20 WordPress Plugins Calendars

Managing calendars in WordPress, it’s not really that. Our selection of WordPress plugins calendar, you will find a selection of plugin to manage your calendar, manage your events and more. Happy reading, and do not forget to tell us if our selection of WordPress plugins calendar has been helpful, and on which site you can see your work.

1 – Calendarize it for WordPress, WordPress Plugin Calendar

Begin our selection of calendar plugin for WordPress plugin like no other because it is the most downloaded plugin in its field with nearly 2000 sales even a year. No doubt, the designer of this WordPress plugin to understand the trick. The great strength of this plugin is not limited to having a business in particular, but to offer a plugin that can be used by all to everyone. Responsive, the calendar will implement this plugin on your WordPress site will allow you to provide your readers with a feature-rich calendar with the ability to also manage events. We also appreciate the ability to customize the appearance of the calendar from a single interface grip. The best is yet to realize is by himself, the designer of this WordPress calendar plugin provides the plugin administration interface open access.

2 – EventOn, Calendar WordPress Plugin

With this calendar plugin, you do not do either in half measure. EventOn is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to create and manage your events, the simplest way while being very thorough. On one hand, you set up your event by giving it a title, a date, a place, a descriptive example. Then you insert a shortcode, and it’s good, it is accessible to everyone on your WordPress blog. This WordPress plugin will offer you schedule multiple events per day for the busiest of us, the possibility of sailing monthly basis over the calendar, while adapting to all interfaces because it is responsive. And if you need to manage events rehearsals every week or every month, this calendar WordPress plugin is already thought! For those that will interest that PayPal is supported.

3 – Booking System PRO WordPress Plugin Calendar

Establish a calendar plugin on her WordPress site, it may have gone further than highlight events on a calendar. With a plugin such as Booking System Pro, you will be able to set up a reservation system whether for a few days or a few hours. You may have noticed I have not said anything for rent. And for good reason, because this plugin allows you to rent anything you want. In addition to being technically flexible, it also graphically is because you can customize it as you see fit. Again, the author of this WordPress plugin gives us access to get an opinion of the plugin. The least we can say is that there are many features like support for Paypal, multilingual, and provides all with Ajax interface.

4 – WordPress Events Calendar, Calendar WordPress Plugin

The big difference between this and the previous plugin does not lie so much in terms of functionality and design. In fact, the designers of this WordPress plugin have wagered everything on a more modern design. But that’s not all because the calendar will fit perfectly into any page or any ticket, while offering multilingual support. If you like this plugin, then know that the designers of this calendar plugin does not stop there because they also offer many other plugins.

5 – Event Calendar Pro WordPress, WordPress Plugin Calendar

I dare say that you will not go much further to find a new plugin designed by the same developers as the next plugin. And because WordPress Event Calendar Pro was developed by the same team. Then you will certainly understand that the heart of this calendar plugin is the same as the previous plugin. What really changes the design. Note still support the migration iCal, management called special dates, an interface that manages clicked / submitted, all designed for the multi-lingual.

6 – WordPress Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown Calendar WordPress Plugin

The big calendar is not your cup of tea too? And if you discover WordPress Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown was developed in a minimalist style. Comes in a light or dark version, calendar plugin will provide your readers with a calendar that visually alert its content and your business, you have several per day or not. Once you click on a date, you will see a description of the event with a photo and a countdown.

7 – BookingWizz for WordPress Plugin WordPress Calendar

Looking for the necessary plugin to highlight BookingWizz, then no doubt BookingWizz for WordPress will be your ideal companion. Once the base BookingWizz is installed on the root of your website, this plugin will allow you to access through five different shortcodes and two widgets. Well researched and well thought out, users BookingWizz should be delighted.

8 – Timetable for WordPress Plugin WordPress Calendar

TimeTable is a calendar plugin guy really interesting because it will allow you to set up, for example, a TV program grid. In addition to being impressive in its grip, you will be impressed with the results on your site. Test yourself by rendering, and you will realize the power of Ajax. To be honest, this plugin reminds me furiously website more known in France as it is the site of the most viewed television programming, and it is program-tv.net . This site even the luxury of being not far from entering the top 1000 Alexa sites. As you lead this great plugin to take off your WordPress site to new heights.

