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20 WordPress Themes for your Business

Create a business website with WordPress, it really take no more than 5 minutes, if you find the right WordPress theme. Bloated with a selection of themes for WordPress, this is certainly not the easiest task. So, for your search WordPress theme do not take 10 times longer than the implementation strictly speaking your WordPress site, we have made a selection of WordPress theme perfect for businesses. You will find minimalist themes, themes responsives, customizable themes, themes reusable … and even themes which I can not find any other word that creative, so they are outside the norm.

1 – Verse, Company WordPress Theme

Begin our selection of WordPress theme for companies by Verse, a WordPress theme that is all about the sliders, customization and compatibility with most browsers. Verse is a subject that knows how to bow to your wishes. If you are quite demanding on the list of features expected by a pro WordPress theme, read this:

  • 4 different sliders (Nivo, Accordion, Anything slide and use static images)
  • Infinite colors,
  • 15 different layouts,
  • Internationalization
  • 4 sizes home page different
  • More than 50 shortcodes,
  • more than 30 different handwriting fonts,

The list is very long, I suggest you to discover it all by yourself.

2 – Enterprise Business WordPress Theme

With a name like this, it’s hard to miss as you talk about WordPress theme for businesses. In addition to having the perfect name, this theme to all the features of the perfect theme for your company website, thanks to its simple and neat side. Fast to load, Enterprise is a WordPress theme that you propose to integrate your online HTML5 development, rely on the Customs Posts types, use one of nine different layouts or access a well supplied documentation.

3 – Subtle, Enterprise WordPress Theme

You want your future WordPress theme puts your photos before? I suggest you find out what WordPress theme that uses a slider massive homepage. Simple, minimalist and uncluttered, this theme will suit both agencies in search of a theme that can be easily modified, to all those looking for a simple theme and powerful.

4 – Child Enterprise, Enterprise WordPress Theme

Child themes are themes theme or desextensions still existing theme. The theme we propose to discover is a child theme of the famous theme Genesis. This theme is therefore based on Genesis, and inherits all the qualities, enjoying the passage of a makeover to become the essential theme of your business.

5 – Spark Enterprise WordPress Theme

Spark is a theme that will allow your WordPress site to maintain a professional appearance, regardless of the device used to connect to your site. In addition to being responsive, Spark is a WordPress theme that installs and configures itself in less than 60 seconds, this is the promise of the author of the WordPress theme.

6 – U-Design WordPress Theme Company

U-Design is a theme that speaks to anyone paying attention to WordPress themes for a while. Indeed, U-Design WordPress Theme is a well thought out so he knows a great success for years since. Do not worry, the developer of the theme puts often outdated. In addition to being graphically rich, this WordPress theme is the assurance have everything on hand, WPML support, interface customization very thorough. You do not know U-Design? So do not leave here without going to see what it gives 😉

7 – Scope, Enterprise WordPress Theme

The difference between this and any other topic? Creative touch disseminated around this WordPress theme. With a theme like this, you give a youthful look to your image on the web. It will be appreciated that this WordPress theme offers us the possibility to define a different background image depending on where it is located on the site, I love it.

8 – London Creative + Business WordPress Theme

What better way to maximize their investment by choosing a WordPress theme that you can reuse later? Choose a theme that is more regularly updated by the author! How to find the rare pearl? Choose the most downloaded WordPress themes of course! London Creative + is a theme that ranks in the top 10 most downloaded themes, class. This theme has so many features that the author himself would advise you rather test online.

9 – Rockwell Business WordPress Theme

Rockwell is a WordPress theme with unique features. Easy to grip and easy to customize WordPress theme that will allow you that most will not allow you, unleash your creativity. Whatever is your business, this WordPress theme will make you happy. The best feature of this theme is bleuffante what the author calls this theme category manager. Behind this one obscure term, lies the ability to edit the shape of your site, depending on the category to which the user is located, and all this with your mouse. I saw ais interfaces creation, it is innovative and efficient.

10 – SmartStart Company WordPress Theme

SmartStart WP theme is simple, aesthetic and well coded, with a professional. This theme is perfect for all commercial activities that you can lead. Developed in HTML5 and CSS3 from the latest web technologies will make you great service, starting with having a site that is clearly visible on all digital media without effort.

11 – Prestige Enterprise WordPress Theme

Prestige is a WordPress theme that puts the packet on the abundance of shortcodes, custom interfaces, color variations, widgets, fonts, writings … to give you dizzy. With a theme which integrates many features, not a single site that uses this theme to look.

12 – Purity, Enterprise WordPress Theme

Purity is a minimalist WordPress theme while HTML5 and CSS3, made to suit those looking for a theme as well as a sober theme skeleton. Purity comes with a powerful administration interface, a gallery manager by clicking filed, the support of all the social networks through the multitude of available widget, or more than 20 models of different pages.

13 – Garnish Company WordPress Theme

Garnish is one of my favorite topics when it comes to WordPress theme which should highlight the work done by the company. Why I love him so much? Garnish as is a theme that will come and help you from the outset, for example by offering one coming soon page. This may look like a detail, but when you lose three days just for that, you say that you’d think sooner … This example sums up what Garnish, a WordPress theme very well thought out.

14 – Auzora, Enterprise WordPress Theme

Attention, we are dealing here with a theme out of the ordinary. Tired of sites without transition effects between pages? You will be spoiled. It’s really hard to classify this theme because it takes the concept of a one-page theme, while a classic shape. With thousands of sales under its belt, no doubt this theme in addition to conquer more than one, and understandably so.

15 – Humble, Enterprise WordPress Theme

You know what? I love the slider to the home page, and especially the navigation based on small pictures, it’s great! I amuse myself with a good time 😉 Humble is much more than a different formatting of your thumbnails, more than 100 shortcodes, layout limitless funds support images evolved over 19 different handwriting fonts, 7 custom widgets … Icing on the cake, this theme is optimized for SEO WordPress .

16 – The Cotton Company WordPress Theme

Designed for both beginners and advanced users, this WordPress theme has a flawless administration interface. Supported by an unlimited choice of colors, 3 different sliders, multiple layouts for your portfolios, or a choice of fonts abundant. The Cotton with, everything will be like velvet. The administration interface of this theme is one of the elements that make it a great success know. In fact, you can easily change the style, manage your sidebar dynamically create your own colors, use the interface flexible image management or the creation page, easily translate your site …. A real gold nugget.

17 – Clockstone, Enterprise WordPress Theme

Having a website is available in several languages, I would almost say that it should be natural. Internet abolishing any form of border, only the language is a wall between users. Have a multilingual site is ensuring it is visible on the internet and not just on the version located in your country. Think big.

18 – Reach Enterprise WordPress Theme

Reach is a WordPress theme responsive, stylish and easy to customize and take control. Aided by quality support, Reach is available in two colors, black or white. If you choose to customize this theme, you’ll be glad to know that it comes with a color picker to choose the color of your theme, a plugin to manage the background images on your site, or use formats for your publications.

19 – Anthology, Enterprise WordPress Theme

Simple, minimalist and flexible, here are three words that describes this WordPress theme. This WordPress theme is ideal when it comes to highlight your products, your job or why not yourself in an elegant and professional setting. Accompanied by a powerful administration interface, you can customize every part of this WordPress theme.

20 – Broadside, Enterprise WordPress Theme

Finish our selection of business WordPress theme with a theme that eyeful. The finale is important. Lovers of fireworks I do not contredirons. This WordPress theme is really amazing, offering to expose your images as works of art.

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