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Everything evolves, the material at our disposal, software, web standards, then it is natural that the design evolves with our consumption. After all, the design is not there to be beautiful, it must be functional. The Flat design is one of the latest innovations in the design of interfaces for operating systems, but also any software, and even websites. The flat design literally invaded our daily lives, more so if you have a computer with Windows8. Most of the flat design is undoubtedly ease the interface, while clearly separating the elements from each other. I invite you to discover a selection of 20 WordPress Design Flat bold, where you will find WordPress themes Flat Design for estate agents, showcases sites, WordPress Design Flat portfolios, or as very amazing themes. In this last section, do not hesitate to discover Amada, the theme of our 12th selection of templates WordPress flat design. The home page is the most amazing. Or you are going to use one of these themes for WordPress project? Feel free to share your favorite links in the comments. Good discovery of these 20 WordPress themes flat design.

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1 – Realia, WordPress Theme Design Flat

Once is not custom, begin our selection of WordPress themes flat design with a specialized theme in place is of a general theme. But I could not resist to the environment you know Realia, a flat WordPress theme design for real estate agents or anyone renting or selling real estate. And the least we can say is that more than one real estate agent does not have a web site that comes close to this WordPress theme. To believe that many real estate agents have not yet heard of WordPress and fabulous templates already created for this type of activity. It will be appreciated from the home page, you can see at a glance all of the property offered for sale or lease on a beautiful map GoogleMaps. In addition to being a beautiful flat design theme, this WordPress template is responsive and based on BootStrap, available in more than 500 variations, supports the latest API programming and dslIDXPress WordPress.

2 – Cluster WordPress Theme Design Flat

Place the image! This WordPress theme will beautify your pictures with smartphone in the example in the beautiful slider on the home page, all with Retina ready interface, of course I dare say. I leave you to discover for yourself this home version responsive page. The result is very well done. WordPress theme primarily designed to showcase your portfolio, you will find in this issue all you need to create stunning portfolios with your achievements. With the support of more than 10 different formats ticket, there is something left up to your imagination.

3 – Shift, WordPress Theme Design Flat

With 124.1 million blogs, Tumblr is not a small player. Luckily, WordPress either. So if you like the interface of a Tumblr site, but for anything you would spend WordPress, then this theme is for you. This theme takes obviously all codes responsive design to apply a theme that transforms your WordPress site into a Tumblr for your visitors. The large number of features as we appreciate the opportunity to define each of background images and its opacity? Lovers of the images have that has been clearly stand with this WordPress theme, your photos will be featured.

4 – Glider WordPress Theme Design Flat

If you are looking for a WordPress theme flat design that can suit a large variety of projects WordPress, then you should Glider challenge. Glider is a WordPress theme flat design that relies on the support of complex plugins like WooCommerce or BBPress yet. Just with these two plugins, and this theme, you will develop hundreds of different sites. Her 7 put into different pages, and 960 icons at your disposal will help to achieve this objective clearly.

5 – Aeolus, WordPress Theme Design Flat

Thought to be perfect for business websites minimalist theme, Aeolus will surprise you with the play of colors used. These colors allow to attract the attention of your readers, while clearly defining each part of your site. If we were talking ergonomics, we would say that grouping by color is essential. Again, luscious slider welcome your visitors, without taking the screen, revealing the rest of the content included in this page. Feel free to define what those elements because it will be you who will design your homepage. The interface for creating pages will help you to design your pages, including the homepage, in a few clicks.

6 – Showy, WordPress Theme Design Flat

The flat design is perfect for designing templates sober design and light. No wonder that is Showy fall into this category WordPress theme, as well as in the category of portfolio themes. In addition to highlighting quality work, the designer of this WordPress theme focuses on the quality and timeliness of support. Will be sure to never find yourself in an impossible situation makes this WordPress theme.

7 – Flat, Flat WordPress Theme Design

The least we can say is that this WordPress theme is rather unique kind. It’s not every day that you discover such a full page theme for WordPress or nothing encroaches on your images, the result is impressive. And this achievement is due to the use of a menu of more discreet because normally, this type of menu is exclusively used in the responsive version of the theme. The idea is simple, but the result is the most original. Most importantly, with the emergence of touch interfaces, menu type became common, so understood by all users. This is a detail not to be overlooked. I invite you to explore this topic to discover the layout … rather amazing.

8 – Hypertext, WordPress Theme Design Flat

Hypertext is a WordPress theme type design portfolio flat so conceived for all those wanting to showcase their achievements through photos, text or videos. Very simple to learn, whether you’re a beginner or an expert WordPress. Beginners will appreciate the ease with which pages are created with this WordPress theme, and experts will enjoy this theme based on the frameword home Wope Framework will facilitate the integration of customer requests. Lovers bargains appreciate the presence of the plugin Revolution slide and Isotope, a savings of $ 40 … the price of this WordPress template.

9 – Bloq, WordPress Theme Design Flat

Bloq is a home page that uses both a slider taking all of your screen if you are in a low resolution and a wall sticker. This is much like a project that our WordPress agency will soon post. We update this post at that time, for you to enjoy. You see, the wall stickers products gives a very qualitative result. We find in this WordPress template everything that made the success of pro themes, the ability to change colors, define your layouts, all in a setting responsive, perfect to ensure a good display on all screens.

