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20 WordPress Themes BootStrap

Bootstrap is a toolkit, toolkit, developed by @ mdo and @ fat for Twitter. That is why it is also called BootStrap Twitter. If you do not know BootStrap, do not you think it is a software layer to enhance communication between Twitter and your WordPress site. Nay. BootStrap is a set of tools based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery of that allows developers to design WordPress themes of excellent quality, without having to reinvent the wheel. A developer gains in labor time and durability using BootStrap. For us users of WordPress theme, BootStrap insurance is a theme bases seines, including native functionality like being a responsive theme or jQuery libraries of its own. Check out our selection of 20 BootStrap WordPress Themes, select a theme for WordPress pro with solid arguments.

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A project with WordPress? Know that our agency WordPress can in creating a WordPress theme , a WordPress eCommerce project or to train you to WordPress . Do not hesitate to contact our WordPress development team .

1 – Builder WordPress Theme BootStrap

Begin our selection of WordPress themes by Bootstrap Builder, a WordPress theme for miles facets. Designed to meet the most demanding users WordPress, this WordPress theme design pro is a simple and minimalist, highly customizable. The purpose of this WordPress theme is very flexible and well documented is to become your favorite WordPress theme. The theme you use whatever project you are given to do with WordPress. In addition to fully support HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery with BootStraop, this theme aims to bend over backwards with its various layouts both in full screen in windowed mode. The home page is not left with three different proposals as soon as you install this theme. Not to mention the six portfolios templates or templates for the 8 part blog. This theme is rich templates available. And it does not stop there because Builder comes with more than 300 administrative options allow you to set up your new WordPress theme millimeter. It is simply enormous.

2 – One Touch WordPress Theme BootStrap

One Touch is a WordPress theme based on BootStrap and inspired by the Metro interface, the accompanying Windows8. This interface is particularly effective for touch navigation and general usability of a website. It is not surprising to find more and more WordPress theme inspired more or less strongly Metro. This is the price of success, especially the democratization of years of research in laboratories Microsoft. Design side, we get a WordPress theme with modern lines, which may be consistent with any type of content, site staff to professional sites. We also appreciate that the application developer took care to minimize the size of the overall site to maximize the connection time and loading. To review this WordPress theme, remember that One Touch comes with more plugins Slider Revolution, LayerSlider and Visual Composer for WordPress, not less than $ 55 plugins. That alone justifies the purchase of this theme. This is a bit of a plugin bundle with super premium theme. Artistite the hat, it is a strong argument for choosing this WordPress theme. I think it is not even bother to add, although this theme offers a number of rain of any kind. Did I say that this theme was more optimized for WordPress SEO ?

3 – Kallyas, WordPress Theme BootStrap

This theme is impressive. In addition to being built around the BootStrap This WordPress theme features ultra responsive rendering, and support for major plugins such WPML or WooCommerce. Responsive to the part, know that this theme will fit without any worries at all types of screens that make up the market of today and tomorrow. In addition, this WordPress theme supports a full version page for resolutions up to 1170 pixels. What we see wide. Component creation page allows you to create pages that you want thanks to the presence of more than 69 different elements. The home page is not left with the possibility of changed to infinity, no less. In addition, the developer of this theme we had the pleasure of seeing the broad support of plugins based for example on the famous WPML for translation part of WordPress site. Used sites Multilingual WordPress as the site on which you are currently aware that we have not yet found better than WPML to manage part of a multilingual WordPress site.

4 – Celestino WordPress Theme BootStrap

500 handwriting fonts Google 2 plugins worth $ 110 integrated color limitless, 8 sliders different shortcode manager, here’s what might best summarize what WordPress theme based on BootStrap. I mean because if I had to summarize detail all functions of this theme, I spend a good time. So to summarize its features continue to discover that SEO is an axis of development followed all along the design project of this theme, knowing that you have at your disposal more than 100 shortcodes and finally seeing the layout can switch from one display mode to classic mode display screen with a click.

5 – Valera, WordPress Theme BootStrap

Valera is a theme based on BootStrap which offers us a responsive part up to the highest standards, able to contort 1260 pixels to 320 pixels. Using the latest version of BootStrap you will have as an engine of your WordPress theme that is best. Icing on the cake, the designer of this theme make a personal touch to JavaScript files as well as theme in general to improve overall performance. Knowing that we begin to lose users over three seconds expectations, we say that it is optimized is ultimately not a luxury.

