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20 WordPress Themes German

With the worldwide success of WordPress and its active community, the WordPress interface is available in many languages including German. But here, as WordPress is available in German is one thing, but the WordPress theme that you choose he already supports the German? If this is not the case, translate a website just prove to be a challenge. The best thing to do when you want to have a WordPress site in German, is to choose the right theme immediately. With our selection of 20 WordPress themes in German, you can be sure to have a theme for WordPress that German is not the Chinese. A little tip before you start the search for your perfect theme, keep in mind that WordPress can be multilingual , as the site where you are now, and that can be managed with a good plugin like WPML .

1 – Aventador, WordPress Theme in German

Begin our selection of a WordPress theme which has numerous qualities which the first is to be delivered in German localized versions, it goes without saying. But this issue goes further than that because we are dealing here with a theme such as e-commerce. Indeed, this WordPress theme is based on the famous e-commerce WordPress plugin JigoShop, allowing you to create e-shops like ecritoireduvillage . fr or . Although these sites are not done with JigoShop but WP e-Commerce, it will prove at least as e-commerce it works, and rather well. Incidentally, I do not know if you know, but is wp-blog affiliate agency Inside da Web, specializes in the design of e-commerce site WordPress . If you need a specialized agency, we are here for you. Returning to our WordPress theme to add that it is also optimized for SEO WordPress .

2 – Clockstone, WordPress Theme in German

Modernity and freshness to his appointment to this topic. Clockstone is a WordPress theme that will suit all types of applications. CmsMaster its module offers you a customizable interface. This module is developed by the creator of this theme. Available in German language, including this WordPress theme offers set any page as the home page, choose your layout, page by page, five superb sliders, over 65 shortcodes, 8 different layouts for some blog, more than 16 custom widgets. Clockstone WordPress theme is rich and full.

3 – U-design WordPress Theme in German

U-Design WordPress theme is certainly the best known and most sold, and for good reason, it is found in almost all the tickets that we are on WordPress themes. Not that this is our favorite subject, but it is clear his many qualities. In addition to providing a file. Inch for German U-Design will offer languages such as French, Italian, Spanish and more. If that is not enough, U-design is compatible with WPML . We said as a prelude, WPML is the plugin we plébiscitons when it comes to owning a website multilingual WordPress as With over 20,000 sales, it is about having to do with what is best for Pro WordPress themes.

4 – Quickess, WordPress Theme in German

I have five seconds to tell you that this WordPress theme is dynamite. That your WordPress site or type business, portfolio, blog or whatever you want, Quickess will help you set up in minutes. With forty-seven video tutorials, guide and sixty seven pages and the support of the German language, you will not feel alone.

5 – Adept Style WordPress Theme in German

Adapt style WordPress theme available in German, focuses on a chic, obtained through the use of dark colors and warm and graphics which tends to bare. The designer of this WordPress theme is saying that you will definitely do better than to immerse yourself in learning a computer language to customize and maintain your site, offers all done in just a few clicks thanks to its interface administration well thought out.

6 – SPA Treats WordPress Theme in German

Theme two in one, both SPAR Treats will satisfy those looking for a theme that a SPA those looking for a theme restaurants. In its wide range of features, we note the presence of buttons and effects on images graphics pushed. What have the equipment on hand to further customize your future website. A German translation file is also in the game.

7 – Dagda WordPress Theme in German

Type theme portfolio or business theme, Dagda this more than graphic design, site navigation and functionality were developed not leave you indifferent. We particularly appreciated the attention that has been brought to colors as this topic is available in color metal, black, silver, yellow, orange … Bright colors or metallic, this is what changes. Not to mention the home page that you can easily customize, as rendering pages.

8 – Matrix Theme WordPress in German

And no, I do not speak here of the film, but the WordPress theme eponymous Matrix. Note, however, that I love this theme Matrix trilogy 😉 a homepage that we must go see for rendering static dessert. In fact, each thumbnail page is automatically animated. I love the rendering. In addition, Matrix uses a format thumbnails in addition to having an excellent graphic rendering are very well designed for browsing from a smartphone or a touch pad.

9 – Appius WordPress Theme in German

Clean graphics, easy grip, and creativity are all words that can describe this WordPress theme that makes us happy to come with a file. Inches already translated into French. Valid HTML5, Appius is an infinite set of colors, the use of large images to the home page, a theme based on OOP framework, five different types of portfolios …

10 – Website, WordPress Theme in German

You want to put up a site like political support for a candidate or to make your voice heard? Campaign is a WordPress theme designed for you. A political site, it is a site that informs, but also and especially a site that attempts to collect maximum email addresses. Campaign builds on the plugin WP Email Capture, to ensure you achieve maximum enrollment. Most of this theme are of course to be available in French, but it is ausssi responsive, allows to make a donation to the candidate in a few clicks, but also the presence of a plugin event management, when necessary one is campaigning.

11 – Sintia, WordPress Theme in German

Sintia is a responsive WordPress theme, designed for both businesses and those wanting a quality theme for their WordPress site. Whether you are an expert programmers using WordPress or not, Sintia was designed for you. Available in German, this WordPress theme has a perfected under iPhone and iPad, you can easily create forms with Contact Form7, excellent performance when you install the theme, but also the ability to access more than 20 Video tutorials on this theme.

12 – Kelta Responsive, WordPress Theme in German

Kelta with a special feature of the slider system it uses, because it is Slider Sequence. Slider Sequence is a plugin that will multiply to infinity possibilities animations of your sliders, creating the interaction with your visitors. You know, this WordPress theme is available with a German translation. Most of this theme is its video tutorials, the fact that it is responsive and especially its graphics rendering, simple and modern at the same time.

13 – Sodales, WordPress Theme in German

Based on CSSGrid 1140, is a WordPress theme Sodales wide, which will fit all screens thanks to its responsive capabilities. Style adapted by Sodales is simple, offering the possibility to express your content perfectly, and of course in German 🙂

14 – Stylico, WordPress Theme in German

We know Germany is a pioneer in the world of music, particularly in Berlin, where many gather for DJ mixing in larger clubs. This WordPress theme is therefore the place being available in German as well. Stylico is a WordPress theme offering 6 custom widgets, widgets for your area 7, 7 types of pages, include pro 2 plugins, as well as PSDs.

15 – Progressio WordPress Theme in German

Progressio is a theme resolutely turned towards the creation of business website in German and many other languages with WPML . Simple handling and implementation, Progressio you will support many languages including French, high quality support and many helpers, videos or text.

16 – Eekon, WordPress Theme in German

This theme very graphic appeal to many people, the head of the blog amateur photography. I find the rendering of this theme really well thought out, giving a modern touch to your entire WordPress site.

17 – Studium, WordPress Theme in German

Studium is designed by a well experienced developer theme because it was also the previous two themes that we have presented. Enjoying the same benefits as its bigger brothers, this WordPress theme is distinguished by a layout-oriented presentation of content.

18 – Zenden, WordPress Theme in German

Always looking for a WordPress theme in German? And if you take a look at this topic in German so who knows disguising himself to become both a business site than a professional photographer.

19 – Immersed Vintage, German WordPress Theme

Vintage Immersed is a WordPress theme design and functionality rich, while remaining easy to use. Responsive and able to adapt to all your projects, Vintage Immersed is a Premium Theme that thinks all those in search of a theme localized in German.

20 – CleanSlide, WordPress Theme in German

Color, you like it? So if you are a photographer and more, or a creative agency, this topic should interest you because it was designed for the public, including the integration of multiple image sliders or type pages portfolio.

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