10 – Arto, WordPress Theme Design Flat

Arto is a theme that offers us a responsie interface in flat design, and highly colorful, for those of you with an artistic soul, and want it shows. The simplicity of grip is essential for this WordPress theme, providing you with a quality administration interface specially designed to give you access to all the elements of your WordPress template and customize it to no limit. So you can choose a color from the proposed infinity, or select a font of writing among the 500 that will be proposed. Will ensure you have a fully customized website.

11 – Vetro, WordPress Theme Design Flat

Vetro is a theme that applies the rules of the flat design, and it shows in the menu, broken down into easy to understand blocks and simple to learn, that we interact with the site by hand or smiled. Through its interface customization, this WordPress theme will bend to your every whim graphics, and all for all resolutions since this topic is also responsive. Know more WordPress theme that is perfect for WordPress Multilingual thanks to WPML support. Moreover, in addition to being delivered in English version, we are pleased to note that the Spanish version is also available to us. The same goes for BBPress which is natively supported by this WordPress template.

12 – Amada, WordPress Theme Design Flat

If you are reading these lines, then there are very high chances that you will be surprised by this WordPress theme. Indeed, Amada is really not a theme like the others, and the home page offers an immediate overview, forget your landmarks. Indeed, if I tell you that the above image is a screen capture of the latter, I think you have to ask what this page can look and function well. One way to really know is to test either by himself. Feel free to leave your impressions in the comments.

13 – Forest, WordPress Theme Design Flat

As you think, is not it kind of funny to call Forest when selling his work on a site called ThemeForest? If the wink is clear to everyone, it is still surprising that the name is only took today. To believe that the simplest ideas are the hardest to get. I leave you to ponder the above. Regarding the template itself, Forest offers the perfect interface to make your WordPress site, your site portfolio type, all with a flat design design.

14 – Designy, WordPress Theme Design Flat

Remain in the field of design and modern WordPress themes with Designy. With a name like this, the opposite would have been a shame. Through thoughtful colors, 4 posts customs custom types and 9 different page templates, Designy offers professional results in just a few minutes of customization.

15 – Creatiz, WordPress Theme Design Flat

If you subscribe to our newsletter WordPress WeekPress, then you should already know Creatiz since we put forward recently.

Creatiz is a WordPress theme that will delight both beginners looking for a way to take control of theme and sober graphically as web agencies working with WordPress looking for a theme that will serve as a basis for all of your development.

To make your life easier and save you valuable time, this WordPress template will provide you with a template builder pages, which will allow you to give free rein to your imagination, not your theme does not come up to your limit approach.

16 – PrimaShop, WordPress Theme Design Flat

For those of you who follow us, you know, I love the e-Commerce. It is not for nothing that our agency made numerous web projects e-commerce oriented, and always with WordPress, it goes without saying. I’m happy to present you PrimaShop, a WordPress theme that is perfect for WooCommerce since the designer took the theme is to make this plugin compatible with WordPress e-Commerce.

17 – Alfie, WordPress Theme Design Flat

Competition is often a good thing to stimulate creativity and push ever further tools to help users take control of their theme without any fear and without any difficulty. Alfie falls into this category theme, where administration interface has been developed with the same care as the interface to your users. We find the menu of this WordPress theme a boxed version and one full width mode, the ability to choose your background images, or use the writing Googlefonts fonts. For you always have the feeling of being together in your discovery of this theme, the designer of this template provides video tutorials on YouTube. It is in English, but the images speak for themselves.

18 – Metrofolio, WordPress Theme Design Flat

Metrofolio will be perfect for those of you looking for a WordPress theme design course using the flat but also draws heavily from the Metro interface of Windows 8 theme drawn. If you know a little W8, I am sure you will immediately see why I say this. This interface is particularly suitable for the implementation of a portfolio-type site. After all, the name of this theme is self-sufficient even to describe, it is not so common.

19 – Coffee & Cream, WordPress Theme Design Flat

When I tell you the name of a WordPress theme rarely reflects what it contains, it would be difficult to better illustrate my point with you in Coffee & Cream, as it is not a theme that to highlight the café. Coffee & Cream is actually a WordPress template One page, where you will find beautiful background effect during the course of this one-page site. Speaking a little one-page WordPress website, let me introduce you Toop-Toop.com , the latest achievement of our web agency in this area which is the HTML5 version of the site One page.

20 – RedStar, WordPress Theme Design Flat

To conclude this selection of 20 pro WordPress themes in flat design, I chose to talk about RedStar. So for all football fans, sorry to disappoint you, but this WordPress template is not a paean to Red Star Belgrade. But an ode to the flat design, and good deal. Indeed, this theme is accompanied by Visual Composer plugin and LayerSlider, chosen to be $ 40 in total. This makes us so a cost of $ 5 WordPress theme. Needless to say, this topic is well worth price. In addition to these plugins provides RedStar is compatible with WPML, all those to work with WordPress multilingual sites enjoy.

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