6 – Reboot WordPress Theme BootStrap

Reboot is a very elegant WordPress theme perfect for designing a business website with WordPress and all types of projects. That’s the power of WordPress theme with sharp graphics indentity, without being too much, letting the photos speak. Whether you are an agency looking for a WordPress theme to customize it to a customer, a photographer looking for a good picture theme for WordPress or a lover looking for a WordPress theme BootStrap because you know you can trust them, Reboot will interest you. Retro-modern turn gives it a touch of originality without coming stifle the rest. Part customization has not been left with a neutral interface, allowing agencies not necessarily spread from the theme used in the original project. If you are concerned, you will enjoy.

7 – Mentor WordPress Theme BootStrap

If you follow a few news WordPress themes, then you may know the team Pixelentity. The team working on WordPress is illustrated through the sale of thousands of their WordPress themes. Something to be sure of a good theme. Mentor is their new WordPress theme, based entirely on BootStrap. Regarding the design, Mentor to be neutral and modern to give free rein to your imagination or not the custom. Comes in three colors shortlisted, it is easy to upgrade to a version a little less neutral. In addition, Mentor comes with a gallery that is managed by a click deposited. Nothing more simple.

8 – Libra WordPress Theme BootStrap

If you like the originality in the presentation of your photos, how you display them as if they were polaroid? In here is a good idea that we propose this theme. I do not know about you, but I do not remember ever having spoken a theme proposing it. Just as some WordPress themes that we talked about earlier, Libra comes with premium WordPress plugins worth $ 30. It is always good to take! WordPress theme designed for SEO, 500 handwriting fonts at your disposal, 200 shortcodes to customize the look of your pages without limitation, six templates for the homepage, 4 templates for customer testimonials pages, 3 jigs for contact page, six templates for blog … I think you will understand, this WordPress theme is complete and easier to customize, you’ll even find some FAQ!

9 – CrossRoad, WordPress Theme BootStrap

Need a WordPress theme for a magazine, a blog or a news site? CrossRoad is the theme of our selection of WordPress themes Bootstrap to discover. With over 18 custom widgets and more than 22 widgets areas, CrossRoad is a WordPress theme giving you access to unique features. Its 5 different layouts, the four media formats tickets, conjugating the 3 content types and the fact that this theme is multilingual and you get a unique theme. Let me finish on this theme, stating that although it is optimized for SEO, but in addition, it takes into account the microdata . And that is almost luxury!

10 – Grandeur WordPress Theme BootStrap

Do you dream of greatness? Then you have found the WordPress theme to your needs. If I tell you that size is a responsive theme. You can answer certainly is good, but it’s not the only one! And if I told you that size can also be a non-responsive WordPress theme? And yes, all do not offer this possibility, far from it. Gadget for certain indispensable else can not make theme is responsive to at least the merit of leaving the choice. And that is always appreciated. Ready for SEO and be translated into all the languages you want, you also offer size to customize the colors, rendering the site, and its general layout.

11 – Egofolio WordPress Theme BootStrap

In search of the WordPress theme that is the height of your photographs? What would you découvrirEgofolio a WordPress theme designed precisely to meet the photographers and models the most demanding. HTML5 and CSS3 are naturally part because this theme is based on BootStrap. What is new is the presence of particular Ajax loading of pages. The effect is achieved.

12 – Alyoum, WordPress Theme BootStrap

WordPress theme perfect for serving as a medium for online magazine or a blog, Alyoum is a complete WordPress theme, whether in its administration and in the opportunities it offers to its users. For users concerned with documentation, know that you have access to both written documentation that comes with the theme, as documentation in the form of videos. What easily take up this theme, whatever your preferred medium. In terms of functionality, let me tell you that this WordPress theme is 100% compatible with WPML is optimized for SEO and WordPress shortcodes are over 90 to his credit.

