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When we talk about downloading files with WordPress, it may well be to your visitors to upload files that your WordPress media library. Thus, you will find our selection of WordPress plugins download for both plugins offering download files to certain user groups, propose to download files after sharing your page on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and consort, or after paying to download the file. We even offer plugins that your users will have to subscribe to your newsletter in order to receive the download link in their emails. For those using file systems such as DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive, we offer plugins that let you take advantage directly in your WordPress administration interface. A selection of 20 professional WordPress plugins for download.

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Multilingual WordPress?

You want to make your site a multilingual WordPress site and looking for the best plugin? WPML is the perfect companion to facilitate the management of your site, and also maximize your WordPress SEO in all the languages ​​that you are targeting.

01 – Facebook Like to Download Plugin Download WordPress

01-Facebook Like to Download-plugin-wordpress-download

Begin our selection plugin for WordPress by downloading a plugin that will allow you to boost the commitment of your readers on your Facebook page. Facebook like to download is a plugin that lets you turn the button I like a facebook button to download a file from your WordPress site. Thanks to its integration with the TinyMCE text editor, which is the default text editor of WordPress, you can easily insert the download button in your blog posts and WordPress pages. You can offer to download any URL, it is not limited to stored files on your WordPress site. The result is a like button propelled Ajax. Once your visitors have clicked on, they will start the download of the underlying file. And inserting a download link like button will not be limited to one, in fact, you will be able to enter as many as you want in your posts and WordPress pages. To better integrate with your WordPress site, you will be able to choose the shape and color of the button I like. This plugin is also available for Google Plus and Twitter . You choose the social network you want plebiscite.

02 – Subscribe to Download, Download WordPress Plugin

Subscribe to Download-02-plugin-wordpress-download

After seeing how to boost its number of voters on Facebook, learn how to do the same thing, but this time for your enrollment to your newsletter. The concept is similar, if your users want to download something that you put at their disposal, so they will have to give you their email address. This result in the appearance of a dialog box where the user will be prompted to provide their email address to receive in his mailbox the download link. This plugin comes along with integration with TinyMCE text editor, allowing you to insert the dialog box where you want in your WordPress theme, whether in your pages or in your WordPress tickets. Once your users have registered in your list, you can export this list to include in your newsletter system such as MailChimp.

03 – Automatic Download, Download WordPress Plugin

Automatic 03-Download-plugin-wordpress-download

Unlike the previous two plugins, Automatic Download will propose a file is always available for download to your users, when they go to a specific page of your site. Whether this is done immediately, or after a certain time, users will see a download window appears, allowing them to immediately save the file on their computers. This system is particularly useful if you want to increase downloading a particular file, or for example to ensure that your visitors download your promotional brochure. You can make available for download as well as a file in your Media Manager, a link to a third-party service file download. In addition, this plugin is compatible with WPML . Automatic Download will be available at the level of the administration interface of your WordPress site under the window for creating content on your page or your WordPress post. You can define how download as offer downloads to all visitors of this page, or once, or even disable it.

04 – Subscribe & Download, Download WordPress Plugin

Subscribe & Download-04-plugin-wordpress-download

Subscribe and Download is a plugin that will allow you to offer a download link to your visitors against the registration of your email newsletter. A dialog box will be present, it will be easily customizable, and you can even put your terms and conditions. Once registered, the download link will be sent directly via email, which will guarantee that the visitor gives you a email which he really has access address. Most of this plugin is that it is directly connected to services such as MailChimp, iContact, Aweber, GetResponse and or Campaign Monitor. Tenors of emailing management on the world market. Here too, we have to do a plugin supports WPML for translation.

05 – Paid Downloads Pro WordPress Plugin Download

05-Paid Downloads Pro-plugin-wordpress-download

If you want to set up an eCommerce site for digital goods, Paid Downloads Pro should interest you. Indeed, this plugin aims to provide a download link to users who have previously paid to access this file. Payment may be made either by Paypal as AlertPay, Skrill or EgoPay. To prevent users exchange the download links, each URL is provided in encrypted form limited duration.

06 – PayPal File Download, Download WordPress Plugin

06-PayPal File Download-plugin-wordpress-download

Suggest a link for paid download a digital product, it is also the credo of PayPal File Download. This plugin allow you to create your administration interface virtual products such as PDF, MP3 files or zipped file, and define the currency price, uptime file, and the URL sending to your PayPal page. More than 26 different currencies are supported by this plugin. Once the file is purchased, you will have access to your admin interface to track purchases that include the date of purchase, name of buyer, bought the product, its price and the commission charged by PayPal.

07 – Social System Download, Download WordPress Plugin

07-Social System Download-plugin-wordpress-download

Increase its presence on the social networks has become essential, both to increase its SEO, or simply reach more and more potential visitors. To achieve this, there are many different social networks, so why focus on one? Download Social System offers either stop at Facebook, but spend a higher speed while attempting to take off all your social networks to once. When you put a file available to download, your visitors will share your page on the social network of their choice, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn.

