20 Pro Plugins BuddyPress

BuddyPress, the WordPress plugin perfect for those who want to transform their WordPress site in social networking site niche. With BuddyPress you can allow your users to connect to your site, fill out a profile, create space and get to share them. In a word, an entire social network in a single plugin. If you still need to be convinced of the power of BuddyPress, take a look at this list of sites using it, it’s worth it.

1 – BuddyPress Activity Plus Plugin BuddyPress

Begin this selection BuddyPress plugin for WordPress with a plugin that will remind some Facebook features, such as taking quick notes or easy sharing of videos, photos or other media object. The first plugin is a plugin almost essential for anyone wanting to set up a social networking site with WordPress.

2 – BuddyPress Group Email, BuddyPress Plugin

When administering a social network type site with WordPress or not, it is not uncommon to have to communicate to all owners of user profiles on your site. BuddyPress plugin for this will help you to group emails to groups of users world. Gone are the days where you had to write to each member separately.

3 – Membership, BuddyPress Plugin

Speaking members of your community site, would you be interested by creating two types of users, paying the other free? Membership thanks to the plugin, you will be able to set up a site like GigaOm, Mixergy, ThemeForest or a content site like the New York Times. With this plugin, you book your quality content to your users premium.

4 – MarketPress, BuddyPress Plugin

E-commerce with WordPress, it is guaranteed to have a simple site to grip and simple to maintain. There are more and more e-commerce site featuring hundreds of products and working with WordPress such as the ecritoireduvillage.fr or the ceramic-to-lussan.com . MarketPress is a WordPress plugin that e-commerce in addition to offering all the functionality expected by an e-commerce plugin, you will support BuddyPress, and you will create shops as on Facebook.

5 – Ultimate Facebook plugin BuddyPress

As we talk about community website, it is clear that again the basic features of Facebook has become essential not to take your users or give them the impression that your site is behind a technological point of view. BuddyPress plugin that will allow you to add a lot of features from Facebook directly to your WordPress site as:

  • Facebook Connect
  • Automatic user profile creation,
  • The possibility of automatic publication of your content on Facebook
  • Inserting sharing links to Facebook,
  • Implementation of OpenGraph on your site
  • Possibility of using Facebook Albums directly into the pages of your site,

With one plugin, give your BuddyPress website features one listed that Facebook is usually obtained using several plugins. Do not use too many plugins is a guarantee of performance and ease of updating your site over time.

6 – Chat, BuddyPress Plugin

You want to offer your users the opportunity to discuss them? Chat Discover a powerful plugin BuddyPress who will speak fully in conjunction with other plugins as Membership.

7 – Infinite SEO Plugin BuddyPress

The WordPress SEO is crucial for anyone wanting to profile the users of search engines are, the greater part of Web users. It would be a shame to deprive Google & Co, just because a site using BuddyPress. Infinite SEO plugin is specially developed for SEO and BuddyPress. With this plugin, you will be sure to make it the best in terms of SEO, in fact your entire site with BuddyPress.

8 – Multi-Domains plugin BuddyPress

You have multiple domain names as you want your users to choose a domain name for their various community spaces? And if you look at the side of the BuddyPress plugin that will remind you certainly sites like WordPress.org.

9 – Directory Plugin BuddyPress

You want to set up a directory of your sites BuddyPress? Directory is of course designed to offer you all the functionality of a page type directory, in just a few clicks. Icing on the cake, this plugin is accompanied by the payment system, if you wish to include in your list paying websites.

10 – Affiliates, BuddyPress Plugin

The affiliation, we do with sites like ThemeForest or WPMU, but now we’re facing users. If you also want to benefit from a vast network of affiliates, we will have an affiliate system at the height, otherwise, you will only be affiliates. With a good product and a good system, membership is a weapon with impressive results.

11 – Snapshot BuddyPress Plugin

After tens see the hundreds of hours spent on your site, how would you feel if you arrived one morning and your site has been hacked or had disappeared and … you do not have a backup? This is the drama. So if you do not want to lose all your work, one recipe save space on another web site, all your data WordPress plugins in the database. Snapshot is a WordPress plugin backup performance, you offering the possibility to backup your data as well as a FTP account example DropBox.

12 – eNewsletter, BuddyPress Plugin

Personally, I do not like the idea of emailing from one from its own web server, because it is taking the risk of being classified as spam. And that nobody likes. I’d be more inclined to tell you to use the services of MailChimp if you want make newsletters. However, there are positive points to use the server to send its newsletters, such as low costs that represent for you. If you want to set up your newsletters from WordPress, with full knowledge of the risks, then you need to use a plugin like eNewsletter, which will allow you to design your newsletter directly from your WordPress admin interface.

13 – Easy Blogging, BuddyPress Plugin

Tired of the WordPress admin interface that you find too austere and difficult to grasp? WPMU thought of you and all users of your WordPress site by developing plugin Easy Blogging.

14 – Floating Social WordPress, BuddyPress Plugin

And yes, if you look to the left of this post, you will see this plugin in full use, because we use it for years and are very happy! Moreover, we also use it on another site like Insidedaweb.com .

15 – In Post Ads, BuddyPress Plugin

You write the content on your site and would like to insert targeted ads in the middle of it? In Post Ads plugin is a kind of advertising interesting because it allows you to create your own flyers, let you define where the text should be in your ad, and of course, you will identify which category your ticket or advertising will appear not.

16 – Global Site Search plugin BuddyPress

If there was one thing I found out about WordPress age, this is the search functionality. It must be said, on this one, WordPress is not up to par. Do not panic, the community solved this problem, including the Global Site Search plugin which will also allow you to search the content of your site BuddyPress, among others.

17 – Global Footer Content, BuddyPress Plugin

Global Footer Content BuddyPress is a plugin that allows you to define a footer common to all pages of your site. A detail? Not a necessity.

18 – Mutisite Analytics Plugin BuddyPress

google analytics for wordpress mu in action

Not have a system for analysis of connections on its website, it is a bit like being blind, or just see the top of the iceberg. This is even more true with a community type site because you’re even more in control of your content. Multisite Analytics is a plugin that will make life easier if you already use the BuddyPress plugin.

19 – User Reports, BuddyPress Plugin

We just say, we lose control of its contents when it was used to create a community type site. BuddyPress plugin that will allow you to create pages usage reports per-user basis. What who publishes what and who says what

20 – Integrated Video Tutorials, BuddyPress Plugin

I wanted to finish this selection BuddyPress plugin for a plugin that I enjoyed because I was looking for a similar project for our clients. Indeed, when confronted for the first time in the administration interface, it takes a little time to digest the concept, based on the number of features offered by your administration interface. In this situation, it is common that your users feel a little lost at the start. WordPress is not that complex, but because it takes a little time to adapt to the new. Integrated Video Tutorials is a WordPress plugin that will create a page in your administration interface, providing full access to all Video sorted by page types and features.

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