPress themes perfect for creating a blog or its online magazine, Ambro in addition to being available in French, comes accompanied premium plugins like Weather – $ 6 – SocialBox – $ 6 – and Polaroid Slider – $ 8 . With no less than 22 custom widgets, you will be able to create a home page, and other pages, unique look. In addition, this WordPress theme French offer to create a site based on efficient eCommerce for WooCommerce. And if you want to make your site multilingual eCommerce completely, simply download WPML which is fully compatible with WooCommerce. Available both in red, in blue or pink, the layout is also varied with either full page or column to the right or left, you choose.

09 – Zig Zag WordPress Theme French


Zig Zag is a WordPress theme with sweet retro look, and the whole format One page. Thus, your visitors find all information directly on the home page. Can be found on the central page of your site, a slider, spaces free writes, about the part, but also your portfolio and all the work you have already done. Although we talk about a topic one page, the blog part has its own pages to help you in your SEO, but also allow to publish articles of high quality. Translated base in multiple languages, we find ourselves in this WordPress theme, French, English, but also Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, but also rarer, Bulgarian. Several page templates will be available as a filterable portfolio, including a contact page immediately a CAPTCHA system to prevent spam and still many other layouts that you will imagine thanks to its many shortcodes provided base.

10 – GrandBoutique Themes WordPress French


Always in search of the WooCommerce WordPress theme french you need to get started on the adventure? And if you discover GrandBoutique a WordPress sober and built for eCommerce WordPress theme? Retina Ready and responsive display to ensure unparalleled quality, this WordPress theme will also offer you to create your pages easily using the plugin Revolution PageBuilder. With this plugin, need to look into the code of your site design original pages. With the mouse, you will build the pages of your WordPress site as you see fit. We also like that this WordPress theme embeds essential for your eCommerce site as product pages you Offerors zoom effects to product overview with the mouse, or functionality reminder that your users feel confident about your site.

11 – Campaign WordPress Theme French


When making policy, make known his ideas or actions is essential. With the emergence of internet, almost everybody has access. So what better than to create a website, especially with WordPress. It has become so easy, there is not even need to have a whole team behind. Campaign is just a WordPress theme oriented towards building a website for the elections, with minimal need for knowledge technique to get there. Better, this theme also allow you to share it with other users of tablet and smartphone. We find love in this theme can insert easily videos, photos, but there is a dedicated space for all those wanting to join your political campaign by registering quickly on your site with their email and through Email Capture plugin service. And as a campaign, it also costs money, everything has been thought by allowing your fans to make a donation with Paypal or other online payment system. Do not forget either the colors available, because many parties are assigned a color. It is not for nothing that we speak of political color elsewhere. So make your choice, red, blue, green or yellow.

12 – Automotive, French WordPress Theme


Your passion, or your business is in the car? Then you will have to a WordPress theme tailor-made. This is what we propose Automotive, a WordPress theme available in more than forty different languages. I’ll spend the full list of supported languages, but of course the French is part of the list. Automotive is a WordPress theme that will allow car dealers to be very precise descriptions of their cars by offering many fields as available stock, price, discount possible, year of design, style, colors available for the exterior and interior of the car, the engine type, transmission type, vehicle weight, anti-theft and now I pass systems. Side rendering, we appreciate the presence of ajax to all floors, including the transition, which will offer you all more than a dozen different styles. As a bonus, although this theme loaded with ajax, leaves nothing to chance in SEO creating a unique URL for each of the loaded elements.

13 – MyCV Themes WordPress French


We sell everything on the web, starting with either yourself. MyCV is, as its name suggests, perfect for simply create a resume type site theme. Share a sober approach all in black and white, is a theme MyCV One Page, allowing you to highlight all your skills on a single page. When is recruiter was not the time to discover over the clicks that a person has to offer. This page One approach is essential. In addition to the opportunity to highlight its past, this theme thought while allowing you to create a true CV zone, where it will be possible to detail all of your previous posts and responsibilities achievements. Story to fill their eyes, your new site will be responsive and CV Retina Ready.

14 – Harmony, French WordPress Theme


Your passion is music? Then share it with a WordPress theme specially designed for it. Whether you’re a musician or you want to share music, Harmony will allow you both to share songs with support for widgets playing music, or to know the tour dates of your favorite artists or your group with a page event handling. Also featured in this WordPress full of good ideas oriented music as a page listing the albums, or pages where music is the queen theme.

15 – Spa, French WordPress Theme


Spa is the WordPress theme you need if you plan to create WordPress site is facing a spa or restaurant. Translated into Russian, German, Romanian and French course, this WordPress theme allows you to customize all thanks to the support of Google fonts character, or even a truly multilingual interface with WPML . Depending on what you want to do, both interfaces will be available, one for the Spa, one for restaurants. We find as well as a map of your benefits or the menu of your restaurant, the possibility to book directly from your website. If you decide to push the experience further, Spa is 100% compatible with WooCommerce, what allow your guests to pay in advance their benefits or menu.

16 – Editor, French WordPress Theme


With a name like this, no doubt, we have to make a WordPress theme designed for magazines. Simple but professional design, this theme will allow you to put your news in picture, video or just in the text form. It will be appreciated that the home page is done in such a way which allows you to easily highlight many content. Whether on the home page, or on the blog part, the site is fully customizable without needing to be an expert in development. In addition, the dual system menu will allow you to highlight many different categories, which come without encroaching on each other. When a magazine is online, you need to pay one way or another. Editor will not forget, and offers 4 different formats for highlighting your advertising, without becoming invasive to your readers.

17 – Soufflé, French WordPress Theme

14 Blast-theme-wordpress-french

Since 2011, Google with its Android system has decided to standardize its GUI by implementing Holo for Holographic. Simply put, before the onset of Holo, everyone was free to propose their own graphical interfaces. But at the risk of heterogeneity that was running Android, Google has changed its policy for the delight of developers. If I talk about this is not only fun, but above all because this WordPress theme has decided to live the same graphical experience to the users. In addition to trying to reproduce the user experience, the designer of this WordPress theme available in English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, and Spanish, we offer support WPML and WooCommerce.

18 – Progressio WordPress Theme French


Progressio is a WordPress theme that focuses on customizability near unlimited. It is possible to change the interface using skin switcher, change the layout of your pages with over one hundred shortcodes, use any page homepage for one of the six variants of layout, define a different background sending a new image or defining a color, but also set the color of any part of the theme. Of course, this WordPress theme comes with a translated version in French, otherwise it would not be in this selection. But it is also translated into German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian that you expect.

19 – Studium, French WordPress Theme


This WordPress template is a creative studio Vamtam. Said like that, I think it tells you nothing. But behind it lurks the previous theme. Thus, we will not be surprised to find the same type of customization possible, and the same translated languages. The big difference between the two themes residing primarily in the general layout.

20 – SwagMoment Themes WordPress French


With SwagMoment I ais kept you best for last as this WordPress theme is simply bleuffant at its design. This WordPress theme is a theme Page One very modern design, surfing the wave of themes parralax. No doubt it will do much about him in the near future. Designed to highlight your agency or your freelance qualities, SwagMoment used with great ingenuity colors and transition effects, without forgetting the practical side. I love this central menu that invites you to discover the rest of the site, and that turns into classic menu as soon as you start to scroll through the rest of the site.

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