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BuddyPress, the plugin to use when it comes to creating a community site with WordPress. Born in 2008 by a team of passionate and made available to the public in 2009, BuddyPress has quickly established itself as a compelling solution for the creation of social networking site or niche in creating a community site. Are, BuddyPress is a plugin made to bring people together from your WordPress site, whether you wish to connect university students, whether you are looking for a company internal communication tool, whether you’re a niche site access social network, or you’re Focus on the sale of a product, in a collaborative way, then BuddyPress will be your perfect companion. BuddyPress is a set of functions that you can decide whether to use when the creation of its website BuddyPress. To make your life easier, choosing a theme BuddyPress is a good thing because in addition to offer you a high quality design, you will find a perfect implementation of BuddyPress without having to spend hours to understand the overall operation. Choose a theme BuddyPress so this is a considerable saving of time from the start. You also want to move your site to multilingual BuddyPress? So WPML plugin will perfect! Discover our selection of 20 themes BuddyPress help you in your search for BuddyPress theme that suits you best.

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1 – OneCommunity, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

Begin our selection BuddyPress themes by OneCommunity, a theme designed for all those using WordPress to create a community site. BuddyPress theme that will allow your users to subscribe to your site, start to create a profile, post messages and of course, begin to build relationships with other members of this community. BuddyPress theme that you will in addition manage all aspects of this plugin including the creation of the group, and many other features. In addition to being a great theme for BuddyPress, WordPress theme that has the luxury of being also a WooCommerce theme and fully compatible with WPMU. We also appreciate the 9 color variations betting at our disposal such as support for all extensions BuddyPress or the provision of three home pages design radically different.

2 – ReviewIt, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

This WordPress theme combines the power of WordPress and BuddyPress to offer you a perfect theme for testing publish video games, computer hardware, restaurants, music, while allowing your users to express their laps. With the GD Star Rating plugin, you will be able to offer your users the opportunity to make a review of content, or even record both at the article comments, or why not directly write comments . It is also possible to define multiple criteria ratings, which remains at your discretion. In addition to being a theme BuddyPress and BBPress, just that this WordPress theme comes with a large number of shortcode, but the JW Player plugin, which alone costs $ 80. Note also the commitment of developers that this theme is easily translatable.

3 – Tersus, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

Tersus BuddyPress is a theme that will make people happy because it is all about the simplicity and advanced technology. Its sleek style will delight all those looking for a simple theme, or those looking for an easy theme to customize the style to give your customer expects from its website BuddyPress. Sobriety does not rhyme with depletion of features, it is important to note that this theme is BuddyPress ready Retina and responsive. Everything you need for your WordPress site with BuddyPress has been the proudest look possible on all interfaces or touch mobile market of today and tomorrow. Your images will have a quilted unmatched. Optimised for WordPress SEO , you are assured to put all the chances on your side so that the search engines become your best friends. To drive the point home, know that this theme is compatible with BuddyPress, but bbPress, WooCommerce and WP eCommerce. It starts to make an impressive list right?

4 – Dynamix Theme BuddyPress WordPres

Continue our selection of theme compatible with BuddyPress, bbPress, but also, and WooCommerce eCommerce Wp Dynamix, a theme that will fill you, whether you are an agency or an amateur. Agencies appreciate that this subject can literally be used for all projects you are asked. If you’re a fan, then you will appreciate the simplicity of grip that offers this WordPress theme. Whether in color management without limitation, its management or general appearance of the site, you can unleash your creativity. The style editor is there to help you. If you love WordPress themes with premium plugins, then you will be served in addition as coming with JW Player, it also incorporates BuddyPress theme Piecemaker 2. Enough to make substantial savings with this theme.

5 – Mingle, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

Mingle is a WordPress theme which is of course compatible with BuddyPress. And here, the compatibility is pushed to its limits as we find a forum for your members the opportunity to interact, the ability to create bonds of friendship, or access to private messaging or why not to put to update your status. Mingle is a BuddyPress theme that has been thought and designed a way to adapt, while remaining intuitive in use. Of course, this theme is BuddyPress with a management interface developed specially for this theme. We also appreciate the presence of convenient slider to highlight specific elements of the WordPress site.

6 – Salutation, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

In addition to being a theme 100% compatible with BuddyPress, WordPress theme that aims to be perfect for all sites with relevant content. In fact, everything is done in this WordPress theme to showcase your content and organize it so as to be easily accessible to your users. When you want to set up a community site where content creation is the key, then Salutation is a wise choice. In addition to offer your users an interface for navigation and clear fluid, WordPress theme also has an admin interface where you will be literally possible to change all aspects of your new WordPress theme, color structure of pages through the layout of your blog or your menu. Salutation offers complete control over the rendering of your site.

7 – Buddy, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

With a name like this, nobody will be surprised to find in our selection of theme BuddyPress. The particularity of this theme is to be structured around numerous shortcodes made available by the developers of this theme. To give you an idea of the result, the entire page is built with the shortcodes available in this WordPress theme. Seeing that you can make the home page, imagine rendering on your other pages. A custom site 100%, never put your hands in the source code. Not bad! If more I tell you it is possible to recreate the demo site on your site in just one click, then you understand as the grip of this WordPress theme will be simple. The fact that this theme is responsive not spoil anything, far from it.

8 – SuperMassive, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

The theme that we have seen is not alone in shaping the rest of the pages shortcodes. In fact, this is also the case SuperMassive using shortcodes for you to create all the interfaces imaginable with your new WordPress theme. 5 different trims embellish this theme BuddyPress that will transform your website into the final report. Combined with shortcodes, its customization possibilities almost endless. We also appreciate the fact that the images are resized on the fly, the effects of shadows and reflections are integrated automatically on your image, or theme that is ready to be internationalized easily. The presence of a plugin worth $ 80 will purchase from this theme BuddyPress more attractive.

9 – Made, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

I told you earlier in this selection BuddyPress theme, this plugin is simply amazing when you insert it into truly collaborative projects such as site grading. Indeed difficult to always test everything by itself is, whether it’s high-tech, food, literature, or whatever. Made is such BuddyPress theme specially designed to help you design a community site rating. Note that little bit more at least, so if you want just a WordPress theme for a site rating, Made will do nicely. The developer prefers to rely on his personal work to give you a flawless rating system and fits perfectly with the theme for BuddyPress.

10 – Razor, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

If you like buzzwords, then you will be pleased to know that this theme is BuddyPress HiDPI. If like me you do not know what that means, if I told you Retina Ready, that he will tell you more. It is a theme that BuddyPress is displayed perfectly on all Retina display, allowing you to illuminate and reinforce the contrast of your images. Of course, this theme is very responsive thanks to HTML5, allowing you to be just as visible or tactile mobile interfaces. The professional look and sleek theme will make this particularly suitable for those looking for a modern looking theme.

11 – Bounce, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

Designed by the same team as the original SuperMassive, you will not be surprised to know that this topic will allow you a layout without limit on all of your pages, home pages included with the use shortcodes. Just like its cousin, theme comes in multiple versions, but here are no less than 7 different versions that are available to customize your site. From the point of view customization interface allows you to define all necessary parameters to customize your site. If you are afraid you will not find a content test load in just one click. So you can understand how the layout that you have discovered on site test could be obtained. This can be extremely useful, and I speak from experience. Rich documentation is also available as text or video, you choose what you prefer.

12 – Huddle, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

For you, creating a website is necessarily an EU side, either by integrating a forum or component web2.0? I think Huddle is a topic that will interest you. BuddyPress and bbPress integration, this WordPress theme is the heavy attack. In a sober presentation, developed to serve as a base for the development of sites your customers through a robust source code, Huddle allows you to take head on the development of your community site, all thanks to WordPress. 6 custom page templates, 9 custom widgets, some independent blog, not to mention the party members are all features in this theme BuddyPress.

13 – Score, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

You still have not found your happiness in the previous themes notations we have proposed? Take a look at Score, which incorporates GD Star Rating component, plugin for excellence soon as you mention this feature in WordPress. In addition to a classic presentation of tickets, users will also have the opportunity to sort by date, title and notes! Paying a $ 80 plugin, a theme perfectly translatable or the presence of all PSDs are much more should not be overlooked.

14 – WildCommunity, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

You are looking for the theme that natively integrate all the features of BuddyPress including the ability to create an account and a profile, interact with others, to have his private courier or allow users to create content. WildCommunity was developed for this purpose. In the list of features that make the differences may be mentioned that this theme is responsive, it is ready to be translated, it is compatible with WPMU and Gravatar.com, it integrates an error page custom 404, it comes accompanied shortcodes and widgets. What do you need? Support policies varied writings, to be optimized for SEO or to be compatible on all browsers on the market? WildCommunity is all.

15 – Social Buddy, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

Social Buddy is a responsive theme is to create community sites by integrating bbPress plugin BuddyPress but to create the perfect niche site. This topic has already brought joy to ten and ten community sites. A home page is easy to set up, as well as block quotes or colors of your entire site, here’s what this theme summarize best BuddyPress. If you want to offer a good browsing experience to your users touch, especially with regard to the sliders images, then you will enjoy this special WordPress theme.

16 – Engage, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

The purpose of a community site, regardless of its cause, and above all to create the accession of its readership, which will eventually become a full member of your site. Here the goal is set Engage. I would almost say “well on this theme incorporates both BuddyPress, bbPress that” but still, it is not all themes market that can say that. Customizing this theme will be no problem with its management interface integrated into the interface of WordPress. The clean side of the site design does not sacrifice functionality because we are witnessing a perfect integration of BuddyPress in this WordPress theme.

17 – Scope Moovie, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

Your passion is the cinema? And if you were doing the topic of your website? Powered by WordPress and MovieScope, nothing more simple. In addition, MoovieScope integrates BuddyPress for all those who would like to go further in the division. ‘re The perfect theme for those who want to create a community site based around the film, you were talking about film, or that you share your own works.

18 – GrandMag, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

GrandMagazine is the theme of our last selection made for BuddyPress is a basis for a site rating. When I told you that BuddyPress is a really interesting plugin for this to happen. GrandMagazine sink so the nail. To ensure greater compatibility and originality, the author of this theme offers a scoring system completely original, allowing you both to define as many criteria as you wish, as you rely on pictures or out different stars. This theme does not neglect the customization part through a management interface well thought out and easy to grip. Dozens of shortcodes at your disposal is not enough? Never mind, you can always use the editor shortcodes.

19 – MikMag, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

MikMag sets the bar very high by claiming to be a theme that suits both sites type magazines, business sites, community sites, blogs, eCommerce sites to see, nothing scares him. If the subject comes to this feat is that it incorporates three major components that are WordPress BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce. Combined with the 3 different headers, nine layouts possible using a colormap endless and yet all fonts Google is one of the most complete theme.

20 – StoreFront, WordPres Theme BuddyPress

Conclude this selection of perfectly integrating BuddyPress theme with a theme that some of you will know and recognize because it is a theme that was originally made primarily for eCommerce WordPress.

Compatible with WooCommerce JigoShop and not to be jealous, all part of quality eCommerce on this topic, category pages products product pages themselves.

It will be appreciated that the developer of this theme has realized that the future was also shopping Sociel also integrating BuddyPress.

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