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WordPress is the most versatile tool on the market. It allows you to create any type of website. Today we will focus on what to destinations churches and religious communities. To do this, we have selected 20 professional WordPress themes, specially designed to enable you to create a website for your church or religious community.

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Multilingual WordPress?

You want to make your site a multilingual WordPress site and looking for the best plugin? WPML is the perfect companion to facilitate the management of your site, and also maximize your WordPress SEO in all the languages ​​that you are targeting.

01 – NativeChurch, Church WordPress Theme


Begin our selection of WordPress themes for churches by Native Church. This WordPress theme for churches is based on Bootsrap 3, which gives it undeniable qualities responsive, allowing it to be displayed without fault, regardless of the screen resolution of your visitors. Everything will be as Retina Ready to offer comfort reading your site having the chance to have a Retina display. Besides we propose a simple and modern in both design, this theme incorporates many thoughtful features to churches. For example, we find an event handler, which will be perfect to post upcoming events related to your church. This event handler can both be published on the home page as a countdown timer or on a dedicated page, which take the form of a calendar. We find this calendar all events to which your faithful can participate. Also featured is an audio portion / video to share your sermons, and a gallery of images generated by Isotope Gallery , a premium of $ 25 plugin. This plugin gallery management allows you to create interactive image galleries, all animated and enjoying transition effect. Its interface is manageable click the file to make your task easy. You can also create an endless number of galleries and each of your galleries will benefit from its own settings. Side customization, this theme comes in 10 different colors for you to choose immediately one that suits you best, and you will be able to choose two radically different set pages. To help you easily set up your religious site with this WordPress theme, Content Manager demo comes with this template. One click, and you will find the theme as you discovered. You will just replace the content with your own.

02 – Jesus Church, Church WordPress Theme


Jesus Church is a WordPress theme that focuses on sobriety. With this theme, no unnecessary frills, the site navigation is clear and intuitive. To allow you to insert what you want on your site, this theme WordPresss relies on many widget areas. The home page consists of a slider which allows you to highlight your message as well as the different parts of your site. Can be found on your site a page about a page of image gallery, but also a contact form for those wishing to contact you directly. To help you in your task on WordPress SEO, a blog is the game. This blog will also allow you to communicate about past and future events. A template for your pages also comes with this theme, allowing you to create as many pages as you want.

03 – Uplift, Church WordPress Theme


With uplift, change the location of your religious community in the 21st century. This religious WordPress by the principle that it is not because we are talking about religion need to be confined to an old-fashioned theme theme. And the bet is successful because all of this theme is a one-page theme parallax. For those of you who are wondering what this means, in a word, all your site is grouped on the same page. And every time you go down a little more in the page, you will have access to animations parallax kind. The final effect is a simple modern site of grip, and perfect for quickly discover all. Thus, your homepage will accommodate a full page slider, but also a description of your site, highlighting the management team of your religious community, your latest sermons and upcoming events. Sermons on the part, it is well thought out since it is made both in the form of a blog, but also lets you add sound, video, the ability to download in MP3 format, and why leave to introduce a PDF file. This is not because the preaching portion is in the form of a real blog blog is not incorporated. Instead, you will be able to set up a blog category that you will build together to offer your faithful reading, but also allow others to find you more easily, and thus enlarge your virtual community. For your faithful can easily organize and participate more in the life of your community, you will be able to create a space for event management in the form of calendar. Like any self-respecting modern WordPress site, it will offer your members a responsive site, which will allow them to connect from any interface, mobile or not, and take part fully content therein .

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Gravity Form is the most powerful form that exists in WordPress plugin. Thanks to him, build forms design and functionality without limit. With Gravity Form you can: create a form on a timely restrict user input, implement advanced fields, and even create functions types eCommerce prices changing according to user input. Gravity Form Test now!

04 – and Church Events, Church WordPress Theme


Designed for users with no experience in programming, and Church Events is a theme that will allow you to easily design a complex site for your religious community. And this means first of all by the fact that there is a Custom Post Type dedicated to your sermons, allowing you to easily put online, simply fill your pages as the admin you proposed . It is convenient and fast. Regarding the construction of other pages, the work is made intuitive thanks to the presence of a page builder based on click submit. Think of your pages, and simply build with the help of your mouse. Need to specifically develop your pages by a professional. And to embellish, you have access to a 1200 icons pack worth $ 39. Menu plugins supported, it will be appreciated that WooCommerce is part of the list. This will allow you to set up an online store where you will be able to sell what you produce faithful example. But this is not all, since QuForm and bbPress are also part. To manage your main slider is Slider Revolution is the game. Revolution slider is a premium plugin worth $ 19, which will allow you to build a responsive slider, animated by a myriad of factors like bubbles, arrows or thumbnails. In addition, this plugin is 100% compatible with WPML , the plugin of choice for the design of multilingual site with WordPress. Note also that the theme is 100% responsive, allowing you to be sure of rendering your site that your users connect from a large or small screen.

