20 WordPress Plugins MailChimp

Discover a list of 20 WordPress plugins that MailChimp allow you to boost the number of coming up for your emails database. Whether you use WordPress for eCommerce, or want to implement a system pop up, you will find a list of top pro plugins to achieve while integrating MailChimp.

01 – WooChimp, WordPress Plugin MailChimp


Begin our selection of WordPress plugins for MailChimp that will delight shop using WooCommerce eCommerce. More than a simple plugin for the registration of your clients, this plugin offers to integrate several interesting features like support for eCommerce360. For those of you who did not know ecommerce360, it is a feature offered by MailChimp feature that allows you to follow, from MailChimp, visitors from your campaigns, what they bought and be able to create tailored campaigns. A wonderful tool to transform how your campaigns. In addition, this plugin allows you to automatically enroll customers in MailChimp, define groups and even incorporate WebHook. The functionality is Webhook MailChimp offering you the opportunity to know what is happening on your lists, without having to connect to it.

02 – WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe WordPress Plugin MailChimp

02-WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

Always to sites using WooCommerce eCommerce, this plugin offers added at the end of the ordering process possible for your customers to register double opt-in to your mailing list and your email campaigns . His most be compatible with WPML to allow you to manage all your customers, whatever their languages.

03 – Chimpy, WordPress Plugin MailChimp


Chimpy is a WordPress plugin that will help you take off the number listed on your MailChimp list. Firstly, through the construction of multiple forms you will stay where you want to display on your site. Then, displaying a pop up on your site. But the best is that this plugin can also block content coming your site subscriber only. If you have content that’s worth, this type of functionality can increase the number of subscribers dramatically.

04 – Subscribe by MailChimp, MailChimp WordPress Plugin

Subscribe by MailChimp-04-wordpress-plugin-mailchimp

Helped jQuery plugin that will offer your visitors a Subscribe button. When they click on it, connected to a MailChimp registration form will appear. Suffice it to your visitors to fill out the required fields and they will be posted to your MailChimp list.

05 – Comments MailChimp, MailChimp WordPress Plugin

05 - MailChimp Comments-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

The location of the site where find the most emails is undoubtedly your comments. To enjoy this true manna email address, this plugin offers to add the option to register your mailings and newsletter as soon as it says your site. Once installed, the plugin will offer a checbox who leave the choice to your visitors to sign or not to your mailing list. It will be possible to define this behavior as the default on all the site, or to choose which tickets will be possible to register when you leave a comment.

06 – Groups2Mailchimp, WordPress Plugin MailChimp


This plugin will allow you to create groups of users and MailChimp between your WordPress site. Once configured, it will do more to define your groups in MailChimp and level of your users, and begin synchronization. Groups are particularly useful in MailChimp to be able to send targeted campaigns to a part of your mailing list. Best campaigns are targeted, is the best return.

07 – Custom MailChimp Subscription Popup Plugin WordPress MailChimp

07-MailChimp Custom Popup Subscription-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

As its name suggests, this plugin will allow you to create pop ups on your site, register for your MailChimp list. In addition to displaying the fields required for the registration of a user, this plugin allows you to add YouTube or Vimeo videos or images or any type of HTML content.

08 – Advanced Social Widget Edition MailChimp, MailChimp WordPress Plugin

08 Advanced Social Widget MailChimp Edition-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

Increase enrollment to its mailing list MailChimp often through the use of pop up. And because it is certainly the most effective way to achieve this. But why settle for promoting your MailChimp list in this pop up? Because if it is particularly effective for MailChimp, it will be just as for enrollment in your social networks, or to your RSS feed. This is exactly what you propose to do this plugin. Through its admin interface, you will be able to set the MailChimp party and that you also want to highlight. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or your Youtube channel, this plugin allows you to configure all in a few clicks.