9 – 3C-Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

A calendar of minimalist style, a calendar full page type? You do not get to make a choice? You answer that is normal to choose is given. But no, not in the beautiful world of WordPress plugins. When there is a shortage, it is always filled by someone. And here is the case with this calendar WordPress plugin that will offer a minimalist calendar interface, a more detailed interface as well. The ability to use different colors to highlight your events or support for Google Maps make this a plugin for plugin to discover. Support for all platforms and all browsers is a definite plus.

10 – Business Calendar – Calendar Internal WordPress, WordPress Plugin Calendar

In an attempt to break into the world of the best WordPress plugins calendar, you also know the difference. So you can either make a difference by offering a Inovant or design incorporating new features. Or rethink the concept of schedule. With this plugin, the idea is not to share what you do with your blog readers, but with the other employees of your agency. Indeed, when is a web agency, one must possess powerful tools, and website should be the showcase of his knowledge. By offering a sharing tool integrated with all your colleagues calendar, you will make your site the central point of monitoring your activity.

11 – Easy Timelines WordPress, WordPress Plugin Calendar

Gone are the days of the calendar that features such as a calendar, place the timeline, like on Facebook, or almost. Even if the idea is certainly inspired by Facebook, it stops there. Easy handling and management, you can simply insert a shortcode in a post to be used as a calendar. Little more, you can create plusieursTimeline, allowing you to upload several different calendars. If you want to customize some heart, know that besides the design, even JavaScript is easy to customize.

12 – Colorful Calendar, Calendar WordPress Plugin

You want to highlight the activity of your WordPress blog, both in the creation of ticket comments or the number of views, then Colorful Calendar should make you happy. I think you will certainly understand, more activity is denser, the colors change, and a simple click on the date will understand in a blink of an eye everything that is past, and in addition, you will be able to easy access.

13 – Animated WordPress Posts Calendar, Calendar WordPress Plugin

Brother Plugin WordPress plugin calendar Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown, this calendar plugin will always offer a minimalist kind of schedule, but integrate the notion of Coptic down. Interesting if you are interested not only a plugin presentation of your activities in a calendar.

14 – EventsPlanner, Calendar WordPress Plugin

The designer of your site is to engage your readers in the creation of content by creating events? EventsPlanner, in addition to providing a perfect finish to highlight your events, has an important argument, the fact to provide Your web form. Once the form is completed, you can either proceed to a second reading, an automatic publication of content on your website, while integrating your WordPress calendar.

15 – WP Booking Calendar, Calendar WordPress Plugin

Our previous selection plugin reservation you not capsized? Then discover WP Booking Calendar, perfect for rent everything you want. A perfect plugin that will suit both beauty salons to barber, hotels or why not gyms renting tennis, squash … User-level features include the ability to immediately viewed free slots, can choose to browse the calendar by day or month, the possibility of multiple bookings, all with a simple and friendly interface.

16 – Smart WordPress Blog Post Calendar, Calendar WordPress Plugin

So we talked a lot about WordPress calendar plugin, but not many calendar plugin allows you to link your content according to their date of publication. This WordPress plugin will propose a way to browse more content on your site.

17 – Facebook Event Calendar, Calendar WordPress Plugin

We must recognize it, the use of Facebook is largely democratized over time. And if there is a nice feature with Facebook is the possibility to create events. So if you’re more the type to like to manage your Facebook privacy that went through your WordPress site Facebook Event Calendar discover who will make the connection between your Facebook events directly on your WordPress site.

18 – Calendar Publisher, Calendar WordPress Plugin

A calendar is also handy when you need to manage the planning of publishing content on your WordPress site. With this plugin, management planning is done on a calendar, a simple drag / filed. A simple plugin that does what it promises.

19 – MB WordPress Calendar, Calendar WordPress Plugin

So this plugin allows you to manage your calendars so diverse and events, all thanks to WordPress. This plugin will allow you to choose between several different calendars, create events, translate your content, not to mention the prioritization of events or their recurrences.

20 – LBEvents, Calendar WordPress Plugin

Finish our selection of calendar plugins LBEvents you will, among other have a beautiful calendar, manager categorizing your events. The calendar is inserted without difficulty through the use of shortcodes. In addition, it is possible to manage multiple instances of the same plugin. So if you want to insert a page number in this will be possible.

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