20 Slider Plugins for WordPress

You want to improve your WordPress site by adding a slider? Then we selected 20 slider plugins for WordPress should please you. In our selection slider for WordPress, you will find sliders to highlight your notes, sliders which allow you to animate your site, sliders supporting the parallax effect or Ken Burns, as well as sliders and products for WooCommerce yet very original sliders allowing you to present results before after. A selection of the best premium plugins for WordPress type slider.

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Multilingual WordPress?

You want to make your site a multilingual WordPress site and looking for the best plugin? WPML is the perfect companion to facilitate the management of your site, and also maximize your WordPress SEO in all the languages ​​that you are targeting.

01 – Revolution Slider Plugin Slider WordPress


Begin our selection slider plugin for WordPress by Revolution Slider, certainly pro plugin to manage your sliders with the most downloaded WordPress. And because Slider Revolution has such an aura that is found in many premium WordPress themes. For two years this plugin exists, it is already at version 4. The author of this slider plugin for WordPress attaches great importance to stay in the air. Revolution Slider allows you to create animated sliders which will be more and more for your SEO because all the text in your slides will remain accessible to search engines. In addition to creating animations galore, this plugin allows you to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or videos that you host yourself, thanks to its HTML5 video player. All slides that you create can be displayed both in miniature in full screen, you choose. Compatible with WPM , all your slides will be translated for each language that you work on your WordPress site. And if you use the multi-functions of WordPress, this plugin will take place because it is compatible. Since version 4, this plugin offers many new features such as an interface for creating reviewed thoroughly, animations preconceived to help you go faster, adding animation, change rendering engine, a loading libraries programming plugin when necessary, and more. This slider manager for WordPress is the staple of our selection slider WordPress plugin.

02 – RoyalSlider, Slider WordPress Plugin


RoyalSlider is the most direct competitor Slider Revolution in terms of download and both are in fierce competition, and to distinguish RoyalSlider has specialized in the management of mobile interfaces. Indeed, this slider plugin for WordPress is both responsive and functional with touch interfaces. In addition, you certainly offer RoyalSlider management slider, but also the management of image galleries. It is possible to use this slider plugin for WordPress in different ways. You can use a conventional manner by generating HTML content type, but you can also create automatic slides from Instagram, NextGen, FlickR, but also WooCommerce. WooCommerce support makes the slider manager for WordPress more interesting when we chose to use WordPress for eCommerce. Focused on performance, accessibility, and stability, it offers a more limited number of transition effects, in stark contrast Revolution Slider. The goal for the designer of this WordPress plugin, focusing on what works. For those looking for a slider that could perfectly integrate into their existing WordPress theme, it is possible to customize thanks to CSS3.

03 – LayerSlider, Slider WordPress Plugin


Like the sliders parallax guy? With LayerSlider you will be served because it is his specialty. With this slider plugin for WordPress, you will be able to animate a slider in managing the effects of the appearance of images, text, and why not video. Every part of your slider will be in a layer that you can manage on your own. Go static to dynamic sliders sliders with LayerSlider. The effect is striking. LayerSlider is three different presentations for navigation, and 13 put in customizable form included with the plugin. With more than 200 transition effects, 2D effects to 3D effects, this plugin will allow you to never create two sliders like, and allow you to accurately target the desired effect for your site. Creating your slides will be from the creation interface that works through click file in real time. A time line will allow you to manage the effects of each of your images. If you want to include text, it will be increasingly possible to define the writing with police support for Google Fonts writing fonts. Mobile interfaces are also the holidays, because this plugin will create a record of the type responsive and manageable fingertips for touch interfaces in the market. Also compatible with WPML , this plugin will fit perfectly in a multilingual WordPress site.

04 – Slider PRO WordPress Plugin Slider

04-Slider PRO-plugin-wordpress-slider

Slier PRO is a manager for WordPress responsive sliders that will fit perfectly mobile interfaces, which allows you to create slides from your notes, images, or videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Upload your own videos through its HTML5 video player. You will even be possible to automatically load images from Flickr. Its administration interface, fully integrated with WordPress design, allows you to manage more than 150 different options, but also more than a hundred transition effects of the transition effect, the effect of cutting, passing by effects of glides. Also accompanied by more than 15 different designs, this plugin management slider will fit easily into your existing WordPress sites.

