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20 WordPress Plugins Safety

His WordPress site, we love, we take care of every day. Whether to add functionality, or create content, it must be admitted, we spend some time on our WordPress site. Although frequent updates WordPress contributed to guarantee software with the fewest flaws, so do not be fooled, a major attack is always possible against your site, from blocking the outright destruction of your data. To overcome the most common problems, we present a list of WordPress security plugins that allow you to secure your site, your passwords, your links, your images, source code, and more. Our selection of security plugins for WordPress you will not wake up one morning with years of lost work. Little thing that never hurts when it comes to the security of its site, make frequent backups of your data!

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01 – Security Ninja Security 2013 WordPress Plugin


Begin this selection of WordPress plugins dedicated to security plugin number in its domain, I named Ninja Security. After more than two years old and over 2000 downloads, we are dealing here with a plugin that will put a strain on your site because it will test not less than 31 different attacks on your site, including attack Gross typical strength. Not content with exposing your vulnerability, this plugin offers to take preventive measures in order not to make you hack your WordPress site. Icing on the cake, this plugin will also protect you largely script kiddies and faults types 0-day.

02 – Core Scanner, 2013 WordPress Security Plugin


I love the idea behind this add-on Ninja Security which is to come to a MD5 hash of sources available on files to compare your core WordPress files. If a change is made, you tighten quickly alerted, and you can restore the original file with one click. For this plugin plugin to work, you must install the Security Ninja. This idea deserves to be directly implemented in WordPress.

03 – Scheduled Scanner WordPress Plugin Security 2013


Second plugin plugin, Scheduled Scan will be the perfect companion plugin Ninja Security and Core Scanner. The purpose of this plugin is to automate tasks proposed by Security Ninja and Core Scanner offering more advanced reporting system, and email. With this plugin, no need to force it to connect daily on its sites in order to control scripts turn, this WordPress plugin security will do for you.

04 – Login Ninja WordPress Plugin Security 2013


To continue in this software suite offered by webfactory to introduce another WordPress security plugin, I named Login Ninja. Behind this lies a WordPress plugin companion every day in the fight that is the security of your WordPress site. With this plugin, you can set up a CAPTCHA system in connection interfaces, and contact, thus protecting you from attacks Brut force type and recording robots. In addition to these significant elements of security for your WordPress site, this plugin allows you to do more self-banishment of adreses IP logs all connections notify you by email, and this could also operate on the basis of your user roles.

05 – WP-Lens, WordPress Security Plugin 2013


The purpose of this plugin is to write down your site on three main criteria, the health of your WordPress site, its security as well as the applications used. Hundreds of tests being launched, it would be difficult for all cities. However, be aware that WP-Lens is a plugin that will be particularly useful during the recovery phase of code, or to quickly assess the quality of the WordPress site itself. This plugin will notify you of problems, but do not solve for you.

06 – WP Secure WordPress Plugin Security 2013


Obfuscation is a technique that is not to shout from the rooftops that you use a WordPress installation, let alone its version number. It is clear that this technique is not an absolute weapon, it must be acknowledged that at least has the merit of protecting themselves from trying to do that old WordPress installation, including security holes are well known. This WordPress security plugin will propose you to hide your number WordPress version hide the fact that you are using WordPress, charge for access to the administration interface path or the path of your URLs.

07 – Guaven FP, 2013 WordPress Security Plugin


Guavent FP and the previous plugin are very similar because they both offer the visitor to hide a little curious that you use WordPress. WP Guaven FP goes one step further by also supporting the WooCommerce plugin. And yes, there are not that WordPress itself that leaves traces.

08 – Watermark Images hotlinked, WordPress Security Plugin 2013


The security of its website, is to ensure that nobody enters your site, but also make sure that nobody use your server resources for its own account. One of the most common ways is a person uses one of your images directly on its website, calling the image of your site. This is called HotLink. While this may be convenient, it is more often unpleasant. Rather than impose a blanket ban is simply HotLink rather test a method called watermark. In other words, each time an image will not be called directly from your server, it will be more visual marking, which may be the name of your site, for example.

09 – 5sec Google Authentificator, 2013 WordPress Security Plugin


Passwords are essential to the security of our WordPress site. Although the use of complex passwords are recommended, it is more so for the hacker to bypass the encryption of passwords users. In order to guard against theft of password stolen database, loss of post-it on which was written, or steals laptop in which all passwords are stored there is a method. This is the method called double identification. On one side you enter your password Password usual, on the other you make sure you bought your phone to receive an SMS with the code it will take more to confirm the connection. The WordPress plugin security 5sec Google Authentificator is therefore developing this process for your WordPress site, while relying on the services offered by Google.