09 – MailChimp subscribe for Jigoshop WordPress Plugin MailChimp

09-MailChimp subscribe for Jigoshop-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

JigoShop, parent WooCommerce is also a system for eCommerce WordPress. If you prefer to WooCommerce, it would be a shame to deprive them of the opportunity to boost your mailing list by depriving adding MailChimp to your site. This WordPress plugin JigoShop allow you to add a field to the end of the ordering process. If the user agrees to subscribe to your list, then it will be automatically added to your MailChimp account. Unnecessary for the customer to repeat information they have already provided such as name, surname and email address. This plugin takes care of automatically recover.

10 – Doo WP Modal MailChimp, MailChimp WordPress Plugin

10 WP-Doo MailChimp Modal-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

Doo WP MailChimp is a plugin that allows you, using a shortcode to display a button in your content. Once your visitor has clicked, a modal appear so that your users complete their registration in your MailChimp base.

11 – Easy MailChimp Integration WordPress, WordPress Plugin MailChimp

11-Easy MailChimp Integration WordPress-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

Your users register on your site? So enjoy this time to allow them to also register for your MailChimp list. And if you have different lists, grouped by area of ​​interest, the user will only have to choose which one is interested. And voila, it will be registered. It will do more than to work smarter your contact base.

12 – MyMail, WordPress Plugin MailChimp


MyMail is not really what you would call a MailChimp plugin. In fact, he would rather be a competitor. The idea is pretty simple, you go to MailChimp, but not its functionality, while remaining on your WordPress site. So your administration interface will accommodate everything MailChimp has to offer in terms of monitoring, and it’ll just use your admin interface to create, launch and track your email campaigns and newsletter .

13 – Layered Popups, WordPress Plugin MailChimp

13-Layered Popups-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

In the world of pop ups to Register Get to MailChimp, the competition is fierce. To distinguish themselves from the mass, this plugin will prompt you to create pop ups that look like you with the ability to insert a background image. That’s why we’re talking layer. In addition to being compatible with MailChimp, this plugin is with AWeber, iCal, and many others. So, if you are called to implement this system for other clients, there is a good chance that you can reuse this plugin.

14 – EDD Chimp, MailChimp WordPress Plugin

14-EDD Chimp-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

After JigoShop and WooCommerce is the EDD towers have their registration to your newsletter plugin. ESD, the eCommerce plugin is to allow you to sell dematerialized goods such as MP3 or eBook. Moreover, ESD means Easy Digital Downloads.

15 – eShop2Mailchimp, WordPress Plugin MailChimp


Regarding systems and eCommerce MailChimp, here is the last plugin. Like the previous plugin, it lets you create a field offering your customers the opportunity to Register Get your MailChimp list, but if you use WordPress eCommerce plugin as eShop.

16 – Extra Ninja Widget Add-on WordPress Plugin MailChimp

16 Ninja Widget Extra Add-on-wordpress-plugin-mailchimp

Ninja Widget is a plugin that allows you to develop super pop ups, and form in all within your WordPress site. Are main asset is the large number of skins that are available with this plugin. The plugin that we present today is an add-on, which allows you to manage MailChimp.

17 – WP Nebulus, WordPress Plugin MailChimp

Nebulus 17-WP-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

Nebulus is a WP plugin, because it is almost a WordPress theme, if not it is intended to promote a website that will soon be online. So to enjoy this moment, why not invite visitors to subscribe to your MailChimp list to be informed about the launch of your website?

18 – Simple Mail Chimp Signup Forms WordPress Plugin MailChimp

18-Simple Mail Chimp Signup Forms-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

As its name suggests, we have to do here with a simple plugin to use, which is not doing too much, but that is why it was created. Know help you design your registration forms MailChimp mailing list.

19 – Epic Birthdays, WordPress Plugin MailChimp

19 Epic-Birthdays-plugin-wordpress-mailchimp

Rather than requiring immediate email address of your visitors, why not try starting with their request their birthdays? If you have a real plus earned their offer, then this is a more original approach.

20 – Subscribe & Download WordPress Plugin MailChimp

Subscribe & Download-20-wordpress-plugin-mailchimp

To conclude our selection of WordPress plugins MailChimp Discover & Download Subscrire. In fact, if you offer downloadable materials from your site as literature, music or plugins, all for free, you could take the opportunity to gather the email addresses of your visitors at the same time.

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