05 – Showbiz, Slider WordPress Plugin


The purpose of Showbiz is to allow you to create ribbons of images, in the form of slider. Comes with several different styles, you will be able to choose which style to place in your website, and also the breasts of your pages. With his editor made, it is possible to create the record that you want to make it perfectly integrated with the existing design of your site. With this plugin, you can highlight sections of your site, but also video, and products for your eCommerce website. Regarding support for WooCommerce, we like two different presentations are delivered with this plugin, allowing you to stage your various products. Of course, this plugin also supports all the different CPT this on your site, allowing you to create sliders from any content. At the given between each image slider navigation, you can choose between a navigation from cursor, or let your users drag content with their finger. The effect on tactile interfaces is perfect, whether on an interface of iPhone or Android category.

06 – Likebox Facebook Slider Plugin Slider WordPress

06-Likebox Facebook Slider-plugin-wordpress-slider

With Facebok Likebox Slider, do a little in originality if you wish. Here it is not about to offer you a slider image, but a plugin that will allow you to submit links to your site sharing, in the form of tab that slident. You will be able to define, through the customization interface, all your social networks, as well as their layout tabs. Once selected, your visitors will have access to them will allow them to see your activity on the selected social networks. An original increase your popularity in all your social networks so.

07 – All in one Banner Slider WordPress Plugin

All in one 07-Banner-plugin-wordpress-slider

All in one Banner is a WordPress plugin based on jQuery which offers five different uses: Rotating banner, with thumbnail images, slider and carousel images. Each operating mode has its own advantages as a choice between several different designs, the ability to add videos, show or hide the controllers allow to open links in new windows or not, animate text and image, set the width and height of each element … This plugin is an all in one that you will not get away only a particular type of use.

08 – TouchCarousel, Slider WordPress Plugin


TouchCarousel was designed by the same developer that RoyalSlider. Thus, this plugin has the same advantages, namely a full touch interface, which allows you to create a close to your site thanks to its editor template design. The big difference between these two plugins is that TouchCarousel was done to allow you to display your tickets, several at a time. Always cut for SEO and timeliness through CSS3, this plugin also supports WPML .

09 – Content Timeline Slider WordPress Plugin

09 Content-Timeline-plugin-wordpress-slider

To arrange a little more original than usual slider so, the designer of this WordPress plugin provides us to make a slider on the basis of a horizontal timeline. The timeline is an element that has been popularized by Facebook, which allows us to form a very hierarchical content. Here, the idea is the same, propose a thread reading based on the dates to your readers. With its administration interface, this plugin will set up various timeline, with different behaviors, both in the presentation of your thumbnails or your text, but also on the design and how to scroll the contents. In addition, the record of this plugin is fully responsive, which will guarantee that this timeline is visible and usable regardless of the interface used by your visitors to get to your WordPress site.

10 – Estro, Slider WordPress Plugin


Estro is a slider for WordPress managing the Ken Burns effect. The Ken Burns effect is a JavaScript effect that allows you to give a sense of movement and zoom images of your slider. This effect is proposed by this plugin which in addition is fully configurable by the admin interface at your disposal with this slider plugin. In addition to providing the Ken Burns effect, this plugin offers you to use both an effect of a fondue slide effect for your image transitions. Revised and corrected, this plugin now offers a renderer perfect for iPhones and iPads, while being faster than the original. It will also be possible to manage both images as videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

11 – Metro Slider Plugin Slider WordPress

11-Metro Slider-plugin-wordpress-slider

Metro Slider is a new plugin that offers to use a design-type metro for your slider. Here we are not talking about “metro”, but the design used by the latest version of Windows. The metro effect is known as Flat Design. This design is also found in the latest iOS updates. In addition to rendering a flat design, this plugin offers a single interface for rendering your sliders because it will create more rotary coming area breasts the same slide, giving you a close effect that can Inside the new menu of Windows 8. This allows you to display a lot of information in a single slide.

12 – Mega Slider Plugin Slider WordPress

12 Mega-Slider-plugin-wordpress-slider

Animate your sliders, this is what offers MegaSlider. With the help of CSS3 and an administration interface designed as a mixer, you can on the same image to appear and disappear from the text, but also other images that will be superimposed on the assembly. The result is a slider that comes to life, farewell slides of static images that eventually no longer attract the attention of your visitors. Each element that you create on your slider will benefit from its own effects. Speaking of your visitors, this slider will fit all screens through its responsives qualities. In addition, this slider plugin for WordPress has been tested on many browsers to ensure high compatibility. You care about your SEO? Each text element you add to your slider will be readable by search engines.