05 – Utmost, Church WordPress Theme


Utmost is a WordPress theme for churches that offers a modern setting form for your WordPress website or in the air. Thus, the slider that can be found on the home page is not a simple slider, it will offer you either insert a still image, or to insert a video. Practice in order to include a video montage of your religious community because we know that the video is now an important factor for all new generation Internet. To continue to get the message, preaching your religious community will be available as well as text, audio or video. It will be possible to insert MP3 files you can listen to from your site, or that can be downloaded onto a computer for listening to her MP3 player directly. For the video part is Vimeo and YouTube are supported. You will be able to sort your sermons by category, speakers, months or years. Perfect for providing all of your sermons, easily and intuitively.

06 – Jesus Way, Church WordPress Theme


Jesus Way is a WordPress theme which has been specially designed to incorporate all the features that a church could expect from his WordPress site, all in a setting responsive. Thus, we find ourselves in this theme a homepage that highlights a well-integrated slider, where it is possible to insert different images, all with four containers of content that fit come with a layering effect on the slider. There also find two inserts to highlight the content and part will be dedicated to managing your events. This theme is also accompanied by a gallery section and a blog party, always with SEO in mind. Compatible with WPML , this theme will allow you to carry your words in all languages, simply and intuitively. When it comes to do with WordPress Multilingual our answer is always the same, use WPML . So when a basic theme offers increased compatibility, there is no doubt of its use. This theme is responsive accompanied by 80 shortcodes, several formats of notes with the audio format and a general ability to customize the theme colors.

07 – Crossroads Church WordPress Theme


This WordPress theme has been designed to allow you to set before the events of your religious community, starting to come to your site because the slider will allow you to take these events to make the main axis of navigation on your site . Thought to be easily customizable, it comes along with many editable areas such as footer, sidebars and the slider. The administration interface allows you to enjoy 5 custom widgets that accompanies this WordPress theme. In addition, this theme comes with a unique management system images, allowing you to send your pictures quickly on your WordPress site and reuse as much as you want.

08 – Forgiven Church WordPress Theme


With its generous forms and can commune forgiven placed on originality, flashy colors, and capacities responsives pushed away to allow you to create a website for your church is modern and attractive. And that’s not all, far from it. This theme is full of surprises as the presence of Envira premium plugin, which allows you to manage image galleries outsized, or Visual Composer for creating complex page part. Just these two plugins are worth over $ 140 two them. Almost triple that cost this theme. That alone is already enough to want to spend it. And that’s not all, because in addition to this WordPress theme comes with Slider Revolution, well appointed. If you follow a few news WordPress themes you’ll know that this plugin is $ 19, and that is found in many premium WordPress themes. And it is not without reason, because at present, it is a plugins management slider best done, and easier to handle. Next exclusive feature, you have at your disposal a fully dedicated to manage your sermons interface. This will make it possible to create sermons, with the support of the plugin Church Theme Content .

09 – Risen, Church WordPress Theme


Risen is a WordPress theme that was designed in order to suggest anything that might be helpful to a religious community that wishes to have a quality website. With this WordPress theme you will have a responsive theme that allows you to store your sermons, set up image galleries, create recurring events or not, present management personnel, or highlight the latest news your community. The sermons part is done well, allowing you to store date, while offering different features like video, audio, support for PDFs, and all your downloaded by users. Each sermon becomes a real podcast that you can download and listen to on your MP3 player. Quality of the design side, it will be appreciated that the subject is responsive and is retina ready. With over 50 pages of documentation, and presentation video series, this theme is simple and easy to handle.

10 – Hinduism, Church WordPress Theme


Modern theme, Hinduism is a theme that before everything was done to meet the Hindu religious community, but it will suit most needs because it includes on its homepage a slider that allows you to insert text and images followed by a presentation area of ​​the template with text and video, but also put forward different mission has set the religious community as a thumbnail image. The integration of Google Maps also provides you insert a card, and it still on the home page. Although this theme is not strictly speaking a type theme one page, all was created to give the impression, and offer a home page that summarizes best what you have to say . In different page templates, you will find a historical page that will allow you to detail the entire history of your temple, but also services and opening hours of the temple. To better communicate, a news section will allow you to keep abreast of all your faithful latest news on your temple.

11 – Refine Church, Church WordPress Theme


Looking for a discrete topic and sober? So Refine Church is for you. With a simple interface, this WordPress theme focuses primarily on message passing, before dwelling on features. But make no mistake, Refine Church is a theme that will allow you to easily customize with these 5 styles come with the theme. A custom administration interface also allows you to enjoy custom widgets that offer this WordPress theme. This theme will also allow you to manage your events, videos, podcasts, but also photos, and news of your religious community.