10 – BotPlug, WordPress Security Plugin 2013


BotPlug plugin is a security whose goal is to eradicate attacks Brut force type, as well as protect your site from malicious bots.

11 – WP Security Manager, Security WordPress Plugin 2013


Protect yourself against bots, this is what you propose the plugin WP Security Manager, displaying pages with CAPTCHA, they must necessarily complete well to continue to surf your site in peace. We particularly appreciate the presence of a virtual keyboard to enter your passwords, which will protect you from any keyloggers on your computer.

12 – Source Guard, WordPress Security Plugin 2013


The purpose of Source Guard is issuing a source said encrypted or obfuscated, this in order to make the non-readable HTML output you and me. Needless to say it is impossible to see that you are using WordPress. In addition, if you sell the code on markets places such Envato, then you’ll be glad of the protection that it will bring to your work.

13 – Reset User Passwords, WordPress Plugin Security 2013


Sometimes one is faced with the need to do a reset of all listed on your WordPress site, this is due to an attack, or a security strategy. Anyway, WordPress is not equipped to offer you the opportunity to do a reset with a single click, for all of your users, even if you have hundreds or thousands. Once the process is initiated and directed, all users will receive an email containing their new password. Reset User Passwords is a plugin that surfing this gap by creating this opportunity. Administrators wide WordPress site will appreciate.

14 – Security Question WordPress, WordPress Plugin Security 2013


Over time, more and more website use security questions during the registration of a user. The answer to the question being asked in a request to reset a password. Like any system, it is not foolproof, but gives you the opportunity to add a layer of security to your WordPress site. This plugin comes with a series of ten questions default editable in the admin interface, as well as the ability to remove the matter to a person who would (also) be forgotten. This happens quite often in fact 😉

15 – WP Change Password, Security WordPress Plugin 2013


The idea behind this plugin is simple, the more often you update your password, the more your site will be protected. Problem, we must now make the step voluntarily. Even if you are motivated, comes a day when we cease to do so, not to mention users who simply never will. Whether annually, quarterly, monthly, or weekly, update the password is important. With WP Change Password, a new password will arrive by email on the pace required, as all users of the system.

16 – WordPress Backup & Clone Master, WordPress Security Plugin 2013


I tend to think that protection is an endless race. Sometimes we have to advance, sometimes the hackers. The best protection against an attack will always be to have a good backup of the WordPress site as well, even if one day a hacker finds a way to annoy you, a referral of your backed up files and voila. It’s that simple. But still need to have a good backup, and a tool to make your work easier. You will understand, WordPress Backup & Clone Master fall into this line right of WordPress backup plugin.

17 – LogPress, WordPress Security Plugin 2013


ATTENTION, this plugin is not enabled for versions beyond version 3.3 of WordPress. I’m not saying it will not work, but it must be tested to find out. So why the hell tell you about a plugin that many of us will not use? Because I think this plugin deserved a much greater success, then maybe if you do it, it could be that the sound designer to update. LogPress is very wise indeed as it offers to be a reporting interface to the PHP errors, MySQL errors, fatal errors, attempts to cross-scripting, SQL injection or log of all connections to the administration interface. A real gem. We would be happy to share a plugin supports the latest versions of WordPress and offering the same functionality. If you know one, we will be happy to know through comments.

18 – WP Secure Links, WordPress Plugin Security 2013


You sell downloadable products? So it is better for you that this product is accessible only by the person who paid. To achieve this WordPress plugin will prompt you to put a security system in place on your download links, so that the products that you put at the disposal of their clients are exclusively reserved.

19 – WP Licensing System WordPress Plugin Security 2013


Need to set up a licensing system of products for your WordPress? Découvez WordPress Licensing System is a WordPress plugin that will take care of all issues related to licensing, the billing!

20 – PrivateContent – Secure Links, WordPress Plugin Security 2013


Close this selection plugin by plugin … which is not strictly speaking a more security. Finally, it all depends on what kind of security we mention. The purpose of this plugin is to issue a link in a page a group’s people connected to your site. You tell me, but it used for? I would say that this is how it works good numbers Torrents particular site (so they told me). So you can see, the protection here is a protection against copyright holders that hackers web.

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