13 – Before After Slider Plugin Slider WordPress

13-Before After Slider-plugin-wordpress-slider

So here’s a good slider plugin for WordPress that is original! The idea to compete two images to highlight the effect before after. You may either submit two images side by side to show alterations or always present two images, but with a central cursor that can be moved. The example took should better talk to you. Imagine that you are a dentist and you have whitened the teeth of a person. Take a picture before one image, and this plugin will allow your users to see the result. This can also be applied to a plastic surgeon to show the type of surgery he can do, and the effects that one is entitled to expect. And yes, this plugin will also be convenient to highlight edited pictures, and so show your talent, always in the form of a slider. One might think that this plugin is quite confidential use, but in fact it is for anyone doing renovations or alterations to present as the renovation of a building facade, the renovation of an interior, the renovation of a car, graphic redesign of a website … in fact, just his imagination to get an effect on your site that will tell your visitors “excellent”!

14 – Theia, Slider WordPress Plugin


The purpose of Theia, allowing you to convert all the content of your pages in a slideshow, allowing you to make your content more attractive to your visitors and also make it more easily searchable. This plugin works whenever you install by taking the contents of your tickets. It integrates easily with any WordPress theme. The administration interface allows you to choose from one of 25 designs at your disposal. You will also choose from 4 transition effects provided by this plugin. The slider works in ajax, preloading all content to make faster during the consultation. This plugin will also help you in SEO, Google and allowing a company to find more text on the page where the plugin is installed.

15 – WooCommerce Product Slider Plugin Slider WordPress

15-WooCommerce Product Slider-plugin-wordpress-slider

As its name suggests, the premium plugin WooCommerce Product Slider has been designed for shop owners using WooCommerce for their help to highlight the form of slider their products. The slider and product will be responsive and sensitive to touch interfaces, so that all your visitors can enjoy. To display the slider, you can simply insert a shortcode for it to produce a product slider as well on your homepage, your tickets and your sidebars. With five different styles, this slider allows you to display your product or by entire classes, giving the identification number of your product, by tag, but you will also be able to choose whether to display prices .

16 – Slider Evolution Slider WordPress Plugin

16-Slider Evolution-plugin-wordpress-slider

Supplementing its website an animated slider, this is the aim of Slide Evolution. WordPress jQuery plugin types, you will be able to create simple sliders, and so it unlimited because this plugin will ask you to create as many as you wish.

17 – CCSlider WP Slider WordPress Plugin

17-CCSlider WP-plugin-wordpress-slider

CCSlider is a WordPress plugin that manages sliders with transition effects 3D type, you’ll more than 14 different available. If you also want to have transition effects 2D, this is possible because there are more than 16 kinds 2D effects included with this plugin. Each slide of your sliders will benefit from its own transition effect. If your visitor arrives at your site with an older browser that does not support transition effects 3D type, it will automatically return to a transition effect type 2D. Indeed, transition effects 3D type are not generated from Flash, but HTML5 canvas functions.

18 – Polaroid Slider Plugin Slider WordPress

Polaroid 18-Slider-plugin-wordpress-slider

Time Polaroid missing? And if you adopt Polaroid Slider, a WordPress plugin that takes the form of Polaroids, to make an original and vintage slider. This slider allows you to create sliders from your images, Flickr, 500px, but also videos or HTML content. You will be able to annotate each slide and customize transition effects between them. This plugin has been tested on many browsers, including IE7 and IE8 good old successfully. Thanks to the presence of CSS3, this plugin is very responsive.

19 – DZS Testimonial Rotator, Slider WordPress Plugin

DZS-19 Rotator Testimonial-plugin-wordpress-slider

We speak from the start, with a few exceptions, the slider sliders for creating images, videos, HTML content or text. DZS offers slider to your reviews.

20 – Visual Composer, Slider WordPress Plugin

20-Visual Composer-plugin-wordpress-slider

Conclude our selection of WordPress plugins slider with a little originalié, if you do not mind. Visual Composer is much more than a plugin for creating sliders. In fact, the creation of slider is only one of many possibilities offered by this plugin. The real feature of Visual Composer is allow you to create complex WordPress pages, simply click file with your mouse. Downloaded more than 20,000 times, premium plugin often finds its place in other premium themes, giving you the opportunity to design a page number without end, to the layout that suits you best.

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