13 – CNews, WordPress Theme BootStrap

Continue our selection of WordPress theme BootStrap done to manage news or a blog with CNews. Such a name leaves no doubt as to the groups targeted by WordPress theme. Funding for a news site from regular advertising revenues, I think it is interesting to note that this WordPress theme embeds a management system advertising at item level. Thus, it will be very easy to identify where you should see a targeted advertisement. Ready to be translated, WordPress theme also offers a set of test data to implement on your site achieve the same result as when you discovered, helping you to understand the general operation of the WordPress theme. We also appreciate the presence of a feedback system evolved, with the possibility to record the content made available to your users.

14 – Vitrux, WordPress Theme BootStrap

I would be surprised to learn that the developer of this WordPress theme has not inspired the famous movie Matrix to give a little to his name nice WordPress theme. Rest assured, activate this theme WordPress will not let you connect directly to the Matrix 😉 So here, not Agent Smith, Neo, Trinity or even Master keys, Seraphin or fortune teller. But rather a WordPress theme designed to be clearly visible on 100% of the screens. Vitrux Come into the. Welcome to the real pro themes WordPress World.

15 – Elitis WordPress Theme BootStrap

We must recognize it, some WordPress themes to give pompous names, without the result tonight the height of what was expected. AvecElistist but I admit that yes, the result is truly worthy of the greatest sites photographer. The result is a WordPress theme with a luxurious minimalism pushed to its climax and the use of black, intensifying the feeling of penetration and uptake exerted by the subject. Encrypted for a ride this WordPress theme, we have over 30 shortcodes available to us, more than 40 Cufon fonts writing Hundreds of handwriting fonts Google, an endless choice in the selection of the theme and colors support for Google Maps. All ready to be translated to a maximum of people.

16 – OpenSpace, WordPress Theme BootStrap

To earn the term versatile WordPress theme, this theme designers have two bites. The result is this WordPress theme should literally all your projects, it is enough just to set it according to your expectations. Theme for photographers, templates for shopping online or template for your blog, OpenSpace can do anything. To achieve this, no secret, it must provide maximum functionality to its users, it is in the selection of colors, infinite in this topic, or the presence of shortcodes, more than 100, or the presence of background images. With 50 background images, its 3 different sliders and creative design manager, no doubt you will be equipped to face all situations.

17 – Popular, WordPress Theme BootStrap

Popular this is no less than 17 pages of templates, all delivered in PSD format with the theme. About these templates can be counted eg four portfolios or 3 different sliders. We also appreciate that this issue is regularly updated by the designer, and he thought of setting up a reporting system to update your WordPress theme. When you have a little experience working with WordPress, we appreciate the quick automatic notification system plugins and themes. Do the same with the professional theme that you choose. This theme is also built for search engine optimization and the ability to translate his frame.

18 – Agreement WordPress Theme BootStrap

I do not know if you know Pinterest, but if this is the case, I think you never could forget the layout of this site, I find it really successful, full of character, intuitive and effective. So why not be inspired to design his WordPress site, thanks to Agreement, a Pinterest-like WordPress theme. This WordPress theme format is particularly popular with bloggers and online magazines, offering a good view of the content. Anyway, I love this WordPress theme, and the presence of dozens of widgets or shortcodes more than 30 will not make me change my mind.

19 – Zeitgeist WordPress Theme BootStrap

The problem when selecting what is best in the world of WordPress themes is that we have a tendency to take for granted some features like having a theme translatable 100% quality of responsive extraordinary Hundreds of fonts of writing or the fact that the basis of this theme is BootStrap. But even when we know that all these features are found in the same theme, it is right to say that it is a beautiful work. Zeitgeist offer your visitors a more comfortable viewing experience thanks to a font large and readable, all in one theme that looks very contemporary. In addition to being a multilingual theme optimized for SEO, you will have access to features such as custom formats tickets for your images, videos Youtude, vimeo and support a lightboxe.

20 – Second, BootStrap WordPress Theme

Finish our selection of themes for WordPress BootStrap Second, a WordPress theme with modern design. We arrive at this result through the judicious use image gallery occupying a lot of our screen, accompanied by a neat design. For those who love to customize their pages and notes, know that this topic is accompanied BootStrap 53 shortcodes and a shortcode generator. To deal with almost any situation. Regarding fonts, you will have access to all Google fonts, or so far more than 600 fonts. There’s plenty to choose from.

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