08 – Counter Download, Download WordPress Plugin

08-Download Counter-plugin-wordpress-download

Download Counter is a WordPress plugin that allows you to track the number of occasion that was clicked a URL, or the number of times a file has been downloaded. You will be able to track the number of download any files, and any link, even if it is not to be on your site. To do this, simply insert a shortcode to your WordPress page or post. The number of downloads or clicks appear next to the link, but also in your administration interface. This administration interface also allows you to change the number of manually downloading, either to increase or decrease the number displayed to your visitors.

09 – Groups File Access WordPress Plugin Download

09-Groups File Access-plugin-wordpress-download

Giving access to downloading files to small groups of users in your WordPress site, this is the idea behind this WordPress plugin. Whether for premium users or groups of users as customers or registered users, this plugin will allow you to finely control to whom you offer the option of downloading a particular file on your WordPress site. To achieve this, all you need to create user groups, assigned a visitor to a certain group, and set up the access through shortcodes limitation.

10 – Html To Pdf, Download WordPress Plugin

Html To Pdf-10-plugin-wordpress-download

Change some registry with this WordPress plugin. Indeed, the purpose of this plugin is to allow you to create a PDF file from HTML code, and make it available to your users on your pages or blog with a shortcode. The administration interface of this plugin allows you to create a text from your text editor and convert PDF to be archived on your WordPress site. Once the manipulation done, go to your pages or notes, insert the shortcode, and a download button will appear on your site. This button can be customized in color, shape and include an icon.

11 – Downloads Handler, WordPress Plugin Download

Downloads 11-Handler-plugin-wordpress-download

Donwloads Handler is a plugin which allows you to both create a dialog box to highlight the file to download by giving his name, weight, along with a download button. But it also allows you to track the number of times a file has been downloaded. This plugin will allow you to provide more than 650 different file MIME type, and also to choose a layout from the 5 available for each dialog. It will also be possible to limit the download of a file to a defined user group.

12 – User Downloads, Download WordPress Plugin

12-User Downloads-plugin-wordpress-download

User Downloads is a plugin whose purpose is to provide a download link to specific users on your site, and if you wish, for a limited time. The administration interface lets you see the list of files assigned by user. Each download link is protected against the exchange, an encryption system with links.

13 – Direct Download for WooCommerce, WordPress Plugin Download

13-Direct Download for WooCommerce-plugin-wordpress-download

Direct Download is a plugin for WooCommerce allowing you to replace add to cart for all virtual or downloadable whose price is zero, with a button to upload your products shop button. This will allow your users no longer need to go through the payment page for this type of product. This will be particularly useful to all those willing to offer free products on their site WooCommerce. The download process is thereby simplified to the extreme.

14 – ImageShack Downloader, Download WordPress Plugin

ImageShack 14-Downloader-plugin-wordpress-download

After seeing how propose to download files from your site, this plugin offers Conversely, upload files to your site in seconds. If you have an ImageShack account, this plugin will allow you to recover your WordPress administration interface. A simple and effective for all owners ImageShack account idea.

15 – Digital Paybox, WordPress Plugin Download

15-Digital Paybox-plugin-wordpress-download

Digital Paybox is a plugin that will allow you to distribute the files to upload to your site so pay. With this plugin, users are free to choose how they want to pay, and what payment platform use. It will be possible to define a minimum payment. Once payment is made, a temporary link will be encrypted and sent to the email stated at checkout.

16 – Photobucket Downloader, Download WordPress Plugin

Photobucket 16-Downloader-plugin-wordpress-download

You use PhotoBucket and would repatriate your photos in your WordPress administration interface? Then this plugin is simple and effective for you.

17 – Drive Google Downloader, Download WordPress Plugin

Google Drive 17-Downloader-plugin-wordpress-download

No bla bla useless, this WordPress plugin for users of Google Drive. If you want to be able to see your files in Google Drive your media library, Google Drive Downloader is a plugin to possess. Once imported your Google Drive account, you can use your images directly into Google Drive your WordPress site.

18 – Use-your-Drive WordPress Plugin Download


Close to the previous plugin that we presented, Use your Drive lets you take control of your Google Drive account directly from your WordPress interface. You can view and download anything that is in your Google Drive account, but also rename files and directories, and use your Google Drive account to create image galleries, and stream its audio and video content.

19 – Out-of-the-Box WordPress Plugin Download


Developed by the same team Use your Drive, this plugin will allow you to do exactly the same thing, but this time for owners of Dropbox account. So you can see your files, upload them to your WordPress site, but also rename your files and directories. It will also be possible to create image galleries, and stream audio or video content, and stuff from your Dropbox account.

20 – SkyDrive Downloader, Download WordPress Plugin

20-SkyDrive Downloader-plugin-wordpress-download

SkyDrive is your favorite cloud management system files? Then this plugin is for you. You can view all your content files in your SkyDrive space, and incorporate it into your WordPress media library.

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