12 – ChurcHope, Church WordPress Theme


WordPress Theme easy installation and use, Churchope is one of those topics that will allow you both to create a theme for your church and for many other purposes, such as creating a business site. Agencies working with WordPress premium themes probably love that we can reuse it without any problems, especially personalize infinity. His administration interface allows you for example to choose the color of each element of the site, and in addition, the rendering will always be responsive, regardless of the page on which you are working. This theme is accompanied by a plugin that you begin to know to manage the slider because it is Revolution slider, which I think is no longer present. Concerning the event part, this theme puts the dishes in the large by making available a system that will allow you to display a counter before the next event, or a calendar, the recovery of the latter in two different sizes of widgets and a page where you can also include a map to define the place of the event. And if you are looking for a native mutltilingues theme, know that this theme is compatible with WPML . Install WPML , and go for a WordPress site available in the languages ​​you want.

13 – Kause, Church WordPress Theme


While we are focused on WordPress themes for churches, know that Kause is a theme that is also suitable for charities and political parties because each of these needs, Kause to everything. I’ll stop there for this, but it was good to mention I think. With its minimalist style, Kause offer your web site, the content and the message is the center of everything. Although minimalist design is retina ready and responsive. After all, minimalist does not mean no functionality. Regarding support for third party plugins, we can say that this plugin is compatible with WPML , bbPress, BuddyPress and The Calender events.

14 – Butterfly Church, Church WordPress Theme


You want to create a site to showcase your church? Butterfly Church is a theme that has been designed for you because it will allow you to create your site through different fixed elements as a slider, or an interface type three columns. Simple, this theme has a page where you can describe the purpose of your religious community, a contact page, a blog, and an image gallery. For those not wanting to spend too much time in the creation and maintenance of the site, this is the perfect solution for at least a presence on the web.

15 – Real Church, Church WordPress Theme


Real Chuch is a comprehensive WordPress theme that lets you build a site for your complete and interactive church. As soon as you arrive on the home page of this theme, one is struck by an image that comes to occupy the entire space of the screen. And this picture is not a simple image because it is a slider that is more retina ready. This theme is compatible with WPML and WooCommerce, allowing you both to provide a multilingual site and eCommerce store on the site of your church. On site-specific features to churches, we can talk page format designed for the online regular sermons. These can be distributed in many formats such as a textual format, or audio or video yet. Regarding customizing this theme, you will have access to an interface to create page click file, the option to set the colors of each element of the site, or have access to a 450 fonts of ‘writings proposed in this WordPress theme.

16 – Heal Church, Church WordPress Theme


Minimalist style, Heal is a theme intended to set up a WordPress website for your church, either as part of a redesign or creating your site. It comes with two different styles or format boxing either full screen format, the two being responsive and optimized for all interfaces and all web browsers. This theme comes with over 25 page templates as a page for managing team, a page for your sermons, a page for your events, a page for your blog and more. The party will offer sermons include both pdfs, videos or audio. This theme is also accompanied by a set of shortcode, which lets you create your own components and include them wherever you want in your site. Perfect for SEO, this theme has been developed keeping in mind all the essential techniques for the proper SEO, and whatever the language, as it is compatible with WPML .

17 – Christian Church WordPress Theme


As the theme Butterfly Church, Christian is a theme that is primarily intended for those wishing to create a site once and for all, and do not have time to deal with every week. Thus, we can speak of church window theme. But here, the interface is a little more modern, and give you access to templates for all your pages, for the part that we, the blog, and what you can find in your church.

18 – Blessing, Church WordPress Theme


With a calendar of upcoming events, this theme offers features that allow your faithful always have an eye on your site to see what will happen next. This will allow them to never miss an event. Each event will be a description that will know the content the place, date, participants, duration and whether the event is recurring or not. That the next event is always visible, it was included in the header of the site as countdown. Combine this event handler, it also offers a WordPress template manager integrated newsletters. This will also allow you to have many new contacts as easily inform your true events not to be missed.

19 – Religious Themes WordPress Church


Penultimate theme from our selection of themes for churches, Religious is a minimalist theme, which lets you create your WordPress site in minutes. A simple home page that includes an image you find, and just below the menu. The choice not to place the menu directly in the header on the home page, you can create an atmosphere full of serenity on your site. You can then place the different elements like text, and widgets in the sidebar. To embellish a little more general, this theme will help you create a page that will include all of your sermons, but also to create a blog, highlight the different people in your community, as well as dealing more pages particularly the operation of your religious community.

20 – Light of Peace Church WordPress Theme


Finish our selection of themes for churches by Light Of Peace, a compact WordPress theme. Supported for more than three years by the author, this theme focuses primarily on events in your religious community. Indeed, the home page, your visitors have access to a dialog organized as tabs. In these tabs, you can place your events, the latest news of your religious brotherhood, or the latest sermons. A slider overlooks all, to put images in the main areas of your religious site.

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