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20 WordPress Themes for Lawyers / Notaries / Clerk

WordPress is undoubtedly the engine site easier to grip that exists, whether for developers to customers. When it comes to creating a website for a law firm, notaries or bailiffs, WordPress is the natural solution that offers the best investment market. One of the only things to do, find a WordPress theme made for lawyers, notaries or bailiffs. With our selection of WordPress themes for lawyers, notaries or bailiffs we hope to simplify the task. Another positive point when chosen WordPress, these are the qualities for WordPress SEO . Do not expect more, and discover our selection of theme made for men of justice.

1 – Vulcan WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Vulcan

Begin this selection pro WordPress themes for lawyers and other men of law, a WordPress theme with accents sober. Indeed, one of the most important advocates for your clients will get a website sober. Of course, this theme is all that made the success of WordPress themes pro, manager of colors, styles 5 preset, 3 different sliders, let alone 8 custom widgets, PSD files included with the theme. Here is a theme that should already satisfy the greatest number.

2 – Classy Business WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Classy Business

Classy Business is a theme equally sober than the last, bringing a touch more personal level menus. The strength of this theme is undoubtedly its seven types of custom pages that allow you to create a site for lawyers without giving the impression of using a theme pro WordPress.

3 – RT-Theme 12 WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download RT-Theme 12

You’re afraid to limit yourself when purchasing your WordPress theme? Check out this WordPress theme that focuses on sobriety certainly, but also modularity. If in addition to lawyer your site must be multilingual, so do not hesitate, this WordPress theme is for you.

4 – DeepFocus, WordPress Themes Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download DeepFocus

When the class meets and sobriety, it gives this beautiful WordPress theme. The idea behind this is to use WordPress theme image as an information and emotions. What revitalize some sites lawyers.

5 – Nova WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Nova

Nova is one of my favorite themes heart I must say. I like many things in this theme, color sliders used to the home page through the many custom pages available to us.

6 – Trim WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Trim

For fans of stripped themes, you will find your happiness with Trim. Trim is part of the WordPress themes that will form the basis for the establishment of a design a little further. But if you request a site as neutral as possible, then trim will bend with great ease to your desires 😉

7 – Memoir WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Memoir

Here is a WordPress theme for lawyers that changes little what I present before you. Here, the design is clearly marked with a template site very paper-facing and back very photogenic. No doubt, if you are asked for a WordPress site a little eccentric lawyer, you will find your happiness.

8 – Onixus, WordPress Themes Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Onixus

Onixis is a theme that arises graphics research a little further than its predecessors. The advantage is to create clearly defined areas with a high degree of personalization, some say that this is not quite neutral. But nature is diverse, it is certain that some firms will find their account.

9 – The Firm, WordPress Themes Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download The Firm

The Firm is one of the most minimalist WordPress theme, while relying on a background image very present, what good customize WordPress site. This theme is a theme that goes straight to the point, what highlight the law firm, its expertise and contacts.

10 – Neptune, WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Neptune

This WordPress theme color leaves aside to focus on black. Rendering is the most beautiful effect, creating a site friendly, very professional-looking.

11 – Simplicity WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Simplicity

With a name like his, it is no doubt one of the advantages of this theme is its simplicity, both the grip and design.

12 – Next WordPress, WordPress Themes Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Next download WordPress

Next is a WordPress theme perfect for sites to modern lawyers, since it integrates HTML5, which make it visible on all platforms on the market. Next WordPress knows bow to your every desire, discover without delay 😉

13 – Apollo WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Apollo

WordPress theme with Apollo, no doubt, you will get the moon. Simple, intuitive, simple adjectives are all going perfectly to this WordPress theme made for lawyers.

14 – SmoothBiz, WordPress Themes Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download SmoothBiz

Here, no frills, aside from a slider on the home page. SmoothBiz is indeed a WordPress theme made for those looking for a WordPress theme with minimal customization level design.

15 – JinxFolio, WordPress Themes Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download JinxFolio

A compact theme, colorful and professional is what you get JinxFolio. Available in white or black JinxFolio comes with 28 different funds, uses CSS3, focuses on a large numbers of shortcodes, while being easy to grip.

16 – People + WordPress Themes Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download + People

People themes + is part of the UFO theme selection for lawyers. Love it or not, its floating side that gives one side so personal. Overjoyed, this WordPress theme is responsive.

17 – Chameleon WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Chameleon

Need a theme that goes everywhere? Chameleon is made for this. Sober, Chameleon is not very graphic to say the least. Designed for anyone wanting to showcase their work on the web, this WordPress theme will become three clicks to be the theme of your site lawyers.

18 – Evolution Theme WordPress Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Evolution

With Evolution, we are in the trend of minimalist WordPress themes will the happiness of all those to make a website for lawyers. Note the slider of the home page that knows how to win.

19 – Modest WordPress Theme Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download Modest

As its name suggests, Modest wants … modest. But modest in design not on features! The slider in the homepage is made to highlight your content, as well as the key points of your website.

20 – LeanBiz, WordPress Themes Lawyer / Notary / Clerk

Download LeanBiz

Finish this presentation of WordPress themes made by lawyers for LeanBiz proposing to provide you with a home highlighting mainly a huge slider, is to receive both images, text and videos. A theme perfect for those wanting to bring a creative touch to their site a lawyer.

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