20 Essential WordPress plugins Multisites

One of the features which further demonstrates that WordPress is not just a simple blog management system is the ability to be multisite WordPress. For the story, multi-functionality of WordPress are not native for many years. Before he had to go through the WPMU plugin for WordPress Multisite. This plugin was so well done and so essential a part of WordPress users that it was built in the heart of WordPress. Thus, it is now very easy to configure a multi-platform WordPress, and for this, simply edit the wp-config.php file, nothing more simple. But once your WordPress Multisite transformed into a platform, it will have to be careful that you install plugins, all may not be suitable for votreWordPress. And yes, WordPress Multisite is another world that awaits you. To the delight of WordPress Multisite site owners, here’s a selection of 20 essential WordPress plugins Multisites. Follow the guide to find plugins to manage multiple domains from the same site, but also plugins to centralize your users, comments, sitemaps or why not transform your system into multi commercial facility for those wishing to compete WordPress.com 😉

1 – Log In Message, WordPress Multisite Plugin

Download Message Log In

First things first, log into your WordPress site Multisites. This plugin will allow you not only to manage the connection to all your sites, but also it will help in the fight against spam please represented. Indeed, it is increasingly common to see user profiles spam instantly update their passwords. Why? I do not know, but what I do know is that this plugin will also help you to fight against it.

2 – Pro Sites, WordPress Multisite Plugin

Download Pro Sites

This second Multisites WordPress plugin, it’s heavy. For this plugin offers more or less put in place a system of paid blogging. Yes, you are not dreaming, this plugin offers simply recreate your own WordPress.com, you also enjoy what the web to do business.

3 – User Reports Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download User Reports

When you have a network of sites, the most difficult is to follow what your users. With this plugin, no problem, you will get the list in PDF or CSV format of all articles and comments

4 – Live Stream Widget Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download Live Stream Widget

Making multi is put forward different content, different authors, different communities. And if you put up a widget that would take your network as a source of inspiration in the form of a dynamic news feeds?

5 – Infinite SEO Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download Infinite SEO

WordPress SEO is a matter that should be taken seriously. But here, you can plugins offer the luxury of properly manage your network Multisites WordPress. Of course, it is not discussed here because this plugin is referencing the perfect companion 😉

6 – Blog Directory Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download Blog Directory

Here is one of the most essential plugins that list of essential plugin 😉 Why? Because it will take all of all the sites in your network for display on a single page. When I tell you that this is a must.

7 – Membership, Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download Membership

The principle of this plugin? Allow you to monetize your content, as does The New Yort Times, to mention that site.

8 – Directory Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download Directory

With this wordpress plugin you can easily create an online directory, which you can pay to use. More, it is compatible with a very good affiliate plugin.

9 – Events + Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download + Events

Need to create events booking sites? Do not miss this plugin, a must for all WordPress site owners Multisites.

10 – Custom Admin Bar Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download Custom Admin Bar

Looking for a plugin that will allow you to easily manage WordPress admin bar displayed on your WordPress site? Custom Admin Bar is one of those plugins that will change your life. And of course, this plugin will manage a bar management personalized, multi-site WordPress you have.

11 – Multi-Domains plugin WordPress Multisite

Download Multi-domains

In the basic version of WordPress Multisite comes with your WordPress installation, there is one thing missing more than one of you will have long sought, how to manage several different domain names? This plugin provides bearing this very big gap, and it very easily.

12 – Ultimate Facebook WordPress Plugin Multisite

Download Ultimate Facebook

Whether you have or not a multisite version of WordPress, this WordPress plugin will come to replace dozens. Why? Ultimate Facebook as you can, among other things, allow your users to:

  • connect with your Facebook account via Facebook Connect
  • Updating the user profile in the connection,
  • Self-publishing your content on your Facebook account
  • Implementation of OpenGraph on your WordPress site,
  • Highlighting your Facebook account in your widgets …

And this list is far from exhaustive!

13 – Simple Sitemaps Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download Simple Sitemaps

Manage files sitemaps became essential to ensure millimeter manage the SEO of your content. But if you want to use sitemaps files with WordPress Multi-site installation, things get a little drip trays. This plugin will come Multisites address this problem by creating a file sitemaps that takes into account your multisite installations.

14 – Autoblog, Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download Autoblog

This WordPress plugin will revolutionize the lives of all those who want to create content from RSS feeds, but different installations of WordPress.

15 – Add Existing Users, WordPress Multisite Plugin

Download Add Existing Users

Add a user by the conventional process of WordPress, it takes time, and add hundreds, this can take days! So if you need to activate user accounts so massive CSV file, this plugin is for you and most importantly, is to save you days of work.

16 – Comments Control Plugin WordPress Multisite

Control Download Comments

Tired of having to manage a site by site present in spam comments? Comments Control allows you to create a white list and a black list to be value for all WordPress sites managed by your WordPress installation.

17 – Domain Mapping Plugin WordPress Multisite

Download Domain Mapping

Always looking for a plugin to manage multiple domains from your WordPress site? Find out what plugin is intended to ensure that, from a single WordPress installation, you can manage multiple sites on different domain names.

18 – Batch Create, Multisite WordPress Plugin

Download Bach Create

Earlier, you did find a plugin to import massive amounts of users in WordPress. With this plugin you can add users so massive, but in addition, you can also self-generate as many sites as you want 😉

19 – Global Site Tags, WordPress Multisite Plugin

Download Global Site Tags

The problem of sharing all the information on your network site arises as we have a central location referring to the entire network. This plugin offers to share all the tags on your network to meet in one place.

20 – Global Site Search Plugin WordPress Multisite


Conclude this selection of plugins WordPress Multisite, a plugin that allows you to create a search field taking into account your entire network. This plugin is simply indispensable if the driver shaft as a primary site for your